Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/26

Hi all I'm back. a REALLY nice trip. I like these short ones.. short intense and fun. make me feel like I was gone a long time but wasn't.

we rode a trail in northern Idaho called Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes. it is a old railroad right of way that runs 72 miles from the old mining towns in the mountains to along a series of lakes and the Coeur d' Alene river. we rode two sections of trail, starting at one end at a campground in a Heyburn park north 22 miles and back. second day rode from parking near the interstate to where we'd turned around the day before, and then back. so 75 or so miles. It would be nice to do a one way 72 mile trip but no way. I think we could ride the whole way, but we'd end up 72 miles from our vehicle! most of it is extremely rural. we saw loads of ducks, geese, wildflowers, a moose and almost a second one...saw the splashing but not the moose. very few people. lovely weather, cold in the am, but sunny and 75 by afternoon. was once a RR right of way, very flat. zero vehicles. it could be a very fast ride but looking around, reading history along the way took numerous breaks. the only bad thing was got stung by a yellow jacket as we were finishing the second day. OUCH!! now it itches like crazy. the 3rd day we drove part way back and did a hike to the top of Steamboat rock. short, only maybe 3 miles RT with great flowers and a fascinating geological history. I'll stuck in a couple links to both places. Steamboat rock we do every year but the ride was a first.

I can't have facials. my skin is happiest left alone. may try a pedicure some day, never had one.
Happy Birthday Deb.

Josie...looks interesting... very nice pics. NYC is not me. been there... once. I realize my vacation 'style" is different from most. Have fun in Greece. I love to see pics of other kinds of adventures than what I do.

Lori I am always on a diet. it is easier to meal plan when you both eat the same thing.... My DH could afford to lose a few pounds as I could, but it's not anything out of control. we eat the mostly same... he gets bigger portions. men lose weight so quickly and effortlessly it could be discouraging for you. I'm not a good technical person. I can't see or do anything on the phone screen, especially as a passenger while driving. using the phone as a hot spot I can link to either a tablet or laptop and actually do a lot of things... look up, read, type. I don't see how the devices would connect without the hot spot. this trip DH forgot the ipad cord so we used the laptop mostly.

there is a series of pics here that goes the length of the trail. it's under links below the picture on the main page. it's a well known trail so there are loads of other links. we saw an incredibnle number of osprey. wood ducks. hooded mergs.
you can see the trail in the middle of the "rock". the flowers and birds on top are amazing and it's only a short distance from the campground at the base. only takes maybe an hour to climb up there.
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Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did LLA (48:33).

Great trip, Valerie! Too bad about the yellow jacket--they are nasty!

Did my annual physical this afternoon. This time I had the super-pneumonia shot, adding 13 more strains to cross off the list. I really like my regular physician, and he says I shouldn't need to have another colonoscopy for 10 years. I have already had 4 and nary a polyp to be found. He said why not compromise at 7.5 years, which is what I may do if the gastroenterologist doesn't get apoplectic when I object to 5 years.

Deb, I love pedicures too. I will have my first one of the year next week. I don't bother during the winter months because no one sees my toes anyway, but I wear sandals all summer.

Hi to Josie, Lori, and Judy!
Good evening ladies!

Today we did the Upper Fix workout at lunch. And tonight was STS legs. I hate the wall squats with the ball and weights. Forgot about these! Thankfully they are only in meso 1 so only will do them 3 more times. Got on the scale today and down 6.5lbs! Very happy!

Valerie...welcome back. Your trip sounds beautiful. I was stung a couple of summers ago by a yellow jacket and boy did it hurt!

Deb..great workout today. How are you doing with shortening the STS workouts you have done. Today's legs has a bonus section that I almost did not do but I saw that it was kind of like barre so I decided what the heck. Bet you could easily shorten this one buy stopping before the bonus and eliminating a set of squats. Seems like there are alot of them in this workout.

Lynda...I am like you...I love pedicures in the summer but never get them in the winter. To me it is a waste of money! So DH not only ate well today but worked out with me. Been a while since he has done this.

Josie...I sent you the information. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi to Judy!

Have a great night!
Good morning,

Yesterday I did STS Disk 2. It was a beautiful day here, actually got some gardening done.

Valerie, nice trip! Too bad about the sting, good thing you are not allergic.

Lynda, I don't see why you would need to get a colonoscopy any more frequent that 10 years, if you have never had polyps etc. Ok, I love pedicures, and now need to know what color you get? LOL :). I am a "purple girl? myself, the people at the nail place tease me about always wanting purple toes. I may branch off into blues, but am not that brave yet.

Lori, great job on the weight loss! You and the Ladies have been working very hard! I wish I could get John to work out with me or not, just to do something. Oh no....I have STS Legs today and I forgot about those dreaded Ball/Wall Squats...ugh. I have not shortened any of the workouts yet, as long as they are under an hour, so far so good. I will do them. Will most likely not do the bonus leg section today.

