Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/24/2023

I'll continue the squash conversation. those georgia squash are cute. canned pumpkin is really cooked canned squash. winter squash and pumpkins are all in the same plant family. we grow hubbard squash for pie. hubbard does not roast well for eating directly. its a little too watery and doesnt hold its shape well but it works great for pie. it has a much thicker layer of orange flesh than a pumpkin does so is ideal for roasting. hubbards get very big usually 25 or more pounds each. I chop them into big pieces and roast them all at once, scrape the meat off the shell and freeze it. works fine for pie or soup or sweet bread. the hubbards have a very hard outer shell. keep for months in the garage. usually they are still good in Feb-March. Carolyn I never saw anything quite like those but there are so many varieties of squash. our growing season isnt long enough for some types. we grow butternuts mostly but they don't store as long.
This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga for 18 minutes.

Valerie, that is exactly what the woman told me yesterday about how she prepares the huge squash and how long they will keep. They were about 18-20 pounds each. I learned a few years ago that most canned pumpkin is really squash. Libby grows their own variety that they advertise as 100% pumpkin on the can.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.
Stores here used to sell slices of Hubbard wrapped in plastic wrap but haven't seen that in a long time. we used to grow acorn squash but it doesn't keep as well as butternut and is way harder to peel so we simplified. grow just the two squash. I can buy an acorn if I want one. butternuts last until late january maybe a little longer. we can store in an unheated garage, like a root cellar. butternut works for cooking but its drier, needs a little more liquid added. when we bike ride in farm areas we see big squash growing. assume they are used commercially for 'pumpkin". I think they're all varieties of the cucurbit plant family. different color "pumpkins" are grown with white ones and orange ones.

Guessing that because they are closely related, pumpkin=squash. carving a pumpkin, the fleshy layer is not thick, while a squash like a hubbard might be 3 to 4 inches. weve had ones that weighed 50 lbs and were a real chore to chop up and roast. I'm pretty sure that kind of squash is grown commercially. I was shopping yesterday and the varieties of squash are many, and that is only one little store in this area. we dont have a long season compared to other places.

when we pick, we wash in a dilute bleach solution, dry, set on shelves in the garage. some years we get a lot. this year butternuts did better when we buy seed we get short season ones since once it gets wet here, things don't last long.

did therapy work and curls last night, so a better workout today. that drive really makes me feel exhausted the next day.
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I had read that about pumpkin too. It said it depends on what time of season processed and how much crop. I like it when I open the canned pumpkin and it is thick and dark yellow like Sprouts organic. Some cans are paler and a lot wetter. Libbys always seems okay whatever they use.
Today is a rest day.
Did a longer workout as planned but could not get sound to work on the dvd. picture ran but no sound. more aggravation. did 35 minutes worth of solid upper body curls, push ups, tricep work , presses kickbacks.
Today I did Cardio Slam, no mat cardio premix. That was 38 minutes and 242 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 151. I used the low impact modifications that Cathe demonstrates in another premix.

Valerie, good job with getting a workout done even though your dvd didn’t have sound. It’s very frustrating when the technology doesn’t work properly.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, and Diane Sue.
Today I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and Raw Timesavers Push and Pull workouts. The Timesaver workouts were about 35 minutes for both.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga and Cardio Slam, no mat cardio premix.

Valerie-Great job with your workout. I’m sorry that your DVD wasn’t working right. That’s frustrating.

Hi to Cathy and Diane Sue
Today I did STS2 Upper Body 2, 57 minutes, 174 calories, heart rate 103/129. I finished off with STS 2 Total Body Stretch, 24 minutes, 43 calories. Total time was 81 minutes, 217 calories. I was not feeling so well yesterday, but today was much better. I found out Sunday that I am going to be a great grandmother :D

