Pentagenarians & Beyond: week beginning 8/12

I'll get the thread started for the week. Deb must be busy. Hope you are having a good time. Judy you can move your post over here. that is a great wall color. it looks a lot like the color we used in our new house. we really like it. felt unsure when we picked it but really loved it after seeing it in person.

I clearly have not been doing enough lately because I am sore from yesterdays TBM workout. not "bad" sore, but all over achy. we wanted to ride this morning but it rained quite a bit since yesterday and still wet this morning. we need rain badly so not complaining.... but ended our idea of a bike ride. we have a dinner with cousins planned so it had to be an early one so will do a spin instead. it is usually dry here in summer so this is a nice break. I seem to be getting into a more sedentary pattern. strangely it is hot sunny weather that makes me want to lie down with a cold compress on my forehead. It is so nice to feel cool for a change.
Valerie, thanks for starting the thread this week. Today is my usual rest day, but I’m going to try to get in some walking.

Judy, I love the sage green paint.

Hello to Lori, Deb, and Diane Sue.


This morning I did an 18 minute Youtube Sarah Beth morning yoga. It is my rest day. I just wanted a bit of loosening up. It looks like I will be getting around and taking the Range Rover back to the shop. It is leaking pink stuff. Transmission, alternater, belts, gaskets, hoses and water pump we have spent money on. I think we are pretty fed up and ran out of money for fixing. I hope it is just something they need to tighten up from this alternator thing. I know they had to drain the radiator when they did the pump. We have both come to the conclusion that we will never buy another of this vehicle.

Judy, the sage green is a nice calm feeling color. Vary nice :)

Valerie, I have only purchased 3 watermelons this year. Not one of them had very much flavor and just sat here for the most part. Last year we ate a lot of watermelon. It has been raining here and the forecast appears we will have more coming this week. It feels like a sauna outside right now. We just had some rain and right now the sun is peeking out.

Carolyn, enjoy your rest day and walk if you get one. I choose to stay inside :)
I got in a spin premix for 40 min and HR core. it was a struggle today but I did it.

diane sue, I know you don't use much sweetener. compared to most people, I don't either. if you try the salad you might try using only a part of the dressing. it lifts the flavor of bland watermelon. If I luck out and get a sweet melon, I use less dressing. overall I don't think it amounts to much sugar because of the run off that is like water, but I love this salad.
like I said, the main drawback is..... it runs all over your plate. best off in a separate bowl. the sugar and salt pull water out of both the melon and cucumber, two things that are watery by themselves. that adds to the liquid. I made it yesterday, finishing off a flavorless melon and a home grown cuke. I used a bunch of cilantro on mine. I usually toss some dry roasted peanuts in the food processor . it is an unusual but refreshing combination. goes well with summer foods.

Now I could be wrong here.... but pink liquid is often transmission fluid . sometimes you need to cut your losses and trade it in. we had a jeep grand Cherokee that was always (!!) in the shop. never bought another chrysler product.


Valerie, thanks for the heads up on the salad. I think I would use some other nuts than peanuts. Maybe cashews. I try to avoid peanuts. The have lectins in them, and tend to cause inflammation and irritate the gut lining. Once in awhile I run out of other nut butters and go for organic peanut butter, but I really try to avoid it. I made my grilled tuna and bok choy recipe again, but forgot I used the last lime for the drizzle that was to go over it. I loved it last time. It wasn't as good without the lime, walnut oil, and ginger drizzle. I am really trying to work on my diet for the RA in hopes that I do not have to take this medication the rest of my life. At least not add any more. I The pink liquid is bright and I am thinking maybe coolant. It could be transmission since they just did that. I am taking it in in the morning and they should give me a ride back.
pink anti freeze is a possibility. . Since it was having transmission issues I thought first of trans fluid.
I think cashews or toasted almonds would work fine instead of peanuts. Chop them up so they aren’t too chunky. I think the recipe says unsalted but I always use salted.

I buy a big bag of limes at Costco once a year and squeeze them in my food processor attachment all at once. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze then into a freezer bag. I love lime and got tired of not having any when I needed it. each cube is 1To 2 tb and melt easily.


Valerie, great idea with the limes. I have done that with lemons when I found meyer lemons. I will do that. Normally I have some lemon juice or lemons I could have subbed , but used the last for my walnut oil mayonnaise and dressing. I need to go shopping. Too many things and car troubles is keeping me from the store.


