Rhythmic/dance/step workout for the out-of-shape?


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Hey Sara,
I wanted to share a different approach to Cathe’s Beginners Rotation that’s providing me with more variety while sticking to the bones of the rotation.

I converted the rotation to generic exercise categories. I plug in a workout that fits the category for the day. I have a list that rates Cathe’s WOs and I’m adding the average METS to the WOs. I’m still choosing more intermediate WOs.

If I choose a non-Cathe wo I make it intermediate as well. The good news is that it’s working! I can tell my strength and aerobic endurance is improving. Yours can too! I’m coming back from a decent injury so I’ve been working on this for at least 6 months. Your fitness level should rebound faster if you’re not injured.

It sounds like variety is really important to you so I thought I’d share.

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