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My new spin bike is being delievered today....whoot whoot!! I'm new to spinning(never even done one workout before) and I want to ease in a bit as I know that spinning is pretty tough. Can anyone tell me which you would consider easiest...Ride or CycleMax?

Additionally, any types you can give a person new to spinning would be greatly appreciated :)

horsing around

I enjoy and use them both! I know many prefer Ride. Since you are new, CycleMax is more instructional. The shortest premix in CycleMax is around 40 minutes. Ride has 4 shorter premixes, each around 30 minutes.

Happy spinning...hope you love your bike!



I just got my bike last Saturday. I purchased both Cycle Max and Ride prior. I started out with Ride because of the shorter premixes. I did use the instruction in Cycle Max to set up my bike beforehand. I enjoyed Ride but it absolutely killed me! I definitely could not keep up with all the standing/hover work but spent most of the ride in my seat just trying to keep going. With that said, I really did like it and rode again 3 days later. I'm planning to try the timesaver of Cycle Max tomorrow. Strange how something so hard gets you to come back for more. Anyway, good luck and have fun with your bike!


You used the word "easiest" to describe Spinning. hahahahaha - "easy" - hahaha - ROFL !!!!!!

But seriously, start with the premixes. The shorter ones on Ride are excellent.


So I know spinning and easy don't really go in the same sentence, but I was hoping one of the DVDs was easier than the other or easier to modify at least. :) I'll start with Cycle Max since it has an instructional component. I'll do it as long as I can and make sure the next day is a resting leg day :)

Thanks everyone for your input!!


I thought that ride was easier for a spinning workout. Don't get me wrong It is a great workout, but I think cycle max is harder....


I have both Ride and Cycle Max but I don't have a spin bike! Could you recommend a good one that won't break the bank? I'm dying to do these DVDs!


Ok, so I've done both of these all the way through(no pre-mix). I didn't find one harder than the other per say. Jumps on both were a challenge!!! I think I like Ride better though. The timer really helps me push self. And I loved the music.


Question for all you spinners. I have been meaning to post something about my new spin bike for months but kept forgetting. But I realize now that's actually for the best, because now I've had the opportunity to "break in" my bike and do both Cycle Max and Ride a few times each. When I bought my spin bike off eBay, I had never even used a spin bike... I honestly just wanted one so I could do the two Cathe DVDs. :)

After getting the bike set up, I tried Cycle Max and was a little frustrated. I never felt like the bike was adjusted right for me. Before I ever used the bike I had already replaced the stock seat with a wider, slightly cushier one (but it's still not too comfy). But the biggest complaint I had was the feeling that my arms were constantly in a strain just supporting the weight of my upper body. If I took my hands off the handlebars for just a moment, I would fall forward and off the bike! So, I stopped the workout to figure out how to lower my seat and raise my handlebars, which helped just enough to let me finish the ride. And I tried fussing with it some more after the workout but realized the seat wasn't going down any more, nor were the handlebars coming up. It's actually pretty comical now, when I try to take my hands off the handlebars to get a drink of water.... I have to lean back so far in the seat to counterbalance the forward gravity, I nearly feel like I'm going to fall off the back of the bike!

Anyway, I am able to do both workouts in their entirety... certainly not always keeping the same tempo as Cathe and crew, but after that first Cycle Max experience, I've never had to stop completely. But it sure would be nice if the bike situation were a little more comfortable! I didn't expect it to feel like relaxing in a recliner or anything, but I hate that I'm spending more effort/time in the workout thinking about my arms or lack of stability than focusing on "the ride." It takes away from the fun factor, and I think I'm getting a lot less out of these two workouts than what it sounds like everyone else gets.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it all just part of getting used to a spin bike? Thanks for any feedback.


Hi UnstrungHarp-

What is the brand/model of your spin bike? Also, could you post a photo so we can see the set up? It might help to better understand the issue. :). Finally, are your handlebars lower than your saddle height?


Hope it worked - I uploaded two pictures as attachments. What I described probably won't make sense when you see the pictures, because the handlebars appear to be much higher than the seat. But when I'm sitting on the bike, it certainly doesn't feel like it. I am 5' 3" if that makes a difference.

You can probably see in the picture, but it's a Sunny Health & Fitness.

The plastic bowl wedged in the handlebars is my makeshift water bottle, tissue and cell phone holder. :) And I do wheel the bike out of that little corner when I am going to use it. I just put it in the corner to keep it out of the way in my workout room the rest of the time.



I have the same problem, I had hubby to put a new whole in the adjustment for the seat. I haven't tried it yet because I was doing a rotation. I will be checking it out today.
I am short so I needed my seat lower and bar higher

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