Hi to Josie & Judy,

Workout this morning, and more weeding if the weather cooperates. I need to mulch the beds that I did yesterday too. Agility class tonight.

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

Take care,
What is that phrase? "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? That is what I feel about STS Legs....ouch! At least there is no barbell used in this one. I had to modify all the wall/stability ball moves. There is no way I am able to put those DB's on the floor and pick them up again. I just did all the reps holding them.
I would love to get a pedicure but honestly my feet are so ugly I never have. my left big toe doesn't bend much anymore. the joint is gone. I only wear sandals that cover most of them. I will eventually need surgical fix but not yet. one of those "family " things..... thanks mom.

Deb. congrats on getting back to STS.
I'm not allergic to the level of anaphylaxis but I have had a strong reaction. swollen. hot. itchy. 3 days now. taking antihistamines and icing it. I'm assuming yellow jacket though I never saw it. I think he stung me twice but I was riding fast and couldn't stop instantly. I have about a 4 inch circle that is hot, red, swollen.

Ok more questions for all you iphone users. I will be getting a iphone 6 or 6+. did you get the basic 16 GB memory or did you go up to 64GB? there is no 32. is the basic 16 GB adequate? I don't store music or videos and a few pics but not tons. I want room for some bird and flower programs that are stored in the phone and don't rely on a connection. we will buy the phone with a 2 yr service contract. Verizon is the best carrier here in the west. I saw the size difference and don't think that will be an issue.

off to do a ride. beautiful warm and sunny.
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did All Out Low Impact Hiit with Core 1 (49:22).

Deb, I could never do those wall squats and get low enough to drop gracefully and pick up the dumbbells, so I just did squats with the weights in my hands. Let's see. Last year I started out with a Robin's Egg Blue color that I really liked. Then I tried yellow, which I didn't like. Ended the summer with lavender toes. Really pretty, but I still think the blue was the best. Still no sign of hawks, so the chickens are enjoying life, not yet running for cover every time something flies over head. They are also getting pretty big and ranging more every few days, when DH expands their territory.

Valerie, my sons gave me 64GB, so I don't know if it's not necessary. I have quite a bit of 'stuff' on it--books, pics, one video, some music downloads. Yellow jackets are nasty stingers, but it sounds like you are really reacting a lot. My shoulder feels like someone socked me hard from that pneumonia shot. The nurse warned me.

Not sure what I'm up to this weekend. Might go to Mass MOCA and check out their new exhibitions. Still too early to plant anything and pray that it won't frost.

Lori, it sounds like your DH is really trying, which is wonderful.
Good evening ladies!

No workout today. Was covering for my mailroom person who is still out with a back injury. Must have gone up and down the stairs 50 times so I am counting this as my workout as I am beat! funny! I do the same thing with those wall squats. No way I was going that low either. When I did STS a couple years ago I did them exactly how you are supposed to and hated it. I still feel I work my legs modifing our way.

Lynda...been ages since I have done AOLI. I remember really liking it so I should pull it out. Day 2 and DH is going strong! I am not working out tonight but he still is. Seems like he is taking things seriously. Nice weather is coming FINALLY!!! I usually will not plant anything until Memorial weekend. bite was similar...turned oval brown actually and was extremely itchy. Took forever for the brown circle to completely fade away. I feel for you. Everyone I know that has 16gb wished they had gone to 32gb or 64gb. Too bad they do not offer 32gb anymore because that would be perfect. 64g is overkill for you but I would still recommend it over the 16gb. I have 64gb and really wished I went with 128gb!! But I tend to load my phone up.

Josie....I looked at the pictures yesterday and they are great. Thank you for sharing. My best friend lives in NYC and I am making plans to visit him this summer. He visits here all the time but I have not been out there in a couple years. Matter-a-fact him and I are going down the Cape Memorial weekend. Which will be here before you know it!

Judy...I posted a response on the forum to someone asking about listing equipment for Cathe Live. I have a spreadsheet of all the workouts with equipment used and length of workouts. If you are interested send me your email and I'll send to you.

Absolutely no plans for the weekend. Housemax, errands and that pretty much is it!
Thank you Lori ...that is what I was thinking. Lynda...the 64 GB your tech smart kids bought you is another indicator that 16 is borderline adequate. I don't think I'll load it with THAT much but initial purchase is the only time. I haven't settled on the 6 or 6 plus. DH needs to see them as do I, closer. the memory issue is the decision and I think he will want to go for 64GB. I don't understand why 32 GB was not an option but it's not.
the 6+ is larger screen and better battery than the 6 but otherwise the same, right? Hope to do this in the next week or two.

we rode a 32 miler today. our total for the week is over 100 miles for a first for us.

