Pentagenerians & Beyond: W/B 5/16


we did a run thru the park to look at animals this morning since it snowed last night and that means not biking weather. very cold and windy. saw lots of wildlife. sand hill cranes, bison and more bison withh their little golden orange calves. so cute!! elk. coyotes. lots of birds. hiked a little but it was pretty nasty out. we are heading back to WA tomorrow.


Good afternoon. I didn’t work out this morning. I had planned to do Cardio Leg Blast, but my hip was a bit sore and I didn’t want to aggravate that. My daughter left this morning. I will really miss having her here.

Valerie, I hope that your drive is going well.

Hello to Diane Sue, Judy, Cathy, and Deb.
Yesterday Derek and I went to Toledo. Mid-80's and sunny=HOT! We've had no gradual lead up to the temps this week. We were having 32 overnight and 50-60's daytime and then bam! 80's. I got 13,491 steps and just under 5 miles for the day. The zoo animal wise is way bigger than the local zoo but far more compact. Ours has a lot more land and more walking. Got my new tire Thursday. Was less than thrilled with the place I got it at in that clearly the entire staff has ditched masks and no customer coming in had one on, and it's not in a locale where I trust people will be honest, but they were at least fast and efficient. Total contrast to the car dealership where everyone was masked. Even though Michigan has moved to no masks indoor if fully vaccinated, Whole Foods is still requiring masks, and even though Meijer has changed their sign to reflect the new rules everyone there was masked, too.

The second finished step combo I put together is way different than the first one. Much older workouts, less complicated moves. Only issue I have is that a lot of moves have variations so sometimes my legs want to do the wrong version and with no breakdown it's easier to forget which one she's doing. Those 80's outfits really took me back! Thong leotards and all. LOL

This morning I did a Greater Glutes workout I put together. I just dropped the compound legs and added the bonus chair.

Valerie clearly our weather is very different than what you are having there! That sounds like a very cool drive you went on. I avoid hiking when the mosquitos are bad and I hate black flies more. Haven't encountered them in a LONG time, but they make me swell up at the bite spot. I was lucky when I camped a couple years ago while Derek was at an Environmental Science camp in Marquette, there were no mosquitos anywhere I went. I saw one the whole week. We haven't had any yet, as it has been a way too dry spring here. Safe travels back to Washington.

Carolyn great job with the Pyramid Pump Upper Body and the Step, Jump and Pump step premix. That's a fun one! I'm sure you will miss your daughter.


Yesterday I did Cathe Cardio and Weights premix cardio only, 214 calories, heart rate 140/180. I also did CDorner Killer legs stopping at the last round that was curtsy lunges with 25's and squat jumps. I had already done a lot of curtsy lunges with other workouts this week. This was 40 minutes, 111 calories, heart rate 92/132. I finished with CDorner Full Body Stretch #47 which I did earlier this week and really liked. That was 28 minutes, 51 calories. Total time was 1 hour 45 minutes 376 calories, 3,274 steps.
Today I did CDorner Step Aeriobics # 116, from today, heart rate 135/174, 313 calories, 5,322 steps, 58 minutes. I have been busy preparing for family day and birthdays tomorrow. I got the grill all done and checked it out after all of the cleaning and putting a new liner in the drip tray. It lit fine, all but one burner. I will check that one out in the morning. Maybe it is clogged. I did shop vac webs and stuff out of it. It looked like they had used it a lot and never cleaned it. Next week is the last week of school before summer vacation. I do need to organize the workout rooms and my art and craft projects yet. I have been getting outdoor projects done. The guy that is mowing our lawn offered to take care of weeding for 5 dollars more and I took him up on it. He is so meticulous about his work and worries over the plants. He is going to take out our small tree out front and we are replacing it with a evergreen pine tree tomorrow.

Carolyn, I am sure you will really miss your daughter being there and the time you have had with her. I have had fun doing Cathe's older workouts with the fun music. Nice work. Sorry you were not up for a workout today.

Valerie, that recipe sounds good. I just purchased Michael Symon's Fix it with Food Anti-inflammatory recipe and meal plan book and made a Flaxseed-crusted salmon with grape and walnut salsa that was really good. Most of the recipes are vegan recipes of some sort, but there are a few with fish, chicken, and I think 1 beef and 1 pork chop recipe that has a cherry topping. He uses fresh herbs and vegetables for pretty much all of it. I gather he is a Chef that has several restaurants, and some shows on Food Network. I am trying to get my RA flare under control. So much fatigue lately. Bad enough I find myself having to lie down or go sit in my recliner for awhile to get my energy back up. It is frustrating.

Cathy, we have had rain and lots of humidity, but it has only got into 70's. We have rain forecast all this next week. It rained this morning and our lawn guy came later when it had died down. It was getting pretty long and I was thinking the yard was going to look bad when the family all comes tomorrow. Not everyone has been here to this house yet and my daughter may bring someone we have not met yet. Luckily, I can grill even if it rains tomorrow as the grill is covered.

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