Revisited Cycle Sweat this morning, it's my new favorite!


I love spin classes, and all of Cathe's spin workouts have been great. I had done Cycle Sweat the least, and had not done it in over a year, there are just too many great workouts too little time. But I had an intense workout with Cycle Sweat Extreme premix, with extra tabatas, endurance intervals at high cadence, and lots and lots of up and down! Enjoyed it with the cast, all obviously having fun too, the music, and Cathe's awesome coaching! All of Cathe's spin workouts are different in personality, all are intense, but this was the most fun to me! Brenda is a consistent star in all of them, I think Jenn is too.


Love Cathe spin workouts really love Ride, but Cycle Sweat is becoming my new favorite too. I just got a new to me spin bike from the college health plex a couple of months ago. They were upgrading to high tech ones with screens etc. So they were selling off reebok tamahawk club quality bikes in perfect condition !
I love this new ride so much, my old spin bike was noisey, touchy, and grindy, if that's a word Lol !
Now I'm thoroughly enjoying all that Cathe's spin workouts can bring !
Can't wait to do cycle sweat again, kudos to you carolmcf for doing Extreme !

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