Previewing Body Max: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the words of Eddie Murphy's Aunt Bunny," Lawd Jesus, help me please! Jesus Lawd, help me please!"

I'm watching the WARM-UP and my jaw dropped. This is Interval Max on speed! God bless those women in her tapes, especially cute Cede, who really inspires voluptous women like me :)
My girl can get down with the best of them!
LOL, you remind me of ME when I first viewed Bodymax. That was my second Cathe video and my first ever step video (i bought Cardio Kicks first). I really thought I would never make it halfway through the first time and that it would take me forever to learn those moves but... surprise! I made it further than I anticipated and didn't do so bad with the choreagraphy (for having never done step before). Enjoy this vid, you can do a lot with it!
I love the step portion...die through the circuit portion ( she manages to trick u into thinking you should keep going after the step and then by circuit 3 you want to kick yourself but it's sort of too late to stop ). So now i firmly resist after the half hour and tack on S&H legs. This tape splits up so nicely...super cardio done with BMax upper body works great too.
Vol 1 and the leg circuits is awesome. Love this video.
Hi Kimba,
You ain't kiddin'

Body Max is the hardest tape ever. The step is hard the circuits are hard the intervals are hard and the ub weight work is hard. Well to tell the truth, i've never split up the workout, I've gone all the way through - all 90 minutes. It is my LEAST used Cathe workout. (I'm gonna start spliting it up - but i'm too afraid of it right now to even think about it!)

Now I trust you will let us know when you tackle it how you made out. So save enough energy to drag yourself to your computer and type a message - at least the words "I survived"!


if you haven't already, take your board down to 6 inches for this one. it's the fastest video she's got and the one I do the least for that reason.

Good luck

Clare, there is no way I can use anything except a 6-inch board with Cathe tapes. I tried 8-inches once and had a mild asthma attack! Eight inch steps are tough with the simplest tapes for this body, but there is no way I'm using that with Cathe!

>if you haven't already, take your
>board down to 6 inches
>for this one. it's
>the fastest video she's got
>and the one I do
>the least for that reason.
>Good luck
I agree that you must keep the board to 6". This is a killer tape that separates the women from the girls, and in Trevor's case, the men from the boys. I know he likes this one!
You are sooo right---this was my first Cathe tape, and I have only done the step portion!! I have used it as a way to learn her moves, and actually love it! I now have many of her tapes and love them all, but I still havent attempted to make it all the way thru bodymax --- I just previewed the rest of the tape two days ago!! I think I will have to work up to the whole thing.

Let us know how you do with it
Do any of you "educated crowd" ever use the step at 10 inch height? I own all of Cathe's step tapes (except the Wedding Tape) and ALWAYS use them at 10 inches because I feel like I need the extra intensity (Interval Max and Body Max included - and Rhythmic Step on 10 puts me off the sweat meter - love it!!). I'm 47 and 5'7" tall and step at least 4 or 5 times a week with Cardio Kicks thrown into the mix for variety. Am I unusual or does anyone else us the step at 10...just curious.

Gosh I am a wimp...except for the CTX series I do all Cathes with my step at 4 inches. I use the excuse I am short with short legs. (which I am, but I know Cathe is not very tall either)..........Jodi
You are not a wimp. It is pointless to do a workout at a step height that is too high for you. If you can't concentrate on the moves for fear of tripping, it is too high. Cathe herself has moved down to 6 inches because she LISTENS TO HER BODY and realises that she gets a better workout at 6 than at 8.
Wendy (6")
I use 4" too. I find it easier it allows me to really put in power moves without doing a number on my knees. And I do get in a really good workout. Don't feel bad at all!
Connie (4 inches and proud!)
Don't EVER think you are a "wimp" gosh, we're all different and have different bodies and fittness needs. I just have to work harder to get the same results as you do (maybe because I'm tall???)and I just wondered if there was anyone out there like me who need those extra inches on their step to feel "worked out"....YOU GO, GIRL!!!


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