Redoing 1RM?


I'm redoing my 1RM's 'cause I know I didn't push myself hard enough the 1st time. Also, I want to see how much I've improved. Anyway, I'm not sure how to count reps for exercises that do odd things.

For example: Dbl. Rows both arms (exercise #113). Cathe has us doing 7 rows then stand, then repeat. So, do I count each set of 7 rows and stand as I rep or should I just keep rowing as many as I can and count that?

Another example would be the barbell curls (exercise #178) with an odd count like 7 halfway up, then go all the way up and then down halfway for 7, then do 7 full curls. How is that counted?

I hope this is clearer to you than it sounds to me.

Thanks for you help,

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