Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/15


Good morning all,

Well we finally "Q'd" ( got a qualifying score towards our title). 1 out of 4 is better than none.

Lori, I'm with you on the dancy step workouts, I already promised both of them to a friend as well as the Spin one to Josie. I am looking forward to the X-10 ones. Yes, Keegan is a clown sometimes:rolleyes:.

Josie, Melrose sounds like fun. Did you buy anything?

Judy, you do need a break, and should take one without feeling guilty. Maybe your body is telling you to take a day off from workouts, and everything. Go somewhere nice for lunch, see a movie etc. Or just go to a park and read a book. :)

I hope to start back with a workout today, but nothing appeals. Maybe a short KCM. Then lots of HouseMax. Back to reality.

Take care,
Good afternoon ladies!

It is so beautiful here today. Yesterday I did LBB again followed by xtrain bis and tris. I'll have to say LBB is turning into a favorite of mine right up there with butts and guts!

This morning I did 60 mins of p90x yoga. This workout is 90 mins which is too long for me to do yoga. So i cut it to 60 mins to keep my interest. I am going to try and do yoga once a week. Valerie you have inspired me! I alos have Cathe's yoga max. Valerie do you have this one and what are your thoughts!

We just had a late lunch so now off to walk chester!

Deb...yeah on getting qualified!!!! That is great! I was waithcing the x10 video clip and really liking what I see.

Judy...yes it would do you good to take a break and get some me time in. When my mom was terminally ill I was going 24/7 in all different directions. My husband forced me every couple of weeks to take a break and let my brother take over for a day or two. It was hard but I did agree a break was needed.

Enjoy the beautiful afternoon ladies!

Chat with you all tomorrow!
I'm back, briefly. Hi all! so glad I'm done with the wedding/ lake Tahoe. Not my kind of place. lots of natural beauty there but busy busy ... nothing but hotels/motels/casinos/restaurants/ and people people people. and we think budget car rental is going to try to ding us for car damage ( minor scratches) on the car when we rented. I pointed the scratches out to the attendant... he told us only dents matter and these weren't dents... I took pics in the parking garage before we left , but they are acting like because I didn't get the employees name that it doesn't matter. I don't get it... they don't know who is working in their garage on a specific day and time? I don't think so! How can you tell when a cell phone pic was taken? does it show somewhere on the pic? if so, I can't find it on my android phone. we have called and complained to the managers as soon as we arrived home but they did not seem responsive.

Is there a clip I missed showing keegan doing doggie things? where is it? guess I'll look at last weeks thread....

Not to keep beating the same drum... Judy, was that the most complete explanation of the health care system problems you've ever read ?... I will say( trying not to be too political) that for a certain % of people the health care system here works very very well. but there are vast numbers of others who are victimized by it.... who need to declare bankruptcy because of needing care and having no choice, or just forgoing needed care until they need to go to the ER. we are not a 3rd world country and a massive number of citizens can't afford to get sick or afford basic treatment, medical and dental. or end up paying for a trip to the ER for years and years to pay inflated medical bills. because if they don't have insurance, they are billed at the rates we see before our insurance adjusts the amount downward and (maybe) covers that reduced amount . I have people in my family like this. it's not something the media makes up. and the executives and CEO's of especially "non profit" hospitals ("non profits" do not pay taxes) are paying themselves and their cronies millions every year. our paper ran a list of the salaries of the CEO's of the local medical institutions and the least one was making was 1.2 million a year. and that's just one guy!

Lori, I do not have cathe's yoga workout. I don't find yoga intuitive at all and didn't do well alone. I've done better with a class. plus, it's a social thing for me too. after I retired I needed social sorts of things without DH.

I am exhausted today and may do a light weight workout later. traveling wears me down to a frazzle. Judy, give yourself a day off to do something fun or just do nothing at all.
Hi Everyone,

This morning I did a 45 minute Spinerval workout. I didn't do too much else the rest of the day. My allergies started bothering me last night-I think I inhaled an overdose of pollen working on FIL's yard yesterday. I did have a little talk with DH today and I may take a break from going over there, just for a week or two.

Deb-I agree, I think my body is telling me to take a rest day. I have a new Spinerval training program coming up starting September 30th and I want to be up for it, so I'm going to take a few rest/easy days before then.
I have been downloading books to my Kindle and have quite a lot of reading to get caught up on too. I'm hoping the weather warms up enough next week that I can sit outside and read.

