Perfect30 Update - 8-17-20


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Perfect 30 Update - 8-17-20
Hi Everyone,

Just letting everyone know that everything is still going as planned. This week we should finish all final edits for all of the Perfect30 workouts. We spent the weekend selecting all of the chapter points and even the premixes for the entire series, so once editing is done we will be able to complete the DVD authoring rather quickly. The last step will be to make final audio adjustments and to proof all of the DVDs.

We will continue to update you on our progress and of any changes to our estimated timeline.

The best way to view our Perfect30 updates is on our Facebook Page, but we will also post a lot of pics in our forums and on Pinterest. Here are the direct links to all of our social media sites:

1. Facebook
2. Pinterest
3. Forums

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Thank you so much, Cathe and crew! I think a lot of us are so grateful for this bright light to look forward to after these past months.

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