Lynda the other thing is colonoscopy is a "procedure". there is always a slight risk of there being some kind of problem, like perforation, admittedly a very small risk. so if the potential benefit is very small, there are valid reasons not to do it more often than necessary. that applies to you too judy. gastroenterologists like to do procedures, it's how they make a living! a reputable doc would not recommend you do it more often than is appropriate and needed. My DH has had polyps that pop up and grow quickly and with his hx, they will screen him yearly until he gets at least one or two clear ones. he has had polyps on every scoping so far.
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Good morning & Happy Weekend!

It is supposed to be another beautiful spring day here, I hope the weather people are right. 1st week of STS down.

Valerie, wow that was a very strong reaction you had to the sting. Hope it heals quickly. Do you carry Benadryl on your hikes/rides?

Lynda, Robin's Egg Blue...that's exactly what I want! :) I wonder where the hawks went? Strange. Enjoy your trip to Mass MOCA.

Lori, that is so great about your DH getting into working out and the food plan. What workouts does he do? Same ones you do? Is he doing STS? I would love to have that Cathe Live spreadsheet of info...never know when I will bite the bullet and sign up.

Hi to Josie & Judy,

Picking up the Saab from storage this morning, then agility class, then probably some yard work.

Take care,
Good morning ladies!

Today will be disc 2 bk, tris. I like doing legs in the middle of the week so I am out of sequence. After I will do the first half of Cathe Live from Thursday, the boxing portion only. This should make for a great upper body day!

Deb...yes I am thrilled he is jumping on the band wagon. Right now he does his own thing. We just workout at the same time. I follow along to Cathe and he rides his recumbent bike then does free weights. I have noticed he does a similar weight routine that I am doing so he is paying attention. The spreadsheet is coming your way!

Valerie...enjoy your new phone. I believe the differences in the two phones are the size and the 6+ has more features with the camera. For some reason I think I remember this when they came out.

Robin egg blue sounds beautiful!

Nice day here so I am thrilled. DH is working all day and will not be home until about 9pm. So after all my errands I'll watch a movie then make a fire and relax. Actually perhaps I'll bring my ipad out and watch the movie by the fire with a glass of wine until DH comes home and joins me!

Have a great weekend all!
Deb, Benadryl makes me very good for daytime. we keep some in the camper along with hydrocortisone cream but I don't normally carry it with me. I'm taking a non sleepy OTC allergy med..also topical hydrocortisone cream. I didn't take anything right away as I never had this kind of reaction before. it looks some better today with less swelling. I can now see two small marks next to each other so I think he stung me twice. I hope I ran over him with both tires.

Lori... that's right... there was something about the camera being better on the 6 plus. now that I'm all revved up about this, I expect DH will want to take his time and research every particle of info. I should say, we share a phone... so we need to agree on things. I hate the phone we've used the last 2 yrs. the battery was running down quickly last week, and now that we're home, it seems fine again. I was careful about turning it off when we were out of service so not sure I understand what the problem is. just "on" without any calls or messages it was dropping to 40% by mid day. now it seems fine again.
think today will be a major garden day. sunny warm and lovely out.
Hi Ladies,

Went spinning today. My mom and dad came over on Thursday and I took them both to get hair cuts. They loved the way the guy cut their hair and plan to go see him every 6 weeks. I also took them to lunch and I took mom for a mani-pedi yesterday and got her the deluxe one for Mother's Day. She chose my favorite color Bordeaux by Essie.
They just left an hour ago I spoiled them so, my dad did not want to go home :)

Deb, the ladies at the shop laugh at me to for getting my toes done in the same color every two weeks. Congratulations on doing STS again.

Lori, thank you so much for the information. I will start it when I get back from Fresno. I'm tasking care of the peanuts for a week starting tomorrow.

Garance, my DH is ready to come home :). He misses his bed, working out and eating healthy. He said that he is glad that he did it now and not when he got older, he is 61.

Valery, that sting sounds very painful. Glad that your trip was nice.

Hi Judy!

hi all, i see a lot of you that have been checking in here for awhile. i have been awol. i don't know when i was here last . i turned 60 in jan. (WAAAHHH). and, a year ago was diagnosed with hashimoto auto-immune thyroditis. the last 3 years have also had a lot of life changing stresses in them. i have been working out since the 80's doing the firm, and tracie long. did cathe for several years, but have not had the energy to do her workouts for some time now. the hashi's has knocked the wind out of me. i have always worked out 5-6 days a week. now if i get 3 in its a good week. i have been active my whole life and this is difficult for me to slow down, but i have no choice now. i still am quite active on good days. i have 4 grandkids, horses, chickens, dogs, peacocks, cats. obviously, we live in the country. so i am still busy, but i have learned i have to conserve my energy now which i used to be the energizer bunny. not sure if i have posted all this before or not, so hope i'm not repeating myself. i want to try to check-in here more often. have not been very good at it for the last couple years. i so want to do STS . it has been 5 yrs i think since i did it. but in the new place we moved to i just don't have room for all the equipment.

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