Pentagenarians & Beyond: WB 11/22


getting us started... Deb hope you are just taking a break. we should maybe rotate starting this thread weekly?

could someone tell me how to get the thread title in bold? I copy and paste but it wont let me apply bold to the text. something simple I don't know?

took the day off yesterday. DH was still feeling subdued so we did house things and didn't stress about it.

anniversary of President Kennedys assassination. a sad day and got surprisingly little news coverage this year. I was in study hall in high school when we got the awful news.

we are going to maybe texture our bathroom walls today. depends on how the trial run goes.

diane sue DH gets extremely stressed at time of procedures so his BP goes sky high and he is a wreck. he was worried about this one because it could have shown reasons for bad headaches that were not going to be good news. he sleeps fine the night before, its just at time of procedure he needs something to settle him down. me... I can't sleep for two nights before, but I am calm at time of procedure. same process, different reactions. most people are fine with an MRI and would not need any anti anxiety meds. I think they gave him too much xanax since he still felt "wrong" yesterday.
so funny about the licorice!. I HATE detest abhor black licorice! I can't be in the same room with anyone eating it. I remember being served a shot of Ouzo with a group of people in a bar (long ago) and getting a whiff of it and almost upchucking right there at the table. horrible awful stuff! I know people love it. a food that gets a strong reaction across the board.
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Today is my rest day. I did the short Morning Energy practice from Jane Adams Gentle Yoga. That was 18 minutes.

Valerie, thanks for starting the thread today. I never format the title when I start it. It seems to show bold when there is a new post that I haven’t looked at yet. I’m not certain about that, but that’s what I have noticed. I’m glad that your husband’s MRI didn’t show anything. That is stressful to think about.

Hello to All and have a wonderful day.
I did Live Stability Ball Total Body Weights today. I'd done it once before and it's a really good, thorough workout. Then followed with P30 Extended Stretch.

Valerie I hate licorice and was quite happy there was nowhere to get him any. Not to the extent you do, but I certainly would never eat it. JFK's assassination is one of my earliest memories. It was my third birthday and I remember the TV being on, my Mom ironing (the days of ironing sheets) and her being upset. No doubt it was her being upset that made it memorable. Too bad your husband had such a hard time after the MRI, hopefully things continue to get back to normal. The thread title is bold for me.

Carolyn yoga is excellent for rest days.


Today is a rest day. I may still do some yoga later. I was so sore this morning. I guess the two total Body workouts and the lower body was a bit much. I woke with my whole hip hurting in the middle of the night and worked around trying to loosen a bit, then when I went to get up my low back hurt and I could not just sit up, I had to roll out of bed. Once I got up and moving and did some stretching along with some curcumin I started feeling better though. I was a bit worried.

Valerie, I always copy the previous thread and then change the date so I am not sure how you would do that. Maybe just click the bold button when you type it in?
I may have more anxiety the next time I have an mri if it is in the same area. It may be that that never happens again. The same goes for a needle biopsy. I was fine till I got into it and I really am planning on avoiding one again. I understand anxiety over those appointments that we make though. I feel so much more relaxed once I have got through them.

Carolyn, enjoy your rest day. I know I will:).


carolyn I think you are right, it automatically goes to bold after there is a post. I usually use the email link so I don't often look at the whole thread list. the title is bold now, and weren't when I put it up. I usually do it like that, copy it and change the date but I never understood how it got to bold.

I was in high school in 1963. unpleasant memories of the assassination and all the others that followed. there was a large shooting in Milwaukee a few days ago, at the shopping mall I almost grew up at. it was a long walk from where I lived and that was the destination usually. at the same time another a shooting very close to where my sister lives , a short city block away. guess shooting is on my mind today. ironing sheets ... I don't think I ever did that. I remember my grandmother ironing sheets with an appliance, oddly called a mangle.

DH was worried about the outcome of the MRI, so since it was OK he relaxed a lot. physicians know a lot more about what can go wrong so he worried more than the average person. we textured walls in the powder room this morning. messy job but turned out nice. will need to dry for a few days before we prime and paint it. then we re mount the toilet and we're good to go! should have done this to begin with. wallpaper is a PITA!


