Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

I just finished this as well and thought I would add a few notes to Jennifer's great review. I found because I cannot go as deep on the front lunge with a twist, I use a yoga block for my hand on the floor so I am more elevated for the twist and it's easier for me and my back. I also found that if you suffer from a lot of lower back issues, you may want to take the side to side option for the quad stretch because if you don't keep your pelvis in the correct position, you may get very sore. You may also want extra padding under your wrists and knees for certain moves if these are sensitive areas as well. I really enjoyed this esp. after doing Cathe's Live Iron legs this morning. This is a wonderful for tight hips. It's great overall but really great for tight hips. I feel so good after doing this. Can't wait to try more.
You are right about the blocks!!! I have used blocks on other Cathe yoga exercises, but I forgot about it!! Thanks for adding that!! If people haven't done an in person yoga class, they may not remember that blocks help with people that are not so flexible become flexible. It is okay to use them.

I did this on the digital download! I got my DVDs on Saturday by priority mail!!!

I was happy to see them!!

I got the digital download just in case of emergency!!

Jennifer Denny


I have literally just finished this one with the flow core add-on. I loved it, and it was a mood lifter too. Some new takes on moves like thread the needle. I'd love a whole one hour Cathe focused mobility routine - does such a thing exist already?

PS: Looking at Brenda, I realised today that she's a Cyndi Lauper lookalike, Beautiful lady.


I love this workout, it is great to find all my areas where I need to really work! I'll be doing this one over and over.

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