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Nancy---it's freezing here too. Temp is currently 11 degrees.

If I didn't have to take DS to sax lessons I wouldn't leave home today. Since I have to bundle up, I guess I will run some errands too.

I did HC volume 2 and AOLH today. HC is the hardest core workout I have ever done. Modifications are a life saver...LOL


Hello to all you wonderful people

Today I did MMA Kickbox, and I don't care that much for Kickboxing even though I wear two pound weighted gloves on each hand. My heart rate only goes up during the drills. After that I did the leg portion to High Reps, and that got my heart rate up; it is hard. Tomorrow is a rest day. Never did find my weight lifting gloves only found one, so I wore one and a regular glove. I have a couple of pairs coming soon, I hope.


Happy New Years amazing ladies!!!!!

Here's to a kick-butt 2014!!!

I went to Ottawa, our country's capital (without Bella!) for New Years Eve. Mark and I stayed at one of their best rated hotels called The Westin. Despite it being one of the coldest nights on record across Canada, Mark and I had a great time (mostly indoors lol). Because it is so beautiful there, we would like to return in the summer.

I got my rack!!!! OMG I think I am in love ;):p. This week I break that baby in with some squats :eek:.

My w/o yesterday was Imax 2 (intervals 1-7). My stamina was excellent, my legs felt strong. Despite not doing much cardio anymore, I think the heavy squats and deads have maintained my level of fitness because my HR is almost always elevated during my work sets.

I'm very late on the personals :eek: so let me read them all and catch up later. Have a great day!


Hello Ladies. I started a new thread Push It January 2014. If everyone is okay with it, we can start the thread each month. Maybe even highlight our goals at the beginning of each month. The other thread was pretty long.

Please post to the new thread.

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