Cathe, we were posting around the same time. I love licorice and so does my husband. I used to buy licorice ice cream from 31 flavors. My son in law loathes it and has an ugly name for it. My mother ironed sheets and I used to iron them, since I ironed them for my mother and somehow thought that is what I should do. Now I just iron the top edge of some sheets that I have purchased that get all wrinkly. Otherwise most sheets do not require ironing at all. The old cotton did wrinkle pretty bad.


Saturday I did XTrain Ride. Yesterday I didn't do a formal workout but I got a lot of exercise at HD.

Valerie-I didn't think about yesterday being the anniversary of JFK's assassination until you mentioned it. It was a sad day and it's sad that it didn't get more news coverage this year. I'm the same with procedures. I don't sleep well before but I am calm during them.

Carolyn-I hope you had a good rest day.

Cathy-Nice job with Live Stability Ball Total Body Weights.

Diane Sue-I'm sorry you were so sore yesterday. I hope you feel better after your rest day.

Hi to Deb & Lori!


Ran a mile and a quarter on the treadmill and abs workout from x train yesterday before dinner. Busy earlier with the bathroom project. Lots of heavy lifting with the air compressor etc . Looks very good and way simpler than paper. we picked a nice neutral beige/gray color for walls and ceiling. neutral but not off white.

licorice generates strong feelings! I always hated it intensely. I can’t be in a room with someone eating it. Nothing moderate about how I react to it.
I cant think of anything I dislike more. I know a lot of people have strong feelings about cilantro while I like it. DH doesn't like cilantro but will eat it in some things. licorice... are no 2 ways around it.

Judy there will be a big deal about the Kennedy assassination on the 60th anniversary. this is something like 57 years, and its not like we are short on big news stories right now. it set off such a string of political assassinations..... this country is so overly armed up now, I worry about that sequence returning.
I get so stressed before some procedures, I need xanax ( tiny dose) to sleep. I'm anxious before procedures but OK if I got some sleep. DH's BP goes way way up and he is impossible to deal with. it was good to give him some xanax but it was too big a dose and not early enough before the test. it kicked in big time afterwards.
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This morning I did the Finished Step Combo I created. 51 minutes, ave bpm 131, max 166 and 248 calories burned. I'm good with the length, but may tweak the videos used a bit.

Diane Sue, I sure hope your soreness is easing. That level of it is always rough. Hopefully you were able to do some yoga to help.

Judy nice job on the XTrain ride. I'm sure you can get a decent workout in at your job.

Valerie I'm not a big fan of cilantro. I can do it in somethings, but I tend to avoid using it in my recipes. Fortunately since I had knee surgery in '88, I haven't had anything notable in the way of procedures. I tend to react strongly to medications and it's not a plus.


This morning I did JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster which was 207 calories burned. My average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 150. It was a nice short workout. I went to Kroger to get some things for Thanksgiving. It will just be the two of us, but I plan to cook a small version of our holiday meal with turkey breast and sides. The side dishes and pumpkin pie are my favorites.

Cathy, nice job with Live Stability Ball Total Body Weights, P 30 stretch, and your Finished Step Combo.

Diane Sue, I hope that your pain is gone today. I remember ironing sheets too. My mother continued to iron hers until she passed away. Occasionally I will iron them if they are very wrinkled. I hate to sleep on rough sheets. It was funny last Christmas when were ironing the tablecloth the two grandkids came running upstairs to see the process! They had never seen anyone iron. Needless to say, my daughter doesn’t own an iron or ironing board.

Valerie, great job with the treadmill run. I thought of the JFK assassination yesterday when I looked at the date. I was in the 8th grade and we were in our Louisiana history class when we got the news. It was a frightening day for us at that age.

Judy, nice work with X Train Ride. I’m sure that you get a lot of exercise at work.

Hello to Lori and Deb.


back from the dentist. a pretty big project. two crowns next to each other being replaced, and a broken filling above. filling is done.... broke a tiny piece off the edge. the crowns was ancient, the other newer had lost a big piece right after it was done maybe 10 years ago. I chose not to redo it at that time. took 3 hours. I did not get stressed ahead over this but I have a small mouth opening and back teeth are a hard reach. feels like every piece of equipment in the room is in your mouth! will work out later today.

