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Good morning. I’ll get us started today. This morning I did a yoga workout that is similar to Yin Yoga. I did Tamal Dodge Yoga for Energy and Relaxation, the Relaxation program. It was 39 minutes and 47 calories burned.

Deb, I hope that you are okay. I suspect that you might have had a power outage.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Cardio HiiT and Abs Finisher. It’s always fun to get new workouts. I’m sure that you will enjoy them.

Valerie, nice job with Rev’d Up Rumble + Abs. You are great with doing frequent Ab workouts. I have a gas cooktop and electric oven, and I prefer that. I like the immediate control of temperatures that gas provides.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, Lori, and Christina.
This morning I did Fit Tower Legs, Glutes and Core. I'd forgotten how much I like that one. Though it did leave me wondering why the heck I thought it would be a good idea to core two days in a row. The muscles over my ribcage were already complaining from yesterday.

Carolyn all your yoga is inspiring me. A week from today will be my first day at home with the boys at college, and since I'll be able to work out earlier I'm going to add some yoga/stretching every day.

I did a search for the Compendium-what an amazingly thorough document. The one my search found went through Fit Splits. I downloaded it to my laptop so I can use it for reference. I have this crazy idea to spend next year working through all the workouts. Planning to redo my one rep maxes the end of December and do STS in January. I tend to always grab my favorites, which means that certain types of workouts rarely happen. The compendium will be invaluable in organizing it all.


Cathy, is that the compendium that describes the workouts in detail? It is very thorough. There is another one with worksheets for the strength programs that goes up to Flex Train. That one is called worksheet compendium on the cover page.


Good morning. we did our weekly sunday bike ride, 25 miles in about 2 hours 7 min. a lovely morning, and traffic light. had to stop a few times for big trucks since potato harvest is in full swing now. I wear screaming yellow but I take zero chances around big trucks where we might be too small to see easily. there are times we are on the "wrong" side of the road briefly to avoid left turns across multiple lanes. I don't want to get squashed by a turning potato truck.

Carolyn, thanks for starting us. the ideal cooking combination, lucky you.
the compendium I used was by firmbeliever. ( thank you for it in case you happen upon this thread) it included Flex train. most of the newer workouts I had decent worksheets for, but using x-train lately, my sheets were scribbled on, many small print. it really slows things down if I have to find readers every few moves. I only print workouts using weights and record weight only when I change them. I tossed a lot of disorganized paper yesterday.
I like ab workouts a lot. I haven't done the pikes Cathy mentioned in ages. did Coremax so many times I got sick of it and that was the only one I remember that had pikes. levitation holds.... I never budged off the ground. Ive thought about using a non roll dumbbell to assist. my reasoning is my arms are just too short!

off to do groceries. we are getting our roads repaved tomorrow so not a good day to drive if not necessary.



Today I did LIVE Burn Sets Chest, Back & Shoulders 52 minutes, 256 calories. I am way behind reading posts from last week! The days just got away from appointment, mammogram, dogs grooming day...

Carolyn, nice job on the yoga workout. I had never heard of that style before. Sorry about your next door neighbor.

Cathy, good job on the Fit Tower workout. Thanks for posting the link to the compendium. You have a great plan for workouts in the upcoming months! That was nice that your vet took care of the kitten right away and spayed her as well. Chester Fred sounds like a hoot!

Diane Sue, How is Gertie doing? I wonder if it was the heartworm meds that made her get sick. We switched to one that is topical instead of taken orally. Thought we would try that, especially with all the digestive issues we have had the last few months. what is an egg weight?

Lori, glad you got through that outage/storm okay.

Valerie, nice ride! Even with the potato trucks! LOL...That near accident sounds scary!

Judy, your workout area looks great!

Take care,


Cathy I didnt even look at the in depth compendium you have a link to. I just looked now, and what an amazingly complete document. all I wanted was the worksheets for workouts that use weights. yes, the same person. I'm wondering if she did worksheets for the newer workouts too? I'll bet she did. the ones I have are Ok but if I need new copies I will look at her first. everything printed nicely, big enough print, both sides of the paper and in color. older ones I had trouble with formatting with some working Ok and others being really teensy or weird spacing , that kind of thing.

Deb, they are big open back trucks like dump trucks. sometimes potatoes bounce and fly off. you do not want to get hit by a flying potato, or hit a potato on the road. much bigger than a pebble!


Good morning,

Today I did ICE Low Impact Sweat, TS premix with cardio 1 and stretch, 29 minutes, 183 calories.

Valerie, YIKES! Flying potatoes!!!

Diane Sue, looked up egg weights on Amazon....?? what is the point of these? 2 -8 oz weights for $30?

Hello to everyone! Have a great week!
This morning I did Pyramid Upper Body. Shall we say it was a very humbling experience. By the time I got from light to heavy on the chest before even starting back down, I had to admit I wasn't ready to do the whole thing and switched to doing the Down Pyramid premix. Clearly when it comes to upper body I have a LOT of ground to recover still.

