Pentagenarians & Beyond" W/B 5/12


Today I did Cardio Party plus Extended Stretch #1. Total time was 48 minutes and 293 calories burned. Average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 157. I had an early dental appointment after that.

Deb, where are you? Hope you are doing okay.

Judy, it sounds like your schedule might be getting better. I hope so. I haven’t preordered the Step dvds yet, but I plan to do so. I don’t remember if you have tried Low Impact Step, but that is a good one without being too complex.

Valerie, nice ride yesterday. I love my slow cooker. It’s programmable and switches to warming mode after the cooking time ends. It’s great for times when my family is home and I am busy with other things. I don’t find that it gets too hot. It does work much better than the older model that I have.

Diane Sue, I hate it when I forget to start my Fitbit for a workout. That’s wonderful that you could use rebate money to preorder the workouts. I hope you feel better today.

Hello to Lori.


Today I did Lite Rev'd Up Rumble Extreme Double Calorie Crush mish mosh #1, 57 minutes, 378 calories, met 7.5, heart rate 137 average, max 166, 5,270 steps. I then did Lite Abs # 1 , 10 minutes, 40 calories, 50 steps. I finished off with Lite Extended Stretch # 1, 35 calories, 13 minutes, 32 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, calories burned 453, 80 minutes, 5,352 steps. I need to clean out the cabinet over the stove so we can install the microwave/convection/hood oven. It is heavy so our son is coming is coming over to help.


Hi all,

Tuesday I did Lite Metabolic Blast, 40 minutes, 1789 calories. I thought I had tried all the workouts from the Lite series, but apparently I had not. This was the first time I did this one.

Judy, "Dropping the Hammer" is a pretty intimidation title! Is it as hard as it sounds? I hope you are right about your schedule and them getting you back to part time. It does seem like this would be the time of year they would need you for more hours though.

Carolyn, good job on Imax 2. I had Stacked sets on my calendar to do, but since I knew I would miss a couple of days, decided to do a full body one.

Valerie, I used to leave the slow cooker while I was working, never really was concerned about it. Now hearing all the electrical mishaps with various appliances, it seems like a scary thing to do.

Diane Sue, that's great that you are able to install the microwave yourselves. We paid extra for the installation of ours, but it was worth it. No way we were trying to that ourselves.

Hi to Lori,

Take care,


Deb-Dropping the Hammer is one of the harder ones, definitely as hard as it sounds. It's crazy busy at Home Depot right now but Chris thinks the garden department will slow down right after Memorial Day. That seems a little soon to me, but maybe it will slow down enough that they start cutting hours back. I worked 48 hours last week.


I just had an incident where something on the inside of my left forearm snapped, like a muscle or some kind of connective tissue. I had an appt with a hand specialist already because my wrist has been bothersome, especially riding, but this was out of the blue and very painful. I was only wrapping a towel on my wet hair, so not doing anything to cause it. I saw an orthopedic guy yesterday and he gave me a cortisone injection and it is a lot better today. still mysterious. I am seeing the hand person late today. will see what they say might have happened. getting old is sure loaded with surprises.

I never liked the texture of things from the slow cooker. boiled. I maybe don't like dishes that get cooked that way. chicken breasts turn out badly, and that's it on "meat" for me. I have cooked beans in it but easier to do it stove top.

judy I hope you can make time to ride. DH and I skip weekends unless we go really early. our area is pretty horsey, but horse people need to load a lot of things into a trailer, and then unload them. so they seldom are around before 9:30. by then we are half done and not near the trailheads. we found an entirely new area to access the tree farm that is not busy now that the mt biking season is picking up here. we are so lucky to have this huge area so close and easy to use. its big enough to only occasionally see anyone else on the trail.


Today I did Pyramid Lower Body from the Intensity series. My time was 54 minutes and 261 calories burned. My average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 159. I had errands and shopping today and I was out longer than I expected. I was so hungry by the time that I got home!

Valerie, I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with your arm. I think chicken breasts are not good for the slow cooker, especially boneless. It’s better for foods that would be braised or simmered. I prefer to cook beans on the stove where I can get the right degree of doneness. I can understand why you didn’t care for the slow cooker.

Diane Sue, I hope you get the microwave installed. That’s not something we would ever attempt.

Hello to Judy, Deb, and Lori.


Deb I said a couple weeks ago ( to DH) I thought it might be a ganglion cyst but on the inside of my wrist. the swollen spot is much smaller today so I'm almost sure I'm right. I was having range of motion issues and stiffness as it got a little bigger. I am seeing a hand surgeon today. the problem I was seeing her for might have "fixed" itself. I've seen ganglion cysts before but thought they were always on the back of the hand/ wrist area, but turns out they can be other places. they can recur and they can be surgically removed or drained. or it might go away by itself. it was not that big or obvious but my hand movement was starting to be affected. I will keep the appointment even tho I think its getting better by itself. best to be sure.

