Pentagenerians & Beyond: W/B 5/9

Thanks for starting things Carolyn! It's been years since I started a thread and I was afraid I'd mess it up. LOL

This morning I did Lean Legs and Abs. I swapped the Bonus Barre for the Compound Legs. My shins are really sore from all the walking at the zoo yesterday. It's been more than 6 months since I walked that much. But, going with Derek is not the same as going by myself. He's very into photography, so that really slows us down. We were there three hours and 17 minutes and I only had 32 minutes of fat burning and 2 cardio! Going to take him to work tomorrow, walk and then go to K'zoo for the afternoon with my parents and swing back to pick him up. First time I'll go to my parents in over a year!


Good afternoon Ladies and happy Mother’s Day to all who are parents. Today is a rest day for me. It’s a nice leisurely family day, both in person and on Zoom.

Cathy, Lean Legs and Abs is a great lower body workout, one that I have done many times. I’m sure that it’s good to get back to walking at the zoo. That’s great that you will see your parents tomorrow.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Fun Step Aerobics, Butt and Thigh workout with the bands, and the Quick Mobility. My hip flexors get very tight easily. That’s one area that I try to stretch out frequently. I’m sure that you are enjoying your family’s today.

Judy, 20,000 steps is amazing! Do you feel sore after you walk that much?

Valerie, I hope that you are having a good drive.

Hello to Deb and Lori.


Good morning!

Happy Mother's Day ( belated) all. :).

No workouts last week. I hurt my back doing delt flies last Sunday, and have been taking it very easy since.

Cathy, that is a long while at the zoo! How many steps did you get in? It's great that you will be going to be with your parents.

Carolyn, I hope you had a nice relaxing Mother's Day!

Judy, wow, 20,000 steps is a heck of a lot of walking! I got 13k, 15k and 17,000 over 3 days, two weeks ago at our agility trial...and yes, I did sleep better too! I'll post a picture of Kylee...

Valerie, you must be travelling either to or from Montana?

Diane Sue, I am sure you are busy getting settled in the new house.

Did anyone pre-order the new Cathe workouts?

Hi to Lori,

Take care.


I hope everyone had a very happy Mother's Day.

Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. We spent the afternoon grocery shopping and I got caught up on things at home. I don't work again until Thursday.

Deb-It's great to hear from you. I'm sorry about your back. I hope it's better now.
Nice job with all the steps! Great photo of you and Kylee at the agility trial. I bet that was a lot of fun.
I did preorder Cathe's new workouts and bands.

Cathy-Nice job with Lean Legs & Abs. It's great that you get to visit your parents.

Carolyn-I hope you had a good rest day.

Hi to Diane Sue, Valerie & Lori


Today I did ICE Metabolic Blast+Icy Core 2+Extended Stretch 2. That was 55 minutes and 260 calories burned. My average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 166.

Deb, it’s great to hear from you! I’m sorry that you hurt your back. Rear felt flies is one exercises where I use lighter weight, especially if Cathe is going fast. I hope you feel better soon. The picture of you and Kylee is great and it looks like you were having a good time. I haven’t preordered the new workouts yet but I plan to do so.

Judy, great job with your 45 minute Peloton ride. Having a few days off will be good for you.

Hello to Diane Sue, Cathy, and Valerie.
I did My Finished Step workout today and it played just fine. Whatever technical issues I had the other day were at least limited to then. Then I went and walked at the zoo. And in comparing my time there with Derek and then by myself it's a pretty stark contrast. LOL w/Derek 3 hrs. 17 min. 13,224 steps and 36 minutes in the zone. w/out Derek in just 2 hours I had 10,749 steps and 77 zone minutes! More than twice the amount if the zone while being there more than an hour less! Average heart rate was also 10 bpm higher.

Funny story from today: we get to the zoo and I pulled up in front of the office to let him out and when he got out the car beeped 3 times. He closed the door 3 more beeps and then it stopped. We both just kind of shrugged cause we had no idea why. I drove on over to the visitor area and parked. Got out of the car and I always grab my lanyard to make sure I have it before I lock the car and NO lanyard=no key. We had driven there using the key in his backpack. :p So I texted him and grabbed the key from him on the way out since the gift shop is the last thing before the parking lot.

Had a really nice visit with my parents and told them I'd do that every couple of weeks.

Carolyn great job with the ICE workouts!

Deb sorry to hear about your back! I hope it heals quickly. I haven't ordered yet but I'm going to do it at some point. I think I'm going to get the bands and the DVD's. I've had enough issues with Cathe On Demand that I'd rather just have them. Love the pic of you and Kylee!

