Question about STS 6 1/2 month rotation


Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I am just about to finish my first 3 month rotation of STS. I have a question regarding the 6 1/2 month rotation which I am planning on beginning in mid-January. I know that you repeat each week twice, rather than moving on immediately. I wanted to find out if any of you increased your weights from the first week to the second week of the same discs, or did you just stick with the same weight for each of the two weeks and change weight every time you changed weekly discs.

I hope I am articulating what I am trying to say! Any help or input would be appreciated!

Not sure if this question has been asked before, but if so could you provide me with the links.
In general I stay with the same weights for both weeks. However one of the advantages of the six month rotation is it allows you to tweak weights on that second week if they were not correct the first week. That is one of the big advantages of the six month rotation, IMO. So take careful notes!
Such a good idea! Im about to finish the 3 mo rotation in January too and I loved this so much that the 6.5 rotation sounds good!!

I'll be starting the last week in January so not far behind you! :)

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