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I can't get my nose to stop dripping. I'm getting over a cold, but this afternoon and evening, there's just no end. Like a water faucet. I'm trying to get a bunch of cleaning done, and this is just nuts! As soon as I replace the bit of tissue catching the drips (sorry if that's gross), I'm either sneezing or it's already needing to be replaced 2 mins later. all the constant hand washing too....Ah!
I took a dose of benadryl, hopefully that will
help. Everything I think of opens my sinuses, but makes the dripping worse-
eating an orange, orange juice, shower, cough drops...

Any other remedies?


Ugh; sorry about your tissue issue. I can relate.
What really helps me is a sinus rinse; not the Neti Pot, but an actual rinse kit. It's a squirt bottle type deal and you fill it with distilled water then add a packet of saline solution.
I also take a Claritin D because the pseudoepedrine is the only thing that helps dry up my nose; for me, nothing else works.
I hope you're better soon.


Thanks, I'll try the saline. It is significantly less of a problem this morning.
Other than my nose, I don't feel that sick really. Should be better by Mon.
for the Gumbo with my in laws.


Oh I will! It's definitely a once a year treat. She only makes it at Christmas or New Year's.
Much of my in laws are of creole southern LA background who migrated to STL.
They are certainly more fun than my side lol. Unfortunately, my body thinks I'm
trying to 'bullk' up instead of slimming down, ha ha. On the bright side, I'm feeling much better. I knew that the dripping would pass of course, but it's never been so bad before, that I can remember. Hopefully, since I'm feeling better I might just get a w/o in before bed, and again before we leave.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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