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Here is the recipe for the Black Bean Hummus. Black Bean Hummus | Allrecipes

Today I did a step workout with Caitlin and CDorner in CDorner's basement. Caitlin led the workout though. It was sort of a country theme. Songs like 9 to 5 and Achy Breaky Heart. Caitlin does pretty well leading. I thought she was maybe 12 or 13 years old and she is 21! She has her own youtube channel and was visiting Chris Dorner. This workout was 54 minutes, 315 calories, 5,174 steps, heart rate 141/184. My granddaughter came over to visit today and we played some games and visited so it was a fun day.
I don't think that I mentioned that I was lucky I called the heart hospital to ask if I still had the CT scheduled and after a couple of hours of calling and having to wait for call backs, I found out that it had not been scheduled. I would have been so upset if I had driven all of that distance and not had that appointment. Originally they set it up and told me it was for 10:30 and come in 15 minutes early. I was pretty upset with them. They finally rescheduled and not I will be doing it next month, but two days in a row as this time they told me the CT would take 8 hours to get the results. I don't get it really as I did this before and they called me back to see the doctor after about an hour when I had expected to wait longer. Cicadas are loud. I didn't know there was a 17 year cicada till they have been talking about them on the news. Gertie caught one(regular cicada) in her mouth once and just sat there with it humming and one wing hanging out the corner of our mouth and me telling her to drop it while I was trying to pry her mouth open. I think she was proud of her catch.

Cathy, that sounds like a fun zoo trip despite the umbrella dying on you. I am not good at spur of the moment trip.

Carolyn, that would be terrible to have a swarm of cicadas around and in the car. I was thinking about going to Sprouts when I go to the dentist Monday as I will be back near our old house. Not sure how I will feel after the dentist appointment though. Just cleaning and probably the works as it has been almost two years as it was postponed because the woman that does the cleaning etc. had to have surgery and then the pandemic hit, then moving and school. So a long time. We had a cable company cut the irrigation line burying the cable once. It was a small cut though, and I really don't know why we didn't call the cable company. My son had come over and dug down to see why the water was coming up out of the ground and he just went and bought the stuff and fixed it himself. I noticed the same cable company had workers come out and use a shovel to bury the line and flags marking this time. We had that happen another time and we could not find a box to cut off the water in the yard. It was buried and we had to have someone come out and find it and put one in where the water could be shut off to the sprinkler rather than shutting off the water main. My husband was out of country both times.

Valerie, I am not a light traveler. My husband can carry one small bag, but that just does not happen with me. We are going to be staying in a hotel at a casino for a training session my husband is doing and I am thinking of what I need, and I think I should pick ups some unsweetened bottled coffee as I really don't like using those in room coffee makers that I worry about being clean.



Took the day off yesterday and did garden work. nothing too arduous but plenty of walking and stairs.

diane sue thanks for the recipe. will try it soon. I like hummus but the commercial ones are too many WW points. this is much less.
Carolyn thanks again for the pasta recipe. we had it last night. It was good but not good enough to repeat for us. DH would have liked bacon in it! I would not, but it didn't have enough flavor for us. I used crimini and shitake mushrooms and one of the coconut amino substitutes for soy. I used too much cheese! that is my big weak spot in staying within points. cheese. I love it and could eat a lot of it.
diane sue you are right in being cautious. even with extra cleaning for pandemic I don't trust hotels rooms to be as clean as they claim they are. I also think other guests are especially slobby since it's not their own house.
we get a room with a micro and a fridge, even a mini fridge, if we can. I want my coffee and I dont want to have to get dressed and go somewhere to get it. I hit a grocery after I arrive and get drinks and fruit, and if we get take out, we have a place for left overs.

we are at the point here where offices send out so many appointment reminders it's ridiculous. got 7 or 8 reminders via phone calls/text for a derm appt, and the dentist does the same thing. so did the mammogram. ( It came back normal too, a happy dance here!) they must have a lot of no-shows to account for so many reminders. even when you send back "confirm" they keep on coming. even my hair salon send a call and several texts.


Today I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast for 49 minutes and 320 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 152.

Diane Sue, I’m glad that you enjoyed the Caitlin and CDORNER workout. Maybe Chris was trying to help Caitlin broaden her audience. It’s a good thing that you checked on your CT appointment before making that drive. That’s great that your granddaughter came over to visit.

Valerie, I think that the small amount of bacon in that recipe adds the extra flavor. I eat around the bacon but my husband looks for those small pieces. Great news on your mammogram. Mine is scheduled for next week. Homemade hummus tastes better to me, but they both have the same number of WW points. Maybe the points are higher for some specific brands.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, and Deb.


carolyn best of luck on the mamm. I always stress about it, especially waiting for the results.

