Perfect 30 Update - 8-10-20


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Hi Everyone,

We finished the filming of Perfect 30 last weekend and we've been working hard on the editing of all of the Perfect30 videos since then. We've made a lot of progress already and the rough editing has now been completed for Perfect30. Final edits for all of the workouts should be completed next week. This will only leave DVD authoring and final audio adjustments. Our goal is to have everything ready to go to the duplicator sometime during the first week of September. We will continue to update you on our progress and of any changes to our estimated timeline.

The best way to view our Perfect30 updates is on our Facebook Page, but we will also post a lot of pics in our forums and on Pinterest. Here are the direct links to all of our social media sites:

1. Facebook
2. Pinterest
3. Forums

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Another one who is grateful for the update via your forum. I’m more of a Twitter and occasional instagram person myself. I cannot wait to receive this new series:)

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