power 90x what is the music like?


hello all power 90x users. okay the informercial is haunting me, . . seems like everytime i turn on the tube which isn't often its there. so my last question to all you power 90x users, . .i promise is what is the music like? part of the reason i love cathe is because the music is fun and upbeat. yes, . . i am an ipod runner and asking me to jogg without it would be like asking me to give up coffee, . .no can do (unless i'm trail running of course when i have to keep my eyes and ears open to the nature around me, . .have to watch out for wild pigs and mountain lions). i cannot stand home workouts with boring campy elevator music, .. i just can't. it makes every rep or jump like torture to me. when i watch the power 90x infomercial and even on the website it doesn't seem like there is any music. i appreciate any feedback and if this has been asked before my apologies.
You have the option for no music on the DVDs... I'm not a music person like you are, so I'm not the best one to reply (which of course means here I go, LOL!); I think it's music background. No words, just beat. I think.

Definitely not something you find yourself singing later!!
It is only background music if you choose to listen to it. You can turn it off and put on your own music if you like. The X cardio work outs are not choreographed the way Cathe's stuff is. It's not one motion flowing into the next to create a flowing routine. It's one move, stop, another move, stop and so on if you understand what I mean so the music really doesn't help or hurt the work out IMO. I would say to use the music off option and play whatever you like instead if music is important to you.

I agree with Wendy! I was thinking the same thing that you could just listen to "cues only" and play your own music.

He has everyone doing as many reps as they can or want to do and then move on, so like Wendy said, nothing is cued to the music like Cathe.
The music is rock music - not hard stuff, sort of middle of the road (sometimes reminds me of Boston). It is very motivating and seems to fit well with the exercises.

I'm on my second round of the X and I just love the music. I never turn it off!:)
It's just music - no words - nothing you'd recognize and nothing memorable. But it's not bad. I usually leave it on and find myself more entertained by Tony's goofball comments, anyway. But as was mentioned, you have the option of turning it off and jammin' to your own tunes if it's not for you.

~Cathy :)
>It's just music - no words - nothing you'd recognize and
>nothing memorable. But it's not bad. I usually leave it on and
>find myself more entertained by Tony's goofball comments,

I agree. I leave it on as "background noise" but I love Tony's antics so I pay attention to what he is saying over listening to the music anyway.:p :7
thanks to everyone who responded! tony seems like an interesting guy. i've noticed some people here that quote some phrases and i actually read them with a smile. he seems like one of those crack the whip, . . don't give me any excuses type of guy, . .which i would love in a live class.
It's usually a love-hate thing with Tony. Most seem to either adore him and antics or find him more annoying then nails on a chalk board.
To be honest, I really don't pay much attention to the music. I'm so busy concentrating on what I'm doing, it kind of fades into the background for me.


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