I need to hit the grocery before thursday. early tomorrow morning is the plan. too busy by mid day today. If I get there by 8 or so tomorrow it should be benign.


Today I did Live 223 Low Impact Blast Off Circuit 49 minutes (41 actual),164 calories, heart rate 106/149, 2,125 steps. I then did Perfect 30 Yoga Strength and Flexibility, 33 minutes, 41 calories, heart rate 83/109, 79 steps.
Total time 82 minutes, 205 calories, 2204 steps.
Low Impact Blast Off Circuit 41 minutes
Cardio 17 minutes with warm up with final move using 5# dumbbells for squat kicks
biceps curls 15# dbs 8 reps
overhead triceps extensions 12# dbs 8 reps

squat/ curl/ overhead extension 2x 8 times
lunge/crossback lunge 15# db 10 reps right and 10 reps left

upright row 12 # dbs 10 reps
9verhead triceps extensions 10# dbs 10 reps
repeat x then 3rd time 6 reps

front swings to goal post arms 8# dbs 10 reps

1 arm row 15 and 5# db held together 16 reps right and 16 reps left
rear delt fly 10# dbs 10 reps
lateral raise 5# dbs 12 reps

Static Lunges 15 reps right 15 reps left 15# dbs
deadlift 15# dbs 12 reps

no weights and use a mat
5 sit ups to 5 push ups 5 times ( I did only 2 sets of push ups and just did sit ups instead)


Judy, nice work with X train ride. I am sure work was a workout in itself. I bet you are getting really busy with Christmas coming up.

Valerie, I like a little cilantro, but not in something like salads. I prefer it in soups or as a topping to a hot dish.
That was a long sit in the dentist office. I really hate sitting there with my mouth hanging open for that long.

Cathy, nice work with your put together workout mix. Funny thing is I like dried cilantro used in foods. I used to love a fish soup that I would get in a Mexican restaurant in one of the smaller cities we lived in. They topped it with fresh cilantro and it was after that that I started purchasing it. But, there are just some things I do not like it in. Mainly cold foods. I think it was watercress that I bought once that was called for in a recipe and I kept wondering what the bad taste was. I finally figured out it was the watercress and I kept picking it out of the salad. Never tried it again.

Carolyn, both of my daughters grew up ironing. The oldest refuses to iron. Her husband took his work shirts to the cleaners. My youngest used to really want to make sure there was no wrinkles in her jeans showing she had sat in them. She actually made me bit crazy over ironing her jeans. I don't think she irons like that anymore, but then she does own an iron and ironing board. Fortunately there are not a lot of clothes that need ironed anymore. My husband is good at finding them though. He likes the Carhardt cotton shirts and pocket pants and I like them ironed smooth, so I iron them. I just feel happy when he pulls out a polo shirt or one that does not need ironed. But the iron ones are his favorites apparently.
I went to Sprouts today and there were a lot of people for a Monday afternoon. Shelves were well stocked though. I did not need that much. Fortunately my husband called and I waited to get in the long line and stayed on the nonfood aisle talking to my husband on the phone with the mask on. By the time I went to get in line the lines had shrunk. I am going to make my husband stew and some pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. He has to go to work and I will go to my daughter's house out in the country for Thanksgiving dinner with her family. She said they were going to watch the parade?? I cannot imagine that it would be a new parade. I bet it is a rerun.


I used to iron DHs shirts for work I’d hang immediately from the dryer and do the whole lot of them in an “iron woman “marathon. Still have the iron , but few things need ironing now. Most people wear less formal clothing. I used it to heat seal some tape on an expensive outdoor jacket not long ago. I seldom use it but won’t toss it unless it dies.

I like cilantro but skip it most of the time so dh doesn’t have to pick it out. He’ll eat in some things but not most.

did 15 on elliptical and stacked upper body last night.


This morning I did a Strong and Sweaty PHA timesaver with 2 repetitions of each set instead of 3. That was 39 minutes and 227 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 128.