STS 2.0 Upper Body 2
10,12, and 15# dumbbells for warm up

Barbell Underhand Row #1 45# 10 reps
Barbell Underhand Row #2 45# 10 reps
Barbell Overhand Row #1 45# 10 reps
Barbell Overhand Row #2 45# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #1 30# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #2 25# 10 reps
Barbell Pullover #3 25# 10 reps
Banded Lat Pull down heavy green and black tubing together using door anchor
Back Pull apart green tubing
dumbbell overhead press #1 10# dbs 8 reps
dumbbell overhead press #2 10# dbs 8 reps
dumbbell overhead press #3 10# dbs 8 reps
bear crawl press no weight 10 reps
single arm side leaning lat raise #1 5# db 8 reps
single arm side leaning lat raise #2 5# db 8 reps
double arm scare crow 5# dbs 12 reps
close grip bench press #1 12# dbs 10 reps
close grip bench press #2 15# dbs 10 reps
barbell close grip bench press #1 30# 10 reps(up from 25#)
barbell close grip bench press #2 30# 10 reps
triceps dips using barbell in lap #1 25# 10 reps
triceps dips using barbell in lap #2 25# 10 reps
banded chest fly standing light red tubing 12 reps
banded kickbacks with low anchor (I used my Bowflex weight stand as an anchor) blue tubing
Sweeper curls 15# dbs 10 reps
single arm sweeper 15# dbs
barbell 10 degree tilt 30# 8 reps
barbell 21's 30# 21 reps
I am feeling more energetic today. I made a pot of soup with ground turkey breast and vegetables that is really good.

Valerie, I do not know what is up with those dvd players. I bought a second blu-ray player since the other sounds like it is rattling and grinding when it starts out. It plays, but I worry it will ruin a dvd. I have had issues with sound on Youtube using Fire TV if the dvd player is turned on. There was a few times I did not know it was on and I had switch sources so it seems odd that it would do that. I am glad you were still able to do the workout.

Carolyn, I miss having Sprouts right around the corner. There is one about 13 minutes away, but it is on a busy corner in a city next to us and it is easier not to go. Nice work on Cardio Slam no mat mix with low impact options. I like when the instructors show other options that can be used. I like CDorner because she often shows low and high impact options in a lot of her workouts and different options in strength workouts for people that cannot do them.

Judy, nice work on the Peloton Rides and the Raw Timesavers Push and Pull. How did you like them? I kind of wanted to watch them and think I might do them later in the week after I have done the STS 2 Lower Body 2. Thank You :)

Hi to Cathy.
Diane Sue, I liked the Push and Pull workouts. She does 2 sets of each exercise with minimal rest between sets. I think these will be good for adding on to other workouts or doing 2 or 3 of them together.
I got slightly sore from my upper body workout as I had hoped. not too sore but a little achy so it was what I wanted. I want to get back into regular upper body work and my shoulders seem to have settled down by letting them rest for a while. yesterday I did a 35 min spin from pedal power.

yesterday the dvd player worked, had sound again, but it seems to have changed what shows on the display. the only system we can get to work here is apple TV and it doesnt work well in the basement. we have a lot of heavy brickwork for the wood stove and the signal does not transmit well. but it worked again without doing anything. mystery! i can get almost any electronic thing to fail by just being in the room.

also got flu shot yesterday but covid isn't available yet. maybe in a week or two. I dont want to get both on the same day anyway. unclear how big an issue covid will be this year but I want to continue to dodge it if I can.
This morning I did SS Ramped Up Upper Body. My time was 58 minutes with 288 calories burned. Average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 157. I haven’t done this workout in more than a year, but it’s still one of my favorites. It was a great workout.

Judy, nice job with the 45 minute Peloton ride and Raw timesaver Push and Pull.

Diane Sue, great job with STS 2 Upper Body 2 and Total Body Stretch. Congratulations on going to be a great grandmother.

Valerie, I’m glad that your workout had the desired effect. Nice job with Pedal Power. I took my husband to get his shots yesterday and I’m getting mine Friday morning. We have to go to different pharmacies.

Hello to Cathy.
Yesterday was not fun. Fell asleep about 12:30 and got woken up around 3:30 by an attempted rabbit massacre. Rabbit was alive but wounded on an ear and top of head so there was a lot of blood. Caught it and put it outside, but I knew it would be easier to wipe up before it dried. So I had to clean the bottom half of the basement stairs and the floor at the bottom. How he got a rabbit that size, not full grown, but not far off through the pet door I have no idea. I heard it scurry off when I put it outside so at least at that time it was functional. Didn't fall asleep again until about 5:30 and definitely wasn't up to my usual Monday at the zoo. Then was just starting to get my lunch when my Dad called. He'd had a 7:30 appointment to get some skin cancer removed off his face and my Mom insisted on going. They'd told him 2-4 hours, but at 4 hours they needed him to stay longer and she was losing it. He said she was out in the parking lot with her walker. So, I grabbed some food and took my exhausted self off to get the normal half hour drive done as fast as possible, going though multiple long construction zones. She was waiting for me and we headed back to Kalamazoo. She vented some about her thoughts on the people running the place, but then just settled in for her usual rambling through various topics hitting all her favorites. He ended up being there 6 1/2 hours as they had to remove more of the area. By the time I got home I was more than done, and driving I-94 like that was just ugh. Got a decent night last night, got up and did Live 30 Minute Hiit Express, then I did go to the zoo. I've found that my new watch does not track steps when I do cardio, but when I set it for a hike it did. Cardio it only keeps track of heart rate and minutes. Hike it showed heart rate, time, steps and hmm one other thing.

