Ripped with Hiit 2 Upcoming??? With bands?


What's up with this????


aqua girl

There's a couple threads swarming around :) Don't think it's Ripped with Hiit 2 (could be) but
definitely looks like a couple new workouts with new bands, looks like the fabric ones, long band
and short "booty" band loops. Definitely different bands, they are on the new yoga round mats
and different background.


Thanks- I found those other threads you mentioned. Very helpful!

I already have a set of long loop bands (not fabric) that I got for pull-up assist and Michelle Dozois' Peak Fit series. Some of the moves in that video clip remind me of moves in Peak Fit.

It would be nice to have workout videos that enable me to use those bands more! Waiting with baited breath!


I'll be picking the bundle with just the straps and loops. I wonder if she will sell them on Amazon right away?? I have some more rewards money coming my way and I would love to use them for these. I cannot wait to see what these workouts are like but I know I will love them.

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