Primal vs. Paleo


Hi all,

Just hoping to get some input from some Cathletes! I am making the move to primal/paleo...slowly but surely. At first I started expirimenting with non-wheat days and I noticed immediately how much better I felt, just on one single day of not eating wheat/gluten.

Anyway...I'm reading Wheat Belly, Good Calories Bad Calories, and The Primal Blueprint. I also read Marks Daily Apple blog.

But can anyone help me determine the difference between primal and paleo? Is one better than the other? I feel like "Primal" is more lifestyle oriented and encompasses the paleo diet...whereas Paleo is simply diet. Does one allow milk and one not? I am a huge milk drinker. I have tried to go without milk and I can't. My body craves it! I have been known to drink a glass of half and half. It tastes so good to me, lol.


Oh wow, thanks for the link :) That really helps me to narrow it down. I think my thinking was on the right track to begin with.

Fit44 - do you follow the primal and/or paleo diet/lifestyle?

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