Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/16/2024

Good morning. did a hike today, 4.5 hours. a stiff climb up to 8300 feet. not in the park. its way busy now. wildflowers were great. weather is not doing to be good the next 2 days with rain wind and possible snow. didnt see many animals today some elk, pronghorns, but on the hike tons of tracks and poop. plus a very fresh grizzle track. we were on our way out at that point. there was a muddy spot by a creek where the track was but nothing showed up in the dryer areas.
Today I did did part of IMAX 2, combos 1-5. That was 30 minutes and 179 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 149. I’m very cautious with step workouts these days but I love IMAX 2.

Valerie, great job with the 4.5 hours hike with that elevation.

Hello to Judy, Diane Sue, and Cathy. Have a great day everyone.
Yesterday I did a mix of XTrain's AOLIH with some floor, cardio and discs, today I did S&S Ramped Up Upper Body. Definitely things I wasn't matching her in weight. Got our reservations for Cleveland. I believe last we talked Derek wants to drive down Thursday, and then be there right when they open Friday, and go quickly to the area he wants to film. It's going to be hot and by late morning a lot of animals will be napping. It's also going to be a bit cooler Friday. We've got heat warnings all week, which here means it's over 90. We actually have the same high today as Nick.

Valerie Sounds like quite the hike you had yesterday. Do you make noise when you are hiking? I know when my sister goes by herself she'll sometimes take bells depending on where she's going.

Carolyn great job with IMAX 2. I've been thinking about doing that one again.
I need to get caught up on posting my workouts. Thursday and Saturday were rest days. Friday I did Live PHA Pump & Burn Express #1. Yesterday I did Live PHA Super Sets, No Repeats and 15 minutes of rowing. Today I did a 45 minute row, 15 minutes of Peloton cool down rides and XTrain Burn Sets Shoulders.

Carolyn-Great job with your yoga/mobility work and IMAX 2, combos 1-5.

Valerie-Great job with the 4.5 hour hike.

Cathy- Great job with your mix of XTrain AOLIH and S&S Ramped Up Upper Body. I am amazed at how much weight Cathe can lift for upper body.

Hi to Diane Sue
Today I did CDorner Sculpt Your Glutes and Abs, 33 minutes, 90 calories, heart rate 97/143. I then did Raw Shadow Boxing 2 using 2# dumbbells, 18 minutes, 83 calories, heart rate 119/141. I ended with Yoga with Adriene yoga for calves, 23 minutes, 36 calories and Quad Release yoga, 17 minutes, 25 calories. I have done her yoga a few times in the past. I came across her on Chris Kresser's website when he mentions he uses her yoga. It felt really good other than lots of on my hands on the calf one. She does do some interesting things as far as checking alignment and adding a little extra to standard moves. My right calf and hip flexor is so tight all of the time. I kept working on my calf this morning when I got up. I cannot do a single leg calf raise with that side anymore unless I am holding on to something with both hands.
such weird weather. it was so hot and now its snowing around the area. none right here but plenty of areas got some snow today with more overnight. switched clothes back to winter to go to the park hopefully early. the odd weather might make more critters visible during the morning hours. might slow down the visitor load there too. more bear reports near our house. one neighbor a few houses down saw a bear cross their lot this morning, and another neighbor came across a very fresh poop pile close by. hoping someone isn't being relaxed about their garbage or bird feeders or other animal feed.

cathy we sometimes carry bear bells but rely more on talking or snapping poles against each other. our bikes have bells and we converse loudly when walking thru certain areas. the risks are biggest near running water because that can overwhelm any noise we can make. if we can we have 3 or more people but that isnt always possible.
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Just finished IMAX 2 which has left me a sweaty mess. That 9th blast always kills me. I do wish the chapters on that one were like IMAX 3, so I could put together a step only workout, but the chapters are the combo plus blast. Plus it was already 75 when I woke up this morning. And at 10:15 it's already 80. Huge dislike! I don't see how people do it who live where it's this level of hot and hotter for long periods. There was a time when I matched Cathe for height of step in all things, but then a few years ago, it dawned on me that she's at least 4 inches taller than I am, so I started adjusting my step height for leg work and I use only the platform for step workouts, and I still generally have a higher step to height ratio.

Judy great job with Live PHA Pump & Burn Express #1, Live PHA Super Sets, No Repeats, rowing, Peloton rides and XTrain Burn Sets Shoulders.

