RT's are...


...more then just fitness...it is such a blast!!!


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are about confirming you are normal and it's ok to be obsessed with fitness...:eek: It's also about meeting people who will be friends for life...who will support you in everything you do and give you the kick in the pants you need when you need it. :p

Haha! Hi Debbie! I've been here and there :) busy this week. My daughter Madison has been sick and my husband broke his foot Monday soooo I'm all over the place

Oh noooo! I hope they both are doing better. Did your hubby fall?
Oh noooo! I hope they both are doing better. Did your hubby fall?

Haha well...he gets up EARLY in the mornings. He was sitting with his ankles crossed. Had to get up to go to the kitchen and his left foot was asleep. He didn't know it and when he took a step his foot turned over. It's a "ballerina" break. That bone on the outside of the foot. He's in a boot and has crutches and a scooter he has to use to get around.

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