You have all been very busy posting, so I'll read through everything now, but all that energy I had early has tanked again. Sigh
I did x train abs, and a weight workout premix from that 30 min series . no where near cathe weights but a fast workout. biceps and back. some dips and tricep push ups and therapy work.

cathy I cant tell from your post who or what wounded your rabbit. was it a kitty? or something else?
guessing your father had a mohs procedure. they take off little bits and check the tissue and then go back for more if they haven't gotten to "clean" borders. a lot of men get them on their scalps due to hair loss and sun exposure. my mother had a big one on her forehead, I think it took all day to excise. if on a fleshy area they take a big piece and check the tissue edges in a lab later "to be sure" , but on thin skin like facial and scalp areas, they go gradually and check as they go. it can take a while. they can't guess how much needs to be removed and dont want to take more than necessary, leaving unnecessary scarring and more time to heal. all of us pasty white people generate lots of skin cancers , especially people who grew up before sun screen worked. sigh. both DH and I are in that group. ka-ching ka-ching at the dermatology clinic. I am careful about backs of my hands especially. DH has a divot on top of his head now after a mohs excision. they told him to plan for all day, but he was done in much less. they dont know how deeply the cancer has progressed.
because you're short, thought you'd be interested. I had all that trouble finding a car I could see out of. we bought the fancier electronics for the power seat. still barely high enough. to compound the issue, this trip I looked at the drop down front visors after noticing they looked smaller. much smaller! they are 2.5 inches shorter top to bottom than our 2018 subaru. yes, I measured. ordered a 2" seat cushion and a visor extender. driving last week, as the sun came up and later as it set I was totally blinded by glare. WAY beyond sunglasses. I cant get even close to where the visor kicks in. adjustments to reduce overall weight? both items should get here friday. I'll let you know how they work. do you have any tricks? I used to sit on a phone book or my briefcase but those aren't easy to find anymore.

I had a video appt with possible surgeon #2 yesterday. no. no more xrays, no surgery by committee. I have not changed my mind and will go with #1 who I opted for 6 weeks ago. see him again thursday , something both DH and I misunderstood. finally feel like I am going forward.
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No workout today. I had a dental appointment this morning. I ran a couple of errands afterwards.

Cathy, that was quite a night that you had with the cat and rabbit! Between that and the situation with your parents you must have been exhausted. I’m glad that you recovered enough to work out.

Valerie, good job with XTrain abs and the 30 minute weight workout. Was that one of Kelly Coffey Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts?

Waving hello to Diane Sue and Judy.
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I somehow did something to myself yesterday because after my bath I could not reach for things and my back and neck were in spasm and pain on the left side. Then it moved around the rib cage during the night. I just did some stretching today. It is better, but I am still taking some Advil. This has happened before, so I do not know what is causing it. I did Raw warm up for the timesavers 7 minutes, 29 calories followed by Raw Athletic Stretch 2 and CDorner relaxing neck stretch stopping when she did a head off the floor hold to strengthen the front of the neck. That move hurts. This was 43 minutes and 60 calories. I wanted to do legs but I think that picking up weights would not be a good idea yet. I feel much better this evening.
I tried to reschedule my arthritis appointment but got their answering system. I go through appointments and do not know how they can always be too busy to answer their phones. Anyway, I gave up and tried to do it online. So far no response. I had to cancel the appointment I had because of the covid.

Judy, thank you. I want to try those workouts out. I saw the sculpt abs timesaver was up too.

Carolyn, good work on SS Ramped Up Upper Body yesterday. I hope your day went well after the dentist appointment.

Valerie, nice work on the upper body work. I am glad that the dvd player had sound for you this time. good job today on X Train Abs and premix weights. My husband has always worn a cap when he goes outside. Even for a little bit. His Dad had many spots taken off of his head. I have my daughter to do it so usually dermatology costs are minimal. Actually, I have not paid anything so far. Although now there is a new owner at the office. I just have her check odd things if I have something I am not sure of. I hope things go well tomorrow when you see your surgeon and decision is made.

Cathy, your description of yesterday makes me exhausted thinking about it. I take it the cat drug in a rabbit? That is not a pleasant thing to have to get woken up to. I am glad you got some rest and was able to do Live 30 minute Hiit and today's Tabata Hiit workout that you put together.

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