This morning I started with Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 25 minutes, heart rate average 126, max 148, 2,177 steps, 166 calories. I then did Cathe Live PHA 3, 55 minutes(47 actual even though I previewed and had the workout written out) heart rate average 112, max 143, 1,626 steps, met 4.7, 285 calories. I finished with Suzanne Bowen's Relaxation Stretch from her Barre Amped Stretch and Strengthen dvd, 14 minutes, 31 calories.
Total time 94 minutes, 482 calories.
PHA 3 3 exercise groupings done twice (this is fairly quick paced with little rest other than between groupings to get weights ready. I set up two barbells and still adjusted a bit between groupings.
Group 1
crossback lunge with a db toss-12# db (Cathe 10#) 20 reps first round 16 reps 2nd round
barbell curls 40#(Cathe 35#) 16 reps , 10 reps 2nd round
front lunge leg lift 15# dbs (12# dbs Cathe) 16 reps ,12 reps 2nd round
overhead press 12# dbs 16 reps
rear delt flys 10# dbs 3 reps and stand not sure how many reps I did s(cathe does not repeat this in the 2nd round
Repeat all
Group 2
Deadlifts I used two 30# dbs (Cathe 30# barbell) 12 reps toes elevated
triceps extension standing 25# dumbbell (Cathe holds two 12#) 12 reps, 10 reps 2nd round
side to side lunge alternating 12# dumbbells (Cathe 10#) 16 reps, 12 reps 2nd round
push ups (down 2 up 2 singles ) 6 sets
squat toss 12# db (Cathe 10) 16 reps or 32 reps both sides 2nd round 12 reps or 24 both sides
lateral raise 8#dbs
repeat all
Group 3
Front squat heel elevated on 3# dbs 40# barbell (Cathe 30#) 16 reps
barbell upright row 31# (Cathe 30# my ez curl bar weights 11#) 16 reps
reverse lunge 15# dbs (Cathe uses 12#dbs) 12 reps
hammer curl 20# dbs (Cathe uses 15# and I think next time I will go lighter than I did because of pace) 12 reps
Barbell plie squats 40# barbell (Cathe uses 30#) 8 singles, 3 half and up done 3 times and 8 singles
1 arm row 25# (Cathe uses a 15 and a 10 together) 2nd round I used 30# db 16 reps
repeat all
Today I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes and 94 calories burned. After that I did the Ultimate Yogi Yoga Cross Training for 62 minutes and 142 calories burned. My average heart rate was 96 and maximum heart rate was 122 during the yoga workout.

Diane Sue, nice job with Coffeyfit Raw, Live PHA Training and Barre Amped Stretch. I hope the problem with the Range Rover is not an expensive one. You have had way too many issues with it in a short period of time. Sometimes you just get a lemon with a vehicle.

Valerie, it’s great that you were able to do a spin workout and a core workout. It hadn’t occurred to me to freeze lime juice. I might try that since I never seem to have limes when I need them. I make a watermelon salad with feta and mint. Your recipe sounds good too. I like the contrast of flavors.

Hello to Judy, Lori, and Deb. I hope everyone is doing well.
Carolyn I got tired of never having lime juice when I needed it. I don't like hand squeezing, so this is an annual half hour event where DH and I put the juicer attachment on the food processor and do a couple dozen limes all at once. it's the only reason I keep plastic ice cube trays around. lime juice takes longer to freeze than you think. if the cubes are too big, you can easily chop one smaller since the juice does not freeze as hard as water. Minute Maid sells decent frozen lemon juice or else I'd do the same with lemons. Meyer lemons are hard to find here.

diane sue I would think the unreliability of the vehicle is alone reason to trade it in. after investing this much time and money it will be a hard decision to make. if you have to wonder each time you get in it if it will run right , I think that would get old in a short time.

groceries today and probably a weight workout.
Valerie-I'm sorry, I missed this thread yesterday. I'll move my last post over:

Hi Everyone,
We are painting the bedroom today. We wanted to get that done before we get the new carpet installed. In the photo the old color is the lighter green on the right. The new color is sage green.

Diane Sue-It's a great idea to write up the Raw workouts so you know what to expect the next time. I always like to know what moves are coming up in workouts and I like to have weights and equipment ready. I need to do more of the Fit Tower workouts. I like the workouts that came with it.

Valerie-Great workout! It's good that it didn't bother your shoulder.

Hi to Deb, Lori & Carolyn!



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Hi Everyone,

I didn't workout yesterday. Today I did a longer indoor ride.

Thanks for the comments on the paint color. I'm glad we picked this one. It worked out perfectly for the bedroom.

Valerie-Nice job on the spin and core workout!

Diane Sue-Great workout combination today! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with more vehicle issues.

Carolyn-Nice job with Yoga Cross Training. That one is challenging!

