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So today was upper body day, and WOW. I LOVED this one!! Different exercises, and because we do less reps I was able to go heavier than I normally do. It made me feel STRONG. And on my 63rd birthday (today!), that's not a bad thing at all. :)

Cathe and crew are using lifting gloves but not sure if they are weighted. If she said that, I missed it. Not that you need weighted ones with this. But don't be afraid to go heavy. It's doable. Using tubing and 3# weights, first up is biceps curls, alternating with upright rows. We then do lat raises and rear delt raises. With the band only, we finish the warmup with posture pulls. I really felt those. I normally don't care for working out with tubing, but since it's used for several exercises in this one, I got over it and used it. :)

Back is first. Pullovers on the step (with risers on each side to use it as a bench) using 15s and then 20s, 10 sets each. I used 12s and then switched to one 30# for the second set. I like using one weight for these as opposed to two. I could have gone heavier. Next is one arm rows - my FAVORITE. We do 2 sets of 10 (?). That might not be right. I can't read my notes. It might be 12. :) Cathe used 35# and then 30#. I used 20# for both sets. Bent over clutch rows are next and we only do 10 reps. She used 20s and I used 15s, but felt like I could have gone heavier. With the band we then do posture pulls and there are more than in the warmup, but I forgot to mark down how many. Last back exercise to transition into biceps is rapid row toss, and again I don't know how many. I think 10 or 12. She used a 25# and I used a 15, but could have gone heavier.

Standing sweeper curls, 8 reps, she used 20s and I used 12s. Could have gone much heavier. Clutch curls, 10 reps, we both used 15s. Traditional curls, drop sets, 10 each. She used 15s, 12s, 10s, and I was able to do the same.

Next were shoulders. Incline bench front raise for one rep, V raise for one, then we sit up and do two side raises. 6 sets of those. She uses 5s and do did I. Then right into 8 reps of lat raise with the same weight. Scarecrows, which are raises with the arms up in a 90 degree angle and bending at the elbow, 12 reps with 5#. Push press is next, which are 3 overhead raises using the legs and then bringing the arms down at the sides. I could have gone much heavier. We do 4 reps and she used 15s, I only used 5s, not knowing what they were. Last shoulder to transition into chest work are called battle ropes, using the tubing. We do fast pulses with palms up, 8 reps, then the same crossing over the body, for 2 sets.

Incline bench press, 16 reps, she used 25s and I used 12s. Incline clutch press for 10 reps, she used 20s and I stayed with 12s. Flat bug dead fly which are flyes but we lift the legs. 10 reps. She used 25s and I used 15s. Pushups on the floor, elevating the legs, alternating. It's a four count pushup. We do 10 of these.

Standing overhead extensions are first for tricep work. 12 reps. She used a 35# and I used a 15#, but felt like I could have gone heavier. Tubing kickbacks are next. We do 7 fast reps, 5 sets. Then traditional kickbacks, 10 reps. She used 10s, and so did I, which surprised me because I tend to stay lighter for those. Tricep pushups on the step top only for 10 reps. Then lastly are drop set dips, which I still can't do so I substitute kickbacks. Cathe and crew do these with a 12# weight in the lap, for 24 reps, 18, and then 12. WHEW!

The stretch was great! What a fantastic workout! :)
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Happy Birthday Carol Rose!! :):D (Sunday was my hubby' 63rd birthday so you are in good company.) You celebrated in style by doing a challenging workout - good for you. And as your GB Shaw quote says you don't have to worry about growing old because, thanks to your regular awesome workouts, you haven't stopped playing!


I don't have any weights heavier than 20s so that was my maximum on this and I went a little lighter on some moves - 12s, 15s. I liked it, though.


I just did this routine a few hours ago and enjoyed it just like I enjoyed the Lower Body Perfect pump. I did the same weights as Cathe (except the 35 lbs for triceps extension 'cuz my triceps are always a bit behind Cathe on endurance and strength). I know I will be feeling some of it tomorrow but there is room to grow.
I'm thrilled to have 30 minute workouts that are so satisfying because sometimes that is really all the time I have. I usually prioritize my workouts but when you work more than a 40 hours week, or the garden needs tending, or well, life just happens, you just don't have as much time to do what you love and I love my Cathe workouts.


I was finally able to do this for the second time. I think I love it even more. I was able to go heavier this time because the first time doing it, I wasn't sure about the pace of it. Know what is coming, the reps, I was able to lift heavier and I feel great.

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