Valerie flying potatoes would not be fun. Around here we basically just have grain crops unlike other areas of the state and having a bit of grain come at you is very different than projectiles!

Deb I find it so easy to lose track of time these days. Here we are mid-August and it seems like yesterday was mid-March. Great job on the workouts.

Boys are off to work, they both only have one more day after this, so it's a week of packing. Kids have started arriving back to campus and to their apartments in town. Yesterday they said they've done 3800 tests so far, gotten 900 results and 5 positives (none of whom live on campus.) Mine will be moving in on the next to the last day they can, and may not have their tests back in time to go to classes in person next Monday and Nick won't be able to work there until he gets his result. Being rather over the top on organizing, I have written out detailed instructions for them to get there. It's actually quite simple, but they've never paid attention and often sleep part of the drive. Once you get to the UP there are two ways to go. The way I prefer is the one with less traffic, though being tourist season it won't be as light as it is off season. If they just set their GPS it will take them the other way. Far more insane drivers on US-2 along the bottom, it's two lane and I've seen so many near head-on collisions with people passing on curves on that stretch and stopped going that way a few years ago. The other way is also two lane, but has less traffic in general. It's going to be an interesting trip up. I'll be about an hour behind them if they need anything.


The drivers are careful but potatoes are round and can get airborne. we've never had any close calls but usually we see potatoes along side of the road away from just harvested fields. they got there somehow. one could take out a windshield so caution is best.

cathy does your map program show alternate routes? if I put in the start point and where I want to go it shows alternates, sometimes multiple ones. pick the route you want, click on it, like "avoiding freeways", etc. I check it against a "real" map. there have been some massive glitches on map programs...... the mountain west is still evolving. kids unfortunately rely 100% on the map on their phones and have no idea of where they are actually going. DH and I are older and wiser about electronic glitches, learning the hard way a few times.
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This morning I did RWH Upper Body Circuit for 50 minutes and 337 calories burned. Average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 153.

Deb, I’m glad that you weren’t experiencing a prolonged power outage. It’s easy to lose track of time. Nice work with Live Burn Sets C/B/S and Low Impact Sweat timesaver. In Yin Yoga the poses are held for longer, sometimes 3-5 minutes.

Cathy, great job with Pyramid Upper Body. Yes, it gets really hard when you start back down the pyramid! I will often choose the up only premix. I’m sure that your sons are excited about move in day.

Hello to Diane Sue, Judy, Valerie, Lori, and Christina.


Hi Everyone,

Saturday I did a 60 minute Peloton Ride and a 10 minute Peloton Arm Toning workout. Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton Ride and today I did Live #50, Muscle Max, No Step. I've been trying out the egg weights for arm toning and I really like them. They are expensive but I think I will get a lot of use out of them. I'm looking forward to trying them out in a boxing workout.

Deb-Thanks! We are really happy with the new bench and weights. Great job with ICE Low Impact Sweat!

Carolyn-great job with RWH Upper Body Circuit! That is a tough one!

Valerie-I never even thought about potatoes flying off of trucks. That's a little scary.

Diane Sue-I was surprised how quickly the egg weights got here. I was expecting it to take a week, the way USPS has been lately.

Cathy-Nice job with Pyramid Upper Body! My upper body isn't as strong as I would like either. I have some work to do in that area too.

Hi to Lori & Christina!


Flying potatoes are uncommon, but we ride roads that circle around and thru potato fields. they go to warehouses after harvest to get "processed". I don't want to give you the idea open back trucks of potatoes are roaring up and down the freeways! these are little farm roads. we still stay alert, riding over a potato might tip a bike just like a big rock. we have seen potatoes go airborne before but its not common.

I will look at the egg weights. my weighted gloves don't work for boxing, the weight in the glove yanks the velcro apart in < a minute. I never bought boxing gloves.

Cathy we have a road atlas for areas we drive thru. there are several brands, Delorme is one. they are 1000x better than GPS for alternate roads and campgrounds, and to get a bigger picture of where you are going without losing all the detail as happens when you expand/contract a phone map. the best example I can give is when a wildfire pops up near a hwy especially in areas where cell coverage is spotty or weak. a detailed road atlas or map is vastly better. happened to us several times with wildfires. road closures due to bad wrecks, storms, where the hwy is closed for hours. I like electronics as much as the next person, but many times paper is more detailed and has much more information.


Today I did RWH Lower Body Circuit for 47 minutes and 272 calories burned. My average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 141.

Judy, great job with the Peloton rides and Peloton Toning. I will be interested to see what you think of the egg weights. The RWH Circuits do have tough cardio segments, but I modify to low impact, as usual. I like doing them occasionally.

Valerie, I like the Road atlas too. We don’t travel much these days, but I still like to look through it for locations that I come across. I am very curious about new places and what are nearby locations. Mine is from 2003, so it might be time to update.

