Pushups - are there 2 different kinds?


I can't do pushups :confused:

Faithnveggies suggested.. in another thread... to do them against a wall first. I'm doing that and it's helping !!!

But.... I've noticed in watching some of Cathe's DVDs and seeing people doing pushups at the gym.... that there seem to be 2 kinds of pushups.

In Cathe's DVDs, she and the crew seem to have their elbows out at about a 45 degree angle... or slightly more.

At the gym, I've seen people doing it that way, but..... I've also seen people doing pushups with their elbows close to their bodies.

Theoretically, that seems to me like it would be easier...... but...... I'm also guessing that it would use different muscles... ie. more triceps and shoulders, than back and shoulders.

Is that right? Are there 2 different kinds of pushups??? Does Cathe ever do the "tricepy" kind ?



Jane Royse

You are right. & yes, Cathe does do the tricep kind once in awhile. She actually does quite a few different variations in different workouts. But, I still can't do very many of them on my toes before I have to drop to my knees.

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