Carolyn we posted at the same time. chick breasts are the only meat I cook. DH wont even deal with breasts with bones. the bl/sl ones get dry and boiled tasting. I am not going to invest in another slow cooker, and probably not an instant pot either. maybe an air fryer but so so on that. I don't use much oil anyway.
when this first happened, I was really worried at first but less so now, especially because its improving. sometimes looking online can help a lot. hopefully I'm right.
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Today I did Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, 2,211 steps, average heart rate 145, max 182, 170 calories, met 8.3. I then did Cathe Lite Pyramid Pump Lower Body, 51 minutes, heart rate average 105, max 147, 1,093 steps, 219 calories. I finished off with Raw Foam Roller, 24 minutes, met 2.0, 45 calories. Total time was 99 minutes, 434 calories, 3,431 steps.
Pyramid Pump Lower
all 12,10,8,10,12 reps
rear slide lunges 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
step ups 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
side slide lunges 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
elevated lunges 3 risers high step 10,12,15,12,10 # dbs
sliding cross back lunges 8,10,12,10,8 # dbs
deadlifts 10,12,15,12,10# dbs
calf raises 10# dbs 30 reps, 12# dbs 25 reps, 15# dbs 20 reps. 12# dbs 25 reps, 10# dbs 30 reps


Deb, I kind of like the Lite Metabolic Blast. It seems to move somewhat faster than the others. I can't go that heavy with it though. They did run into a couple of problems when installing the microwave, but it is up and running fine. There were already so many places where more than one microwave had been installed above the stove. My son cut the hole where the template had it set for, and when they went to install the microwave after getting the back plate attached to the wall, the cord was on the opposite side of where the template had you drill the hole underneath the cabinet. So he had to make another. There were already two holes in that cupboard from previous installations, but not in the right spot. Then one of the bolts bent. They had to work trying different ones that we had around the house to find one and a larger washer that would work. I am glad it was not just my husband and I who did it.

Judy, it does seem like maybe after all of the spring planting things would slow a bit.

Valerie, that is odd that you were not really doing anything different and your forearm had something snap. It is a good idea that you see the doctor anyway with the hand. I had a ganglion cyst on the side of my knee quite a lot of years ago. I have a 6 inch long scar where they cut it out.
I always threw chicken breasts in the slow cooker when I wanted shredded chicken for soup or things like buffalo chicken dip. Slow cookers work well for beets, but now I have the instant pot and it makes cooking beets pretty easy. Again, that depends on what I want to use it for.
Now, fish is a food I just prefer tossed into a skillet or baked. I see recipes for poached fish and it just does not even sound good.

Carolyn, I have worked out and ran errands that took much longer than anticipated and came home wanting to eat anything that was available.

I am going to have to try out the convection oven feature on this microwave. I used one at our last home occasionally. The problem for me was always figuring out how to adjust the recipes to a convection oven.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday. Saw this article recently and made me think a lot about chicken...and the source of it, especially the part about UTI's , bladder infections.:

Carolyn, good job on the Pyramid workout. The one from the Intensity series seems tougher to me for some reason. Do you do the "Up Only" or "Down Only" premixes? I found that I could only get through doing one of those whether it was the Upper or Lower workout.

Valerie, hope all went well at the DR appointment today.

Diane Sue, that installation sounds like what typically happens if John and I decide to do a job ourselves..LOL... good that you have people there that know what they are doing. The microwave we just bought has all these new fangled things with sensor cooking etc. I made sure we did not get all the bells and whistles I knew we wouldn't use. My 20 year old one had a "warm & hold" function that this one does not have and I miss it a lot. Our stove has a convection oven that I never tried. I read the instruction manual and it made no sense to me at all. It appeared that there was no benefit to using the convection function over the regular oven? Huh? what is it good for then?

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,


all went well. I have a lot of arthritic changes in the small bones of my hands. this is not new, I most likely partially or completely ruptured a tendon that had swelling/cyst around it, due to friction . it will heal by itself doing what I've been doing. the cortisone shot and a brace and doing whatever doesn't cause pain. nothing requiring surgery, or even imaging to tell what happened to the tendon, because on the inside of the wrist there are 3 tendons that back each other up. so even if it is toast, no one would do anything about it, the other tendons will do the job.
Wow, a relief! I plan on wearing a wrist brace for riding from now on anyway. I will also wear one using weights at least for a while but I will be taking a week or so off of all weights. if I use my forearm in certain positions, it is still really tender. it is a huge bruise. I am hoping that with the lump on my wrist gone, maybe I will have less hand numbness when riding.

just to add to frustration, our camper started leaking thru the skylight again. we've decide to replace the skylight, but we can't use it until that is done. it's hard to get anything done quickly on a camper this time of year. so we will alter our trip plans , deciding what to do today.