Lori-Great job on all the workouts you've been doing!
It must have been very difficult for you when your mother was ill :(

Valerie- yes, that article was a very comprehensive explanation of the health care problems we have in this country. I agree with you completely.

Hi to Josie and Lynda,

Good morning,

I did KCM's Power Sculpting yesterday, and it felt good. I have a very sick dog, Keegan woke up yesterday would not eat or drink all day. He took a couple pieces of boiled chicken and immediately vomited. I have him ice chips to try to keep him hydrated. Then around 9:00 pm he drank some water, and John and I were happy that at least he was getting some liquid. Around 1:00 am I heard him drinking again and went back to sleep. At 2:00 am, he was vomiting all over the bedroom, horrible stuff. I took him downstairs and he did it again around 3:30...he is also quivering when he is lying he is in pain. I am calling the vet as soon as they open hope to take him right in. Also, they told my cousin last night that my aunt has "hours" now. It could happen any time.

Valerie, I bet you are glad to be home. We went through Lake Tahoe when we drove to Reno from Saratoga one time. No dog video's yet. John wasn't there to tape when he did the good run, but a friend did. She said she would burn it on a DVD and send it to me or bring to John's office. She is a patient and also shows a terrier in agility.

Lori, I agree with you...P90X Yoga was waaay too long. I viewed it, I think, but never actually did it. I have not even viewed Cathe's yoga workouts, but plan to some day.

Judy, glad you are going to take a break. Reading in nice weather outside is great! Speaking of reading, there was a thread on the Open forum about the book "Outlander". Did anyone read it? I requested the e-book from the library. It is not what I usually read but all the good reviews made me want to try it. I guess it is a series with 8 of them so far.

Hi to Josie, and Lynda,

Take care,
Deb-so sorry about your aunt :(

I hope Keegan is ok, poor boy :( Hopefully you can get him right into the vet.

Will be thinking about you today..take care

Good afternoon ladies!

Slept in this morning. Did not sleep well at all. When the alarm went off I immediately reset it for another hour.

Not sure what the T25 w/o was this morning but plan to do it tonight. After I walk Chester. If I walk him first as soon as I get home then there is still plenty of sunlight. Otherwise doing it after I am walking when it is dusk and the crazy drivers are too much for me.

Wow I am feeling the Yoga from yesterday. Felt great doing it now just keeping up with it.

Deb...I am so sorry about your Aunt. Even though we knew it was coming it is still so hard when it is here. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And so sorry about Keegan. Hoping he feels better soon. Breaks my heart when our doggies are sick. They can't tell us what is wrong.

Valerie..welcome back! I know you will be off again soon. perhaps the next trip will not be so crowded. That stinks about Budget. Hate when crap like this happens. Let us know how you make out.

Judy...set back and enjoy a good book. I love my Kindle. I have I think the first 4 of the Outlander books but have not started them yet. I am almost done with Helter Skelter. perhaps these will be next.

About to look at the clip for legs and abs. Getting very excited!

Have a great day all.

hi to Josie and Lynda!
Deb, hope your little guy is OK and that it's not passed to your other doggie.

well, it gets even better.... when I tried to use our main credit card this morning, it wouldn't work. called cust service and apparently our number was stolen, likely at the reno airport. we only used it at budget. we used it in only a few spots on this trip in contrast to our usual. it was fairly easy to narrow it down. getting new cards wed. we will be watching like hawks for anything else "funny". so far this has been a seriously lousy trip. It even occurred to me that the reason the budget employee told us "small scratches didn't matter" was that maybe he's the one who scraped the car ... and we were tired and in a hurry and didn't walk back inside and get it written on the rental contract.
No change on my aunt, I went last night, she is holding on to this world for some reason. Well we think Keegan ate some know the white stuff that comes in potted plants with the dirt? He has a habit of eating dirt, don't ask me why, and they said they saw some small stone like things in the x-ray, in his colon and small intestine, similar to kitty litter, but she said she knows it wasn't that because we don't have a cat. That is the only thing we can think of. There was a pot that had tipped over and some of the dirt was on the patio...dumb and lazy me did not clean it all well...