Diane Sue great job with CDorner Sculpt Your Glutes and Abs, Raw Shadow Boxing and yoga.

Valerie I just can't imagine snow right now and it would be weird to go from warm to winter this time of year. Though parts of Michigan have gotten snow in I think all but one month, during those warmer months it was just flurries. But, other than June, July and August up north can get decent snowfalls.

Hi Carolyn.
Today I did STS 2 Upper Body 1, express premix. That was 60 minutes, 160 calories burned, average heart rate 104 and maximum heart rate 133.

Cathy, great job with AOLIH mix, Ramped Up Upper Body, and IMAX 2.

Judy, great job with PHA Pump and Burn Express, PHA Supersets No Repeats, rowing, Peloton rides, and XTrain Burn Sets Shoulders.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Sculpt Your Glutes and Abs, Raw Shadow Boxing, and Yoga with Adrienne.

Valerie, definitely strange weather. Above average temperatures followed by snow!

Have a good day everyone.
did a park drive this morning and yes there was noticeable snow. stuck around on anything above the soil surface. cold, 36 when we started out. saw a fair number of elk and elk babies, pronghorns, bison, bison babies. went walking and came up on sandhill cranes. I thought it would walk right up to me. just strutted toard me like a pterodactyl, got close and then walked off to its partner. didn't see any nesting activity. saw a bea while driving , a cinnamon black bear rubbing his back against a tree and then climbing up a ways . later we went off on a trail used mostly by animals (where we saw the crane) and then DH came up on a grizzly. I was a few feet behind and never saw him, but we headed back the way we came. nothing threatening but too close and the bear didn't try to leave. on the way back we watched pronghorns and found a mother with a baby. if you stay in the car they come pretty close. got a good video of the baby bouncing around, nursing etc. Car works like a blind. if you were on foot or got out of the car, they are gone in a flash.

did therapy work yesterday and half of stacked upper body.
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This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one, 26 minute, 181 calories burned, 131 average heart rate, and 159 maximum heart rate.

Valerie, how great to see all of that wildlife during your drive. Nice job with your therapy work and Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Hello to Judy, Diane Sue, and Cathy.
Yesterday I did Live #318, Iron Legs (42 minutes) and 30 minutes of light rowing. Today I did 40 minutes of Peloton tabata and intervals rides.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner Sculpt Your Glutes and Abs, Raw Shadow Boxing 2 and Yoga with Adriene.

Cathy-Great job with IMAX 2. It has been so hot here this week! Hopefully we will get some relief next week.

Carolyn-Great job with the STS 2 Upper Body 1 express premix and KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one.

Valerie-Great job with Stacked Sets Upper and your therapy work.
I guess I forgot to post my workout yesterday:oops:
Today I did STS 2.0 Back and Biceps Mish Mosh 2, 62 minutes because of stops and changes, wish I could keep it at the 43 minutes it is supposed to be,143 calories, heart rate 91/133. I finished with CDorner Full Body Stretching with a strap or towel, 33 minutes, 41 calories.
Total time was 95 minutes, 183 calories.

Today I had to run to CVS after my husband left for work at 1, so just did CDorner Power Step/easy follow high intensity, 31 minutes, 166 calories, heart rate 133/176, 3,682 steps. I needed to wait till they were back for lunch at 2. This was mostly Prince music and easy to follow but did get the heart rate up pretty well. I have sketched out and transferred to another canvas to start another painting. So will be working on that this evening. Tomorrow's plan is mish mosh #1 for body parts chest and shoulders. I like both though. #1 does not have all of the band work, but it has all of the sets of dips. I am okay with either. Kind of have to be careful with the dips and going too low. A hospital pt sheet I have kept says not to go below 90 degrees on dips. They also say not to do overhead triceps and instead do kickbacks and press downs. I do those moves but am worried about heavy weights overhead at all.

Carolyn, nice work getting in STS 2 Upper Body 1, express premix yesterday and today's Cardio Quick Fix 1.

Cathy, nice work on IMAX 2. That 9th blast always took a lot out of me and I was so happy for the 10th one. Funny, I used to love to do the extreme hardcore ones a lot. I used to use 2 risers all of the time, but now usually use just 1. I am 5'4 so not that tall either. When she does step ups and lower body using the step, I go lower when I realized I was shorter. I like 80degree temps myself. It is the 90's and up that gets to me. If I remember right there is some premixes on the dvds. I should look.