Judy great job on the Peloton workout!


This morning I did CDorner Fun Step Workout #112 (same as Saturday, but all of it) heart rate 141/181, 55 minutes, 315 calories, 5,988 steps. I followed this with CDorner Obliques and Core, 23 minutes, heart rate 96/117, 134 steps. Total time was 381, 78 minutes, 6,122 steps. Very busy today so will try to get back here, but I am behind on things as I felt kind of under the weather this weekend and rested a lot.


Good morning,

Still feeling some twinges in my back, so holding off on the workouts.

Judy, nice job on the Peloton ride.

Carolyn, good job with Ice Metabolic blast , core and extended stretch.

Cathy, nice walk and good time! Not sure what the beeping from the car was signifying? I hear you on the Cathe on demand....I love the Live streaming, but the on demand seems too complicated for me! I still want DVD's "in my hand"....don't ask me why! LOL

Diane Sue, hope you are feeling better today.

Hi to Valerie & Lori

Take care,


Yesterday I did Ramped Up Upper Body with the Bonus Abs. I modified a few of the ab moves since this is one of Cathe's more difficult (for me) ab routines. I also did a 30 minute Peloton ride.

Deb-It's a good idea to wait on working out. I hope your back is better soon.

Carolyn-Great job on the ICE Metabolic workout. Yes, having 4 days off in a row really helps. I have 3 days off next week and the week after so that will be nice too.

Diane Sue-I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi to Valerie & Lori


This morning I did Gym Style Chest and Triceps which was 52 minutes and 260 calories burned. My average heart rate was 117 and maximum heart rate was 266. Oh my! I am already sore from that workout. It’s easy to forget how good the Gym Styles are.

Cathy, nice job with your Finished Step workout and the walk at the zoo. That’s funny about the beeping car.

Diane Sue, nice job with the CDorner Fun Step workout. I hope that you were able to get caught up on things after feeling under the weather.

Deb, it’s smart to give your back a rest and let it heal.

Judy, Ramped Up Upper Body is a great workout. Great job with that and the Peloton ride.

Waving hello to Valerie.
Today has been basically a lost cause. I woke up before 4 and while normally I can still function and workout until later in the day, I've just been too tired all day to do much of anything. I've even been unsuccessful at napping and I've tried multiple times! So, I'm moving my workouts around for the rest of the week. Nick's getting his second vaccine in a couple hours and Derek just got signed up for next Tuesday.

Diane Sue great job with the step and core workouts!

Deb the beeping was because Derek walked away with my car key. I have a push button start, so you just need to have the key in the car with you to start it. As my Dad pointed out, if I had just dropped him off and driven to their place, once I turned the car off I'd have been stuck there half an hour away from my key!

Judy great job on the Ramped Up upper body, abs and Peloton!

Carolyn nice job on the Gym Styles workout! Those are great workouts, but I rarely ever do them.


We left Sunday morning and drove half way. But with our extra time we checked out the ride planned for Monday. Seemed ok not great. The campground was pretty pathetic. No decent place to camp near Spokane. Made best of it. Rode about 20 miles Monday but too much fast traffic ….55 mph speed limit. quit early and drove thru a wildlife refuge close by and saw moose ,turkeys and lots of ducks. Wish we could have ridden there, but gravel roads don’t work with skinny tires on road bikes. our planned road ride went thru the same refuge but was not a 'refuge road", more like a highway. too many drivers need to show distain for bicycles by passing too close, revving their engines and accelerating as they pass. frigging red neck a-holes. the big commercial trucks are usually respectful and decent. we ride single file on the shoulder so do our part. after 10 miles we turned around and went back. saw lots of wild turkeys and quail and many ducks on the way but that ride is off the list now.
Drove to next camp area and checked out 3 places no good. Settled for a dispersed spot on the river, quiet and pleasant, got decent sleep. Rode the coeur d’Alene trail this am for 35 miles and loved it. Just beautiful …. lots of wildlife. this is a dedicated bike route, no motorized traffic. Then drove 6 hours to our house in Montana. Unloaded and crashing immediately if not sooner!

will read the posts and catch up tomorrow.
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I will put off focus on X train until we get back. I dont have enough heavier weights here so will stick to stacked upper body and more body weight exercises.

cathy is your car one that doesn't need a key in the ignition to run?

good to hear from you Deb. Kylee is so darn cute! she looks like training has paid off. I have pulled a muscle in my back before, takes me a week to get better. Ive done 10 lbs but usually stick to 8's for rear delt flys. it always seemed like an awkward move to do with heavy weight, with a tendency to jerk the weight up. Ive pulled that muscle before and so stick to 8's. maybe 10s, but then Im careful to squeeze it up and not jerk it.