I looked at WW hummus recipes. they were in 1-2 point range for 2 TB so about the same as this black bean one. the one I was using ,can't think of the brand, was higher. most of the points come from whatever I put hummus on, like pita bread or crackers. I switched to sliced turkey for hiking lunches to trim points. but the darn bun, a thin bun, is still 3-4 points. I cant ever find the brand ( orowheat) available here. I wont use white flour products if I can avoid even for fewer points.

ETA did stacked upper body, 75 knee push ups and core from x train.
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carolyn best of luck on the mamm. I always stress about it, especially waiting for the results.

I looked at WW hummus recipes. they were in 1-2 point range for 2 TB so about the same as this black bean one. the one I was using ,can't think of the brand, was higher. most of the points come from whatever I put hummus on, like pita bread or crackers. I switched to sliced turkey for hiking lunches to trim points. but the darn bun, a thin bun, is still 3-4 points. I cant ever find the brand ( orowheat) available here. I wont use white flour products if I can avoid even for fewer points.
I don’t like those thin buns either. I prefer a regular whole wheat bun and I pull out most of the inside bread. I want it to be around 2 ounces.
Yesterday's step count was 22,000+ a bit. Blew away the day before. And I did not gloat at all that Derek came home sore in his lower body and I felt fine. ;) Mainly it's because I've been walking a lot anyway in addition to my workouts and he has a job where he's just standing around most of the day. However, I wasn't going to just let it pass. LOL

I did Live Kickboxing Plus Core today. I really need to do more weights again. With my schedule out of whack I've just been picking things I love over things I really should be doing. When DH and I get back from out trip to the UP in a couple weeks, I'm planning to do the 3 month XTrain/Low Impact Series rotation. Hopefully, that will get me back on track.

Valerie I'm really lucky that I really like my boys as people and get along great with them. I have interests that overlap with theirs and we always have lots to talk about. And we do travel really well together, though Derek and I have traveled together more. DH does not travel well at all, which is why we are only doing a 3 day trip. If it's cool, pretty much all my sweatshirts and jackets have hoods, but even with the rain it was hot and humid and that wouldn't have worked. Fortunately after the umbrella died it only rained lightly for a short time. Yesterday we didn't run into rain until we were driving home. Was hot and sunny at the zoo.

We had heard the cicadas had been in Columbus before Cincinnati and while they weren't nearly as loud and numerous, they were definitely noticeable. Since we don't have a brood in our area, though they aren't far away, it's a once in a lifetime experience for me and was pretty cool. I don't know that I would want to live in an area impacted though.

Carolyn I hope everything went well with your husband's appointment.


Today I did CDorner Steady State Cardio Low Impact, 31 minutes, 193 calories, heart rate 145/168, 3,594 steps. I then did CDorner Butt and Thigh Burn out, 51 minutes, 155 calories, heart rate 103/148, 958 steps. I finished off with CDorner Movement and Mobility #4 which is a more active one that some(stopped at the supermans) 27 minutes, 76 calories, heart rate 98/119, 142 steps. Total time was 1 hour 49, 424 calories, 4,694 steps. I got a Tommy Copper T shirt for shoulders and posture. I wore it all day yesterday and by the end of the day my neck and lats really hurt. I kept wondering if it was the shirt, which seems odd, or just me sitting a lot with my granddaughter. I think I chose the wrong mobility workout today. I really needed to work on the neck and shoulders, but was also thinking my legs felt really tight.
Butt and Thigh Burnout rundown
warm segment 1 band work
mini band lavender heavy and 15#db dumbbell squat/knees out
band squat knees out no dumbbell
band squat side to side step
band squat hop in and out
band side to side step
band leg lift behind
Segment #2 which is done twice
15# dumbbells (20# Chris) leg lift behind/deadlift
15# db reverse lunge passe balance
15# dbs squat deadlift half and all then dead
section 3
bands on the floor bridge move variations with one of the moves using a 15# dumbbell
side lying inner thigh lifts holding a dumbbell
Bonus segment
repeats movements from the start with 10# dumbbells and I think more pulses etc..
Yesterday I made the Apple, Beet, Ginger, Carrot Juice from Fix it with Food. It was just okay. I drank half last night and half this morning. It was still a lightly chuncky texture as I used my Ninja to make it and I think the orange that I juiced was rather dry and lacked flavor which would have helped. I don't normally mind bits of ginger floating in my drink though. I did not use fresh beets. I purchased the precooked whole refrigerated beets. I pick those up once in awhile for salads or something.

Carolyn, nice work on Ice Chiseled Lower Body. Some recipes just need that bit of bacon. Like the spaghetti squash recipe and sauce in Practical Paleo. I never left it out. I just sort of got tired of so many paleo proponents thinking their dishes needed bacon. A little goes a long way.