Judy, great job on Live # 318 Legs and the 40 minute Peloton ride.

Valerie, I think I would be a little worried about going outdoors if there was a bear wandering around. Seeing all of the wildlife out and moving around would be so fun, from a distance though. Nice work getting therapy in as well along with half of Stacked Sets.
did a hike today but not the one we stated out to do. there was a truck parked in the middle of the road supplying a helicopter doing some aerial spraying of weeds. he wasnt moving and we didnt want to listen to the copter all day either and were not sure how far the hike was from the area being sprayed so we turned around and drove back to a hike closer to our houses since we already had driven some distance. not as good a hike but best we could do. 4 or us on this one. there is no other road to get where we intended to go. air temp was only 65 but we were cooking!. the sun is intense at higher elevation. this is the area that has the local grizzlies. there are bears everywhere here and I am ok with that. you could not go anywhere if you are are overly worried about bears. mostly they mind their business and we make enough noise so they can move away. I used to be afraid but have had enough bear encounters that I am respectful but not afraid. this was about 4 hours.
Today I did STS 2.0 Lower Body 1, 2 sets maximum. My time was 49 minutes with 184 calories burned. My average heart rate was 110 and maximum heart rate was 144.

Judy, great job with Live Iron Legs, light rowing, and Peloton Tabata and intervals.

Diane Sue, great job with STS 2.0 Back and Biceps Mish Mosh, CDorner full body stretching, and CDorner Power Step.

Valerie, nice job with your hike even though it wasn’t the planned location. I don’t blame you for choosing to go somewhere else.

Hello to Cathy.
taking the day off today. both of us are tired. did grocery shopping and laundry so not exactly nothing. the main thing about yesterday is we left early to get an early start before it warmed up. I do much better with temps in 50's and 40s. 65 is quite warm in the sun, downright hot. changing destinations put it into mid day sunny and way warm and a steep trail. plus some personal things going on with a close friends husband dying of pancreatic. i witnessed for him for lethal drugs if he needed. he very quickly deteriorated and probably will not be able to take them. he will probably pass today. I hope so. sad... I feel so bad for him. he wanted to avoid the pointless agony.
Today I did STS 2 Body Parts Mish Mosh #1 Chest and Triceps, 43 minutes, 90 calories, heart rate 85/117. Followed this with Yoga by Adriene, Upper Body (chest and Upper flow),22 minutes 34 calories. Total time 65 minutes, 124 calories. I used the cardio setting on my watch, but it makes little difference for me on calorie burns than when I do Strength. I think maybe the mish mosh 2 would have been better for my shoulders today. Now I need to clean house. I spent time this morning in the yard taking care of plants and weeds. It is overcast right now, but this weekend there is a chance it will get up to 100.
Today I did JS 15 Minute Fat Blaster which was 121 calories burned, average heart rate 139, and maximum heart rate 179. Then I did P30 Perfect Flow Mobility Basics for 31 minutes and 60 calories.

Valerie, I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s husband. That’s a very difficult situation.

Diane Sue, great job with STS 2.0 Body Parts Mish Mosh Chest and Triceps and Yoga with Adrienne.

Hello to Judy and Cathy.
we did a mt bike this morning in the area with the bear problems. been leery about riding there but it went fine. We call it a "road" but few would. it gets worse every year, more overgrown and bigger washouts, loose rocks. its 5 min from our house and has lovely views, a big creek and lots of wildlife. people go up road in late fall to hunt using ATVs and horses if they can find a place for horse trailers since there is no turn around spot. with all the bear issues, usage has dropped off a lot.
My friend's husband passed last night. not the way he intended but he did his best to save himself and especially his wife from the last bit of awfulness. I was going to help out. he was doing great before we left and no one expected things would change so quickly. there was a total turn around is less than 8 hours. pancreatic is awful and not predictable.
we are driving back tomorrow. need to take care of the garden, get some appts taken care of. we are going to try for more time here this summer.
I caved and ordered the new workout DVDs. I wont be able to pick whihc will work and whih wont without seeing them ad the pricing favors getting the whole set. I can't do most old DVDs anymore without a lot of modifications. too fast and full of impact. I'm getting a lot of exercise here. I did therapy work and Stacked upper body partially yesterday. the ride today was 2 hours and strenuous.

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