Rotation suggestions please


Hey Ladies,

I need help putting together a rotation at the gym that only takes about 35 min. Right now, I decide what I will do when I get there. There have workouts on demand, and I love the variety - but I need to incorporate more weight work consistently. I have started back running so right now, I do intervals on treadmill on Mondays and Wednesdays which normally equal 2.5 miles or so on those days. On Saturdays, I'll get a long run of 3-5 miles in.

On Tue, Thu and Fri, I was thinking of a short cardio with 15 minutes of weight work. I guess on Saturdays, I could do a full body or just upper body weight work after my long run.

I'm just looking for ideas. I know as I get older I need more weights and yoga/stretch workouts.

Please let me know what yall think. Thanks.


You could probably do Burn Sets one body part for about 15 mins even. That's going to take you into five days though.
Ice BBlasts with MM's perhaps?
It sounds like you are using your 35 min. (including a warm up and stretch) to focus on cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Good for you to run almost 10 miles per week! :p:)Perhaps just focus on resistance training on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Personally, I feel you will want to use your full 35 min. for weight work in order to get the results you want. It's tough to work the muscles thoroughly in 15 min. IMO. My suggestion would be to do total body (circuits, bootcamp or metabolic/compound moves) on Monday and then upper body on Thursday and lower body on Friday. That way each muscle group gets attention twice per week. With metabolic, bootcamp or circuit training (on Monday) you'll get your heart rate up anyway and so will get some cardio benefit. And if you fit some contrast training into your lower body day you can get a bit more cardio training in without having to compromise time for muscular strength and power. Sunday could be your your day for a much deserved extended stretch/yoga session. Good luck, Shereta!


Elsie, I've done that on some days. But for some reason I haven't stuck to one body part a day. I don't know why though. Hmmmm. I'll have to revisit that.

Jane, that's another good suggestion also. Two of the five Cathe workouts that's in their ondemand system is after burn and super cuts. I can get one or both of those in each week. After burn really fries my upper body with that floor core work and spider pushups.

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