Valerie, I sometimes am disappointed in store bought hummus. I think the last time I picked up some it tasted like it had too much cumin and vinegar or something. It sat around here for a long time. I like to use it or avocado for a sandwich spread. I try to keep my bread eating to a minimum, and usually it is gluten free, or a seed bread. I tried a non grain bread recently and the texture was weird. It was also expensive for bread. Nice work with Stacked Upper Body and the push ups.


This morning I did Low Impact Sweat Workout two, which was 28 minutes and 204 calories. My average heart rate was 135 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Cathy, 22,000 steps! I can understand why your son felt sore the next day. Great job with Kickboxing Plus Core. My husband is doing well. The neurologist adjusted his medication a bit, but no major changes.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner Steady State Low Impact, Butt and Thigh Burnout and Movement and Mobility. I have discovered that the kind of tahini used makes a difference in the hummus. I have started using Soom Tahini and I love it in my hummus. Some brands of canned chickpeas are too hard to make creamy hummus. I saw a tip on the cookieandkate site to cook them for about 20 minutes with a small amount of baking soda to soften the beans and dissolve the skin. This makes a smoother hummus.

Hello to Valerie, Judy, and Deb. Have a wonderful day afternoon.


Today I did CDorner 90's Rock Step that she filmed this morning, 61 minutes, 319 calories, heart rate 132/175, 5,206 steps followed by CDorner relaxing mobility stretch for flexibility which is one of my favorites

This was supposed to be 33 minutes, but the cable people was out here working on our neighbors internet and security and the box is in my yard so it started spinning, so I finished up the lower stretches she was doing and quit. This was 29 minutes, 45 calories heart rate 79/103. Total time was 90 minutes, 364 calories, and 5,206 steps. I didn't count the stretch steps.

Carolyn, I think that my hummus is Sprouts brand that I have right now. I have used various brands. I remember having on that tasted like stale sesame seeds and tried to use it thinking it was just me. It made lousy hummus to say the least. I should have tossed it, but it was new. Thanks for the tip on the garbanzo beans. Nice work on Low Impact Sweat today.


the brand of hummus I was getting is sabra. I can't remember the points, last bought it a year ago, but at the time it seemed like too many. I will give a try to the black bean one. Im so-so on garbanzos so maybe black beans will taste better or at least look different and I can control the spice level. I have tahini to use. the last tahini I bought was easier to use. sometimes it seizes up with paste on the bottom, oil on the top, and mixing them is darn near impossible. this one was softer and mixed easier.

carolyn I dont have a problem with the ww thin buns, I like less "breadiness", but the brand that shows up is Ozery. the ones I can buy are Orowheat. they seem awfully small /thin to count for 3 or 4 points. I havent tried the scanner on these for a while so will see if they show up now.

I have never gotten a device to measure steps. never found one that would reliably read cycling time so I have skipped getting one . Cathy how many miles is that approximately? that is impressive for a day at the zoo. big ego victory when the young'uns get sore and you dont!

we mt biked this morning. rainy yesterday but sunny today at least for the early part of the day. it was lovely. a closed road in the mountains that few people know about. the forest service keeps it somewhat maintained for an electronic station up at the end of the road, no idea what its for but they drive a truck up there a few times a hear for some reason but keep the road locked and gated.
its uphill for about 7 miles, not steep but constant. we got to about MP 5.5 before running into a big snow bank. we walked beyond it but it was going to be patchy snow from there on. so its a long slow grind up, and then a dizzying fun ride back down. its a road but not flat, with lots of branches, rocks, water bars, puddles etc. like going uphill and then downhill in a long green tunnel. took 2.5 hours up, a short lunch break and then approx hour back down. we need to stop regularly because hands cramp from pumping the brakes constantly. my ears pop like crazy at the bottom. we saw lots of elk foot prints, heard owls, grouse, thrushes. lovely. no people, the way it should be. I give myself 2.5 hours of strenuous and an hour of moderate for activity points. most mt bikers would not like it but great endurance work.
I did P30 Upper Body today. One I definitely do not go as heavy as she does. Wanted something short because DH was running errands and I wanted to steam mop and vacuum before he got back. Easier to do when no one is here.

Diane Sue, great job with the CDorner workouts!

Carolyn great job with the Low Impact Sweat! Glad that your husband Is doing well.

Valerie I have no idea how accurate the steps and miles are. I believe it was a bit over 8 miles. It's the biggest zoo we go to, and we did a lot of it twice. Plus I do a lot of back and forth between exhibits looking at things while Derek is taking photos. He will stay in one place quite a while to get good ones. So, I use the opportunity to move. That sounds like a really tough ride you did today. Still seems odd to me hear about snow. And I agree, locations with few if any other people around are the best!

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