Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/15

Good morning,

Finally Friday! A busy weekend with wake, funeral etc. I took a half day off today, have to get hair colored, I look like a skunk. We are doing the Alzheimer's Walk tomorrow morning with my cousin in honor of my aunt before the wake. Wake again Sunday, funeral Monday.

Josie, good job on the workout!

Judy, I think your body was telling you to take a break. Good that you listened. This is when injuries happen.

Lori, same thing, you probably just need a couple of days to "recoup". I hear you on how staying up since getting older does a number on you for a couple of days...ah, remember the "old days" when you could stay out until 5:00 am and go right to work! Ha! Not now. :)

Hi to Valerie, Lynda, & Cathy,

What is everyone doing this weekend?
cathy yes I remember you... you were selling your house and moving somewhere ( TX?) as I recall... welcome back. the 50 and over thread was still going a couple months ago and had some new people posting but I don't know what happened to it either unless they renamed it?

got our new cc and will be ready to go soon. that really put a crimp in plans but I'm so glad we didn't discover it had been blocked after we'd gone somewhere. I have no idea how you'd get a replacement card under those circumstances. we will keep our current system...don't want multiple cards to track. I'm pretty sure debit cards are not protected quite the same as credit cards and require you enter a code. I think people are more relaxed about using them and get their codes stolen more easily because they get used at grocery check outs and cash machines a lot. (just guessing here) I use my debit card but not often.

I didn't do much right after we got back from Tahoe. I was tired! Judy & lori, if you're too tired to work out, don't. your body is telling you something. I took 2 rest days and felt better and didn't get a dreaded "travel related" head cold. I did gain 2 lbs despite my best efforts though. blast it! back on vegies again.

we did a 25 m ride, I did treadmill, upper body, and core, and yesterday we did a fabulous hike. just lovely, stunning. a busy place because probably just 24 hours before the weather takes a turn. it was extremely windy and is a very steep trail. we saw a mountain goat and loads of ptarmigan including one with a crew of 4 baby birds following their mother. they are still brown and don't turn white until snow is closer.

deb sorry about your aunt but it sounded like it was time and it's best not to drag it out. glad your little guy is back to normal. amazing what a little rehydration will do! we haven't heard from the rent a car place but I don't know how fast the process works. I will never! let them off without documenting even minor scratches. I have pics but mostly you see the areas of the car where the scratches are , can't see the scratches. they were not deep and obvious.

we are getting ready to leave ( finally) and I might not be around for a while.
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Good evening ladies!

This morning I did t25 bonus core cardio. And walked chester tonight. No swim for him since wanted to get home before it started to get dark. :(

I finally felt normal today! No more going out during the week. Takes too much out of me!

Deb...will be thinking of you this weekend.

Valerie...I love reading about all your excursions! I think it is so great that you and your husband constantly are on the go. I am sure those two pounds will melt right off.

Hi to Judy, Josie, Lynda and Cathy!
Good morning all,

My cousin and I were doing the Alzheimer's Walk this morning but she decide a the last minute that she didn't want to do it...and it is raining anyway so maybe a good thing we aren't doing it. Things are crazy for her right now...relatives from out of town all calling and coming in etc.

Will be with the family most of the weekend, I have Monday off for the funeral....

Take care,
Good morning ladies!

Rainy here this morning. No real plans today. DH and I are planning to watch the Pats game at 1pm so this will be our day.

Yesterday I did two t25 workouts followed by LBB (no floor work). Then spent the day with my son's girlfriend. Love her and had a great time. With Nicholas gone we plan to meet up once a month. Next month the plan is to spend the day at the local outlet stores.

Deb...enjoy this much needed day with your family.

Chat with you all tomorrow!
howdy, thanks for the welcome back! yes, i was getting ready to move, we lived in the same house for 28 yrs, and just moved in july of 2012. i was very sad. it has been a hard adjustment. we are still in tx, only moved about 25 miles away from old house. was just hard to leave after all that time, and i moved into a house half the size of my old one. it has been very interesting! so, still working on this place. trying to get a barn up for my horses, and that is taking forever. hubby finally got the fencing done. hugh job as we now have 30 acres. he worked hard on it. the good thing about the new place is it is only about 12 min. from my grands, so i like that. anyhoo, just an update.

today i did cathe's new x-train low impact HiiT. great workout! only one i have of her new ones.
hmm, still don't understand why my new picture doesn't come up. guess i'll try again
rats, cannot get the profile picture to change. it keeps saying it failed. any ideas , anyone? i am not very computer savvy
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hmm, still don't understand why my new picture doesn't come up. guess i'll try again
rats, cannot get the profile picture to change. it keeps saying it failed. any ideas , anyone? i am not very computer savvy

Hi Cathy,

Are you trying to change your avatar photo? There is a size limit of 80 x 80 pixels or 19.5 kb, so it might be that the photo you are trying to add is too large and needs to be resized. That's the only thing I can think of.


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