Protein Shakes



I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing what protein shake they drink after a weight workout. I try to follow a low carb diet (currently semi-following the Primal Blueprint) so I'm particularly interested in shakes with not too much sugar. Would love to hear what ones you have found effective! Thanks so much!


I have been using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey in vanilla and chocolate flavors, I like the flavors, they do use artificial sweeteners, I used to use Lean Dessert, but if you care they use Corn Syrup, but they do taste good.

Optimum nutrition also makes a natural line without artificial sweeteners that I have been meaning to look into.

The one I like the most that has no added sweeteners, it's unflavored, you really need to mix it in a blender with fruit for flavor is, is Designer Whey Natural. Actually, I think I need to re-order that one :).

I believe all of these only have around 2-4 carbs per serving. But I would double check the labels first.

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