Hi to Deb & Lori,



Carolyn, nice work today and getting in the yoga. I always found feta cheese to be a nice compliment to salads with fruit in them.

Valerie, periodically Sprouts has bags of Meyer lemons. I really like their flavor. I had wondered about the Minute Made frozen lemon juice.

Judy, I hope that the painting went well today. I am sure you will be happy with the color when you are all done.
This morning I did Party Rocking Step 2. That was 50 minutes and 354 calories burned. My average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 145. I only did part of the finished product. I need to go to the grocery store this morning for produce and a few other things. I’m not going to Sprouts because they are re-paving the road over there causing long delays.

Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy your workouts.
Judy it is weird but on my computer screen your new paint color looks light brown rather than sage green. we did a lot of online shopping for our house and that came up regularly.... colors would be variable from screen to screen and even between our two desktops looking at the same page. then when you print a sample the 2printers gave different results.

Deb I hope you are enjoying your visit near here. weather has been atypical and unpleasant with the smoke haze. it is getting to be an annual occurrence from all the wildfires in all directions. the air is stinky and we are skipping outdoor workouts until it clears.
august used to be a great month but now we both schedule most health care appts and house maintenance for these 2 weeks .
I usually keep frozen minute maid lemon juice on hand. it tastes much better than the bottled Reallemon. it is frozen in a box and is sometimes easy to miss in the freezer at the store because it is not in a round container like OJ.

I like feta in salads too. DH is not a fan so sometimes I use goat cheese instead since its a little milder. love the combo of fruit or vegies and bits of salty cheese.


This morning I did Cathe Live Mixed Impact and Bonus Abs, 42 minutes, 278 calories, met 6.9, 2,368 steps, heart rate average 130, max 168. I then did Cathe Live Power Step, 39 minutes, met 6.2, 267 calories, 3,357 steps, heart rate average 150, max 188. I really thought the calories should have been more based on the heart rate. Oh, Well! Total Steps so far this morning 6,466. Total calories 545, 81 minutes.

Carolyn, our Sprouts is close enough I could walk. I just don't think I would want to carry many things back. I really need to go to the grocery store, but with my husband having to use my car, I won't be going anywhere. I would have to go at night and the thing is I am sitting here with a check that I need to deposit. I could do it with my phone, but have never tried it and am afraid I would mess something up. I am just waiting. If all else fails, I will be out doing everything Saturday morning. I am supposed to take my grandson to his first day of school Thursday. We will see how that works out. His parents could loan their truck again.

Valerie, I have found even switching the tilt of the computer screen the colors change. I have purchased more things online that have came and been far different than they look on the computer.


By the way, that Power Step was not real knee friendly for me. I was modifying by the end of all of those power move segments. I kept the step height at 6 inches, but the height wasn't the problem. It was all of the jumping push offs.
Hi Everyone,

Today I did Build & Burn Upper Body Super Sets. I added the 100 rep lateral raise challenge from XTrain and then a 30 minute Yin Yoga session.
One of my FB friends posted about a new barbell that she had and I ended up ordering one too. It's this one:

Valerie-I noticed that the sage green color looked a little brownish on my computer screen too.
That is really too bad about the air quality there. We haven't had anything like the fires you've had, but we do have air quality alerts regularly and some days there is so much smog that I don't want to do anything outside. This was something I definitely noticed when I moved from Iowa to here.

Diane Sue-Nice job with the Cathe Live workouts. I don't think I'll try the Power Step one but the Mixed Impact and Bonus Abs sounds good.

Hi to Carolyn, Deb & Lori!



I just spent the last few hours working to get the keyboard and process system not responding back to working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet. I tried rebooting many times. Finally cleared cache from a lot of most recently used apps and it started working again. Hopefully it stays that way.

Judy the mixed impact Hiit had quite a few lower impact breaks and the Hiit type moves were not done for long periods of time. It was pretty good without overdoing it. The abs were about 10 minutes of the workout. That is an interesting looking barbell. It looks like it might be easier to hold for front squats.
did Ice chiseled upper body and core 1. I don't like the windmill move but sort of do it. also barely do the berar crawls. seems like too much focus on one arm at a time and I don't want to set myself back. so I do some on left side and not the right. everything else seems fine and probably should move up in weight because it isn't feeling very challenging

all I can say is the weather here in august is not like it was since the late 1970's. things have changed the last few years. fires everywhere. smoke. haze. very ugly. we are getting smoke from every direction. august used to be the best vacation month with reliably good weather.

Judy we tried to look at and print colors but it was unreliable. sometimes fine, other times totally off. I know light changes how colors look so we dragged paint chips around everywhere to be sure things blended well.

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