Lori, I just got notice from the library that the Outlander e-book is ready to download. Did you read the thread on it in the Open forum? This is not my usual type of read, but so many like it that I thought I would get it from the library. That is what I love about the e-readers. I can get a new book to read at 10:00 pm on a Sunday night without moving from my computer desk! Hope you start to sleep better....I like the looks of the new Lean Legs/Abs workout, kind of reminds me of the moves that KCM does in her workouts.

Valerie, that is horrible about your credit card, and the Budget fiasco with the scratches. We always use Budget, it had to be that employee. Where do you think your card was compromised? Did the credit card company put a freeze on it? That is awful. Happened to me before, when DSW Shoes computer system was hacked and they stole thousands of credit card info.

Hi to Judy, Josie and Lynda,

Work, ugh. Then hopefully picking Keegan up today.
Hi Ladies,

Yesterday i did the express premix from muscle endurance 50 minutes and today I'm going spinning.

Deb, sorry to hear about your aunt and Keegan.

Valerie, sorry about all your troubles. My DD debit card was compromised and they drained her account completely. My DH and I think it's an inside job at the bank because it happened to our account twice before. Regarding the car, my DH always checks it and gets the check out persons name and makes him or her sign it before we leave the lot.

Lori, yoga gives you a very good upper body workout. I used to get sore every time:)

Judy, I'm glad you are taking a break. Enjoy!

Deb, just when you think your doggie is almost human, they go and eat something disgusting! dirt or some kind of poop. hope he's doing better. Josie, I've heard that more often about debit cards I think because they get used so often when you're in line at groceries etc where other people normally would be close by and can observe without you feeling crowded. my neighbor just got scammed like that 2 months ago but her losses were minor and covered by the bank.

I feel stupid because both DH and I know better about rental cars. I've always made them put the damage down on paper before. all I can say is we were tired, in a hurry and they were such minor scratches that we just believed the guy when he said "it's fine, they're not dents". I'm glad I took pics ( at least I had the sense to do that) but the scratches were so faint they barely show up. at any rate, they show that I saw damage and show the areas of the car I took pics of. I did not just take a pic of the whole car but 3 specific areas.
the cc# is just as aggravating. our account was blocked by the bank immediately when they got an inquiry for info from a known fraud number in another state. so there are no fraudulent charges or any other difficulties, but we will need to reset all the autopay accounts and will have to wait a couple days til the card is here, when we planned on being gone already. plus, now I'll need to memorize the new number. we'd had that # for decades. I am highly suspicious of the Budget card swiper. we simply didn't use the card much. did not use it anywhere else in the airport either here before we left, nor when we arrived. didn't use a cash machine. paid cash for most things this trip because a lot of the meals were included. we don't gamble. met some people for a meal in Harveys but BIL picked that one up since we only had coffee. didn't need to use it for the motel because I'd booked it months ago so they already had the number. and and never took it out. so I am thinking by elimination, that it must have happened with the budget swiper or employee.

we are stuck here for another 2 days. I am (in a way) glad because we might have left without realizing our account was closed and ended up many miles from home before realizing our card didn't work. traveling, we use the card mainly for gas and I don't want to carry that much cash. I hate to get a second credit card just to cover this kind of situation... plus if you have 2 cards, if your wallet was stolen or lost, you'd have 2x as much to deal with and give crooks 2 cards to go nuts with. we also have an Amex card but it's not as widely usable as visa or MC. any ideas?
Good morning,

I am up early, could not sleep any longer but do not want to do anything but sit here and think. With a cup of coffee of course. I picked up Keegan yesterday, he is doing ok, but is pretty weak from all the stuff that was going on in his system and not eating for 2 days. Hopefully he will perk up today. Dogs. "Gotta love em'"

Josie, sounds like your foot ok with doing weight work, so you are just not able to do the high impact cardio. Muscle Endurance is one of my favorite ones to go to when I want to do a total body workout.

Valerie, yes, good thing you didn't leave with that card! That would have been awful. Hey you are both retired now, what is a couple of days waiting? LOL

Hi to Judy, Lori and Lynda,

Work, then agility class tonight,

Take care,
We should have a replacement card today. I truly wonder what is the best way to approach this. if something happened in the middle of a trip what are your options? and the more I think about it, the more likely it seems that's when it's most likely to happen. trying to write a check out of town seldom is OK( campgrounds sometimes) I sure don't want to carry that much cash. we usually have 2 credit cards and a debit card. I don't use debit much because ( like several of you mentioned) those seem to get stolen most often. each gas stop for the truck/camper is about $100.