Diane Sue, where are you this week?

Hello to Deb, Cathy, Lori, and Christina.


there is much more info on road atlases compared to GPS. I am the main "navigator", DH drives. if theres a problem, it's my job to figure it out. a brushfire can close a freeway without warning, as can a vehicle fire. happened to us twice last summer. a route around the closure depends on destination. those alternates aren't usually well marked. GPS works well on major roads as long as nothing is closed down, and in city traffic but rural areas,,,, not so much. we have gotten some incredibly bad options show up on GPS, once a "route" to our MT house that's impassable in winter. besides, Cathy kids should know how to read maps. even if its not their first choice, they should know how . like doing simple math without a calculator.

I looked at egg weights. not so sure. why are they better than a weighted glove or a small dumbbell?


Today I did Rock'm Sock'm, Premix 6, with the Blizzard Blast, Muscle Meltdown Triceps and Icy Core 1. I went light on the muscle meltdown as my arms were still a little sore from yesterday. I used the egg weights for the punching combos.

Valerie-I have weighted gloves and also a set of 1 lb hand weights. The weighted gloves have never really felt that comfortable to me, so I don't use them often. The hand weights work well for boxing. The thing I like about the egg weights is that they are so small that I barely notice them.

Carolyn-I really like the egg weights for boxing. I think they would work well for indoor walks and toning workouts too. I've always felt a bit of a dread factor with the RWH Circuits. That probably means I need to do them more often.

Hi to Deb, Diane Sue, Cathy, Lori & Christina,


Did stacked upper body yesterday right before dinner. that is one of the most efficient workouts! when I want upper body done in a short time frame, it works best.

where is everyone? Diane sue?
I will look closer at hand weights. weighted glove is OK for adding a pound but don't work for me for boxing. I have some weights that came with the treadmill that might work but I never tried them for boxing.

a very rough night. there was some idiot shooting a large caliber weapon last night. started and stopped a number of times. around 6 pm at first. I hate to call 911 for useless things, but finally at 10 pm I called. the dispatcher could hear the shots while I was talking to him. one of our neighbors thinks shooting a weapon in the dark with houses all around is a fun activity. what is the matter with some people! cant tell what house because of the weird way sound can travel, and we are all on 5 acres with a lot of trees so cant see the flashes.


This morning I did Cardio Party. That was 39 minutes and 271 calories burned. Average heart rate was 126 and maximum heart rate was 141.

Judy, great workout with Rock’m Sock’m Blizzard Blast, Muscle Meltdown Triceps, and Icy Core 1.

Valerie, nice workout with Stacked Sets Upper Body. That’s too bad about the neighbor shooting during the night. How annoying.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.
Yesterday I did Kick Max the Low Impact premix and then today I did Butts and Guts Lower Body Blast. Years ago I actually wrote out by hand the list of exercises in that one. It's low weights and no weights and a number of the exercises repeat, but I end up a sweaty mess at the end. I watch the list while I'm doing it to reassure myself that yes it will end. LOL

No workouts for me till Sunday now. Tomorrow I shop, Friday I'm on the road all day and Saturday I'll be coming back and hopefully getting in some baby mountain climbing and walking on my way home.

Valerie no backroads on this trip. It's all US and State highways, so even if they go the wrong way they can't really get off track, just crazier drivers and more construction. Somewhere I think I still have county maps for pretty much every county in the UP. Back in the 80's my boyfriend and I would do some backroad cruising up there. I will never forget 4 wheeling in a small Mazda in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Only time in my life I about had my head hit the ceiling with a seatbelt on and drove over a bridge over a river that was just some planks. Finally reached a point where there was too much water over the road and if we got stranded we were miles from civilization. We did see a Momma bear with twins and some turtles laying eggs in the sand in the middle of the road! And I always check out a location ahead of time and check out the satellite view for details. Too many years of travel baseball to places where the field was technically at an address but hidden from view.

Carolyn great job on the workouts! RWH has some great workouts.

Judy how much do you have to grip the egg weights? I'm afraid they would trigger my carpal tunnel. I've never done the Blizzard Blasts or the Muscle Meltdowns and I really should.

Valerie I hate when people are shooting out here and where I live it's a couple times a week occurrence. Target practice mostly, or people shooting raccoons or other things they deem undesirable. There's a coyote hunter around, so a couple year ago they killed the coyotes and what happens-the raccoons greatly overpopulate and eat everyone's chickens. The same reason they killed the coyotes who kept the raccoons in check. Deer season brings it out full force and for fun Michigan allows night hunting of certain animals. Why anyone would want to be out with guns in the dark is beyond me. Had some night hunting going on a last week. Stacked upper body is a great workout!


Cathy, the egg weights have a finger loop so you don't have to grip them too tightly. I can see that being an issue though, so I will have to watch out for that and see if they start bothering me.

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