Deb chicken is a potential problem. improper conditions they're raised under and processed has added to the problems, and over use of antibiotics. I like chicken so I use it but I am very careful about cooking properly, and cleaning up after. all that juice gets everywhere. I don't care what kind of chicken it is, I would never ever eat raw or undercooked egg.

I have no idea what good convection is. I never could tell what the benefit was either. I never had a microwave with that feature that I noticed. I tend to plug in a new one and use it without reading much in the manual so probably features I dont know about.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Raw Kettlebell workout that she just put up. She put it under cardio, but it has strength work as well. I am sore today so dropped weight a bit on some stuff. This is 42 minutes (51 me for writing the moves down) met 7.0, 310 calories, heart rate average 112, max 153, 1,364 steps. I followed this with 21 Day Fix Extreme Yoga, 31 minutes, met 3.0, 75 calories, 90 steps. Total time was 82 minutes, 385 calories, 1,454 steps.
Kettle bell Raw 20 on 10 off tabata 4 rounds each move Kelly uses 20# and 30# kettle bells, but does drop to a 12# dumbbell for triceps after starting heavier
basic swing 20# 4 rounds
scale dead lift 30# right, left right left (I used 25#)
single swings 20# right, left, right left
squat upright row 30# (me 25#)
20# alternating swings 4 rounds
curls right, left, right ,left 20# (I used 20# rt, lt, 15# rt, lt)
figure 8 's 20#
overhead triceps extensions 20# (Kelly drops to 12# me 15 on 3rd rnd then she does triceps extensions with the 12# dbs final rnd I stayed with 15)
double swings 30# 2 rnds then 20# 2 rnd
1 arm row 30# right, left, right ,left
reverse lunge pass through alternating 20#
plank holds holding horns of kettlebell ( I lay mine on it's side to spare my wrists)

Deb, this microwave seems to have all of the whistles and bells. My husband picked it for me as I was just going to settle for a basic microwave. It has the sensor settings. I guess it even has delayed timer settings. I don't know about leaving the microwave or convection set for timer. I need to read more. Maybe it is just for the convection oven. You can even set microwave and convection combos. If I remember right I found a convection/ regular oven chart online that helped me decide how long to cook things. It seems it is generally a little faster cooking. The thing is you have to do the pre-setting first to warm up. I guess that is with all cooking though. I have read articles on the chicken too.

Valerie, I hope that you get relief from now. Good to leave weights alone for a bit. My forearms were sore yesterday and the only thing I could think of was the Upper Stacked sets I did a couple of days ago.


the only exercises I would worry about would be fly's, tricep push ups on the step. possibly curls. we are leaving tomorrow for a trip to MT and I usually don't do much weight work there. I just did a 15 mile bike ride and it was no problem, except for shifting. I shifted it once and left it set there. it is tender a couple inches on the lower inside wrist, so most of my arm function is fine. it is left and I am rt handed too.
diane sue I think that's the main difference.... convection moves air around so it cooks things a little faster. I never looked into it.


This morning I did Yoga Relax for 52 minutes. I felt like a good stretch today instead of cardio.

Deb, I did the full Pyramid Lower Body yesterday, but sometimes I only do the pyramid up premix. It just depends on how I feel. I have read many articles about chicken, but I plan to keep eating it. I wash it thoroughly and I clean the sink and all surfaces carefully with a clorox solution. I am not in the “don’t wash your chicken” camp regardless of what the CDC advice is. The idea that you don’t wash the chicken because people don’t know how to disinfect surfaces afterwards is ridiculous to me.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Kettlebells and Extreme Yoga. I’m glad that your microwave is installed. I’m not sure how one uses the convection feature in a microwave. I know how it works for a regular oven. Is it the same for the microwave? My arms were a little sore from Stacked Sets Upper, too.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to see the doctor and that all went well. Wearing a brace is a smart idea. I researched convection ovens once when I considered getting one, but decided against it. They are supposed to be great for roasting meats and vegetables. That seems to be what makes the air fryer so popular since it works on the same concept.

Hello to Lori and Judy.


Carolyn, it seems like it works the same as the convection oven. Maybe with a few extra settings on it. It broils as well. You are supposed to make sure you use the racks so the heat can get around all sides of the pan. It has a high rack and a low rack which can be used for certain recipes or combined for something like two small round baking pans for cookies that can be baked at the same time.


Good morning everyone!

I did some unexpected traveling this week for work. Day trips but extremely long. I am going to read post to catch up and will post when today’s thread starts. Hope everyone had a great week!

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