Recovery time between rotations?


I'm just finishing Cathe's August '10 rotation and I feel pretty worked over. Would you take a short 5 day break of active recovery before starting her new September '10 rotation? I'm trying to learn how to train hard but wisely. What do trainers advise?


Definitely take a recovery week, especially since you are feeling "worked over." Over-training can lead to injury, decreased motivation, etc. When I'm feeling like this I try to get in some light activity each day--walks, leisurely bike rides, swimming, etc. After a week of this you'll feel like getting back into another rotation. :)


You might want to take one or two days completely off, then do some light workouts for the rest of the week, especially if you are planning to go on to another tough rotation.

IMO, now is a good time to do some functional fitness workouts, or any workout that focuses on the core and on smaller stabilizing muscles.


Not a trainer here, and still in my first "Cathe" year, but I do rotations regularly and prior to the start of a new rotation, I take a rest week. I just schedule it right in. Last January & February I tried to just keep right on going and found fatigue would just catch up...which feels rather awful, then you have to take a break.

So now I try to make the rotations challenging and then take at least 5 days and do light exercising, rest, something different. That way I'm refreshed, ready to go and eager for the next rotation to start. In addition, following rotations take the negotiating out, no "what should I do today?" I just follow right along, by the end I'm ready for a break. I try to put some fun things in there, as well new things, maybe things I haven't done for a while...keeps me interested & on track...

My advice, your mind & bod will thank you if you go into your workouts fresh and invigorated for the next challenge....:)

That way you can smile right along with the girls! (& guys!)



Thanks everyone for your responses. I've been doing rotations for years and years. First Firms, then Fit Prime, then TLT (love Tracy too) then Cathe since 2003.
I'd just go from one monthly rotation to another without a problem until last year.
First a rotator cuff tear a year ago May (now healed and strong thanks to PT & STS starting with #3's!) and now this year I find I can't do rotations back to back anymore.

STS/Shock Cardio rotation had mandatory active recovery weeks and though I cheated and only took 3 or 4 days I found I was ready to go for the next month after having a break.

I've been ploughing through since last March thinking it's just my being a weenie. I love using Cathe's monthly rotations because 1., I own almost all of her stuff and 2., no thinking. the plan is right there for me but I'm finding I need a recovery/rest break after 4 weeks and it's so hard to let myself have one. Weird huh?

Whats a gal to do once she's 57? I'd love to find more information on how to workout hard but safe once your a woman of "a certain age". LOL.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to give me some support.


PS Kathryn, I think I'll put in a week of my TLT's. I don't own her new ones due to financial issues but as soon as my ship comes in I want to get them.
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I just take a week off and do whatever I feel like. SOmetimes I walk, sometimes its yoga. I am ready to get back to a structured routine in about a week.

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