I have gym styles also and haven't done them in a while. I'm probably sitting out any new workouts. I have so many to pick from already. I used to use disks dozens(!!) of times but with new workouts so often, it doesn't happen. I too prefer an actual disk. streaming is a challenge at our house from the workout room due to where the TV has to connect. works marginally. and I dont like dealing with the apple TV device that is sooo teeny. I don't want to make it a struggle when we have dvd players and I can take the disks with me to both houses. I like DVDs.

Judy you seldom ride outside. some areas traffic and drivers are just too awful to deal with. is that true where you live? we have way fewer road rides that work because of that. what used to be "back roads" are often the WORST places to ride now. red neck a-holes and all.... mt biking is less of a problem and usually the terrain slows everyone down. weve had people pass so close to us you can feel the heat of their engine pass your legs. there are strategies. if you need to cross a bridge or road section without a shoulder, you need to "take" the lane. if you squeeze along the fog line, people coming from behind feel they dont need to move into the oncoming lane and will try to squeeze by, leaving absolutely no room for error. we;ve been riding for over 50 years and bad behavior does not change.


Today I did Rev’d Up Rumble for 41 minutes and 286 calories burned. My average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 154. It helped to work some of the soreness out of my arms from yesterday‘s workout.

Cathy, I’m sorry that you woke up so early yesterday. I feel slow and out of sorts when I don’t have enough sleep.

Valerie, I’m glad that you made it to Montana with the pleasant stops along the way. That’s a great way to break up a long drive.

Hello to Diane Sue, Judy, and Deb.


Valerie-yes, the traffic is really bad around here. I don't feel safe riding close to home. If we want to get a good ride in we have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to a metro park that has dedicated bike paths. It's a nice park to ride in but the amount of time to get there and back makes it hard for us to do often. When I lived in Iowa I was close to 2 long riding and running paths and I used them all the time. That's one of the things I miss the most.
This morning I did Pyramid Upper Body the Down premix followed by the Bonus Butt work. That all came to about an hour 15 which is why I opted not to do all of PUB. Just as well because while I woke up with plenty of energy after 7 1/2 hours sleep, when I started the workout I was really struggling. I managed to keep up with Cathe on weights, but I never would have managed with the full workout. Once I got past chest and back it was better, those to were by far the worst.

Valerie I quit riding years ago because of the traffic. I'm 5 and 9 miles out of the nearest towns, but lots of 55+ mph drivers and a fair number of semis. Not to mention dogs who feel the need to chase people on bikes. A few years ago 5 cyclists were hit and killed and four more injured by a driver in Kalamazoo, and that sealed it for me. There have been a couple more recently. Nick runs which freaks me out, but at least he's staying on our mile stretch and just running back and forth on it and there's a shoulder to run on. Once he goes to Texas he'll have a place to run in their fitness center and he'll be across the road from a park. He had safe places in Marquette, too. It's too bad about the campground and your first ride on the trip. Sounds like a really nice drive through the refuge though and I looked up images of the Coeur d'Alene trail and it looks like an amazing place to ride! And yes, I don't have an actual key to start the car, though there's one hidden in the "key" so that you can unlock the car if need be, but can't use it to start it.

Carolyn great job with Rev'd Up Rumble!


I didn't even mention distracted drivers looking at phones etc.
we used to ride regular roads but low traffic days/ times. mostly now ride bike specific routes. we had a gap of at least 10 years after a hair raising close call by a commercial vehicle. the idiot was driving a van with the company name all over it, so clearly not too bright. he passed us heart breakingy close for no reason on a rural road, zero traffic. its like they are telling you that you are so unimportant to them... they will not move the steering wheel a few degrees because its too much effort. I got home ( the old days, obviously), looked up the company, called the manager explaining where we were riding and if he had a driver who would have been in that area, and what almost happened, how he was very lucky we were both not dead, in an ER, or on the phone to our lawyer. I believe the guy lost his job minimum. we hung up our bikes for at least 10 years after that. we have returned to doing rides on roads in heavy bicycled areas, low traffic times, etc. but most of our riding is on bike trails these days.
the Trail of the Coeur d'alenes is an old railroad right of way, about 70 miles long. many access points. we have done much of it. if you ride out 17 miles, riding back makes it a 34 mile ride. that' s enough for us.

oh yes dogs.. I love dogs but on a bike it can be dangerous. I carry bear spray and have used it. the areas we ride have well trained or fenced dogs and aren't an issue.

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