I have very few items of clothing that require ironing these days. I use the iron more for sewing than anything else. My husband on the other hand still wants his jeans ironed and crisp. He does that himself, something that started early in our marriage. He was critical of the way that I ironed his military uniforms so I stopped doing them. He has done all of his own ironing since then.

Hello to Everyone and have a great day.


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Cathe Live #323 Legs Express Moderate Weight and Muscle Meltdown Triceps. I only had a 4 hour shift so I was able to workout right after work.

I decided to take a temporary leave from Home Depot after all. I really wanted to work straight through but I've been getting more and more concerned about holiday shoppers and this weekend it was way too busy for me to feel safe. I can only imagine what Black Friday and this coming weekend will be like. I'm off the schedule until Dec 8th and will decide at that time if I need to be off longer. If the cases keep climbing here and things get shut down again I might need to be off until after the holidays.

Valerie-The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination was big as I recall. I'm sure the 60th will be too. Very sad that JFK Jr. died so young. I think he would be active in politics if he had lived.

Carolyn-Great job with JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster and the PHA premix!

Diane Sue-Nice job with the Live workout! Yes, it's getting crazy at HD right now. If the cases weren't going up so much in Michigan it wouldn't bother me but it's scary to be around so many people right now.

Hi to Deb & Lori!
Today I did Live Upper Body with Ball and I have to say that is one tough workout! I've been busy getting things ready for the boys return as we have rather taken over their spaces while they were gone as it's a pretty small house.

Hopefully, I'll have time tomorrow to post more. Though I'm mostly just really nervous about their drive home because the forecast that wasn't calling for snow just a few days ago changed and most places they will be driving through are getting 1-3" now. Temps will be above freezing most of the drive so hopefully the roads will be just wet. Didn't help when a FB friend whose daughter also goes to NMU posted pics of her daughters car and she and a friend did a 360 on black ice near Gaylord and smashed it up pretty good. Thankfully they are okay. Gaylord is the bane of my existence when it comes to that drive. If there is going to be ONE place that has bad weather - that's it.


Today I did Cathe Live Love Me Some Kickboxing #272, 59 minutes, 322 calories, heart rate 131/156, 5,621 steps. I also did Perfect 30 Flow Mobility basics 33 minutes, 36 calories, 94 steps, 81/105 heart rate. Total time was 92 minutes, 355 calories, 5,715 steps . I have my yearly doctor visit first thing when they open in the morning. Heading to bed soon.


Got my groceries done early yesterday and was getting my cooking prep in place when I heard my <24 hour old temp crown crack . I was sure of what I heard but not too sure of if it was still in place. Back to dentist during downpour rain and commute traffic. They patched up the temp, didn’t need to replace it. Killed off the day. Was concerned because of holiday weekend. Don’t want several days of unpleasantness.
Dh found he has mild sleep apnea. More incentive to stay on his diet . He is very motivated now!. He is doing well so far and I’m sure, like most men, he will drop pounds like I only dream of. He is not that much overweight so I hope weight loss helps but it might not. Good thing we are used to sleeping in different rooms because I could not sleep with one of those machines in the room. They are quieter than they used to be but I can’t sleep thru rhythmic noise like that. There are other approaches than a CPAP so he will try that first
My workout got skipped but today will be better
No good way to teach driving in bad conditions except to be prepared and go slower than you think you can. There’s a definite learning curve to driving in winter conditions. not being in a hurry is #1.
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This morning I did Rev’d Up Rumble for 41 minutes and 298 calories burned. Average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 154. I worked out earlier today because I have quite a few things to do. I had my virtual WW which helps to get my mind in the right place for the week.

Judy, nice job with Live Legs Express Moderate Weight and Muscle Meltdown Triceps. I can understand why you want to take a temporary leave of absence. I’m glad that it worked out for you.

Cathy, great job with that tough Live workout. I know that you will enjoy having your boys home. It’s easy to spread into the vacant spaces when the kids are gone.

Diane Sue, great job with Live Love Me Some Kickboxing and P 30 Mobility Basics. I hope that you have an uneventful trip to the doctor.

Valerie, that’s terrible that your temporary crown cracked. I would hate to have that happen. It’s good that you could get if fixed right away.

Hello to Deb and Lori.

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