I know for sure this was not due to carelessness on our part. but after something happens, do you panhandle your way home??

Deb, sounds like he'll be Ok as soon as he gets rehydrated and starts eating again.... probably needs a good nights sleep too. I don't think animals get much rest at either kennels or veterinary hospitals. unfamiliar....all kinds of barking and meowing. any time I've spent a night in a hospital, I came home exhausted from zero sleep. I don't think dogs would be any different. did they give him some IV fluids?

Josie you will slowly regain lost strength. . it's amazing how not using a body part normally for a few weeks weakens it.

forgot to say, went to yoga yesterday then did 25 on treadmill followed by half of bi's and tris, plus core 1. dinner interfered with finishing the upper body, didn't plan well enough.
Last edited:
AWOL for a long time

hi all, yeh , i know i havent' been here for awhile. lots of life going on. is anyone here that i know? what happened to the over 50 check-in? anyhoo, i have the best of intentions of checking in occasionally, but just don't seem to make it. hi to all of you
Good morning,

My aunt passed away yesterday, she is finally in peace. Keegan is doing better, he is eating, perking up a little.

Valerie, I agree with you on debit cards. I think they are more easily compromised, but not sure why. I guess I read that somewhere. Do you think the car rental place is going to charge you for a couple of scratches that you have a pic of from before you took the car? I would tell them that, ( is there a date and time on the pic?) they start down that road. Yes Keegan was on IV's...very dehydrated. That was the main reason they took him in and had him stay overnight.

Cathy, Welcome Back! It has been a while. Not sure what happened to the "50 & Over" thread. That was started and kept up by Joan, who used to post here when you did. Lynda (Garance) is taking a break while she is doing some writing, but Valerie, Josie and I are still here, and we have a couple of great new posters, Lori & Judy. Hope all is well with you. I think you were in the process of moving when you posted here last. How did that go? Are you still doing the Firm workouts?

Hi to Josie, Lori, Judy and Lynda,

Take care,
Hi Ladies,

I will be spinning this evening. Yesterday I did muscle endurance and let me tell you! My muscles were fried ;)

Deb, may your aunt rest in peace. I'm glad Keegan is doing better.

Cathy, welcome back!

HI to Lori, Valerie and Judy.

Hi Everyone,

I've been taking it easier this week. I have a hard time taking total rest days so I've just been cutting back on duration and intensity. I've been riding my spinning bike most mornings, but no more than 45 minutes or so. Today I didn't even do that. I've also been doing some short strength and core sessions, nothing very challenging. I might stay on this plan another week, as I am actually starting to feel better and more rested. I'm even sleeping a little better too. I think I might have been overtraining a little.

Deb-I'm glad Keegan is better!

Josie-have fun spinning!

Cathy-Hi, nice to meet you :)

Hi to Lynda, Valerie and Lori!

Good evening ladies,

Deb, I am so sorry to hear of your aunts passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Very glad Keegan is feeling better too. What a scare.

Hi to Cathy! Nice to meet you!

I have not worked out in two days. Very unusual for me. Went out Tuesday night with a group of friends and did not get home until 11:30. Wow I am old because it took me two days to recover!! I just could not get up and workout the past two days. I did walk chester yesterday but that was it. Tomorrow I plan to get back into it and in the next few days I need to fit in the t25 workouts that I have missed. This week will be the end of the beta phase. After this weekend I will be ready to start all of Cathe's new workouts. After looking at the kickbox one I think this one may be the first one I do!

Judy...glad you are taking it easier. I know it is hard to do with all you have going on.

Josie...Good job on the muscle endurance! I bet your muscles are fried!!!! Sounds like you are really coiming along now and before you know it you'll be back to T25! I am just about finished with the beta phase. I have the gamma but will wait on this and do at anothe time.

Valerie...that would have been horrible if you were already on your trip and then discovered your card was declined becuase of fraudulent use! This would have been a nightmare! This has taught me a lesson to always bring two cards going on vacation. Like you we use one card but also have Amex's. Even though amex is not widely accepted it will still be a good back up card!!!!

Have a great night ladies!

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