Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/26


Good morning!

No change's in the 30's and may go up to 49 today. This is getting old.

Valerie, I think the only models of iPhone you can get at a Verizon or other service provider would be the 5 or 6. My cousin's iPhone 4 broke, and she wanted the same model, but Verizon would only give her a 5. No more 4's available. I can't see how anyone likes the 6+. It's like putting a paperback book up to your head to talk into it, it's so big. I picked the LG because of the size of the screen, it's weight, and the price.

It was fun with Kylee yesterday in agility, she really enjoys it. I decided I will enter her in June, based on how she was yesterday, she should be ready. It will be tough with 2 dogs entered, I need to juggle it a bit over the 3 days.
A workout, and some chores around here planned, nothing exciting,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend,

Take care,
Good morning ladies!

Yesterday I decided to try out STS meso 2 back and bis. Been a while since I did some serious upper body weights and it felt great to do so. My weights were not what they were at when I first did STS but all things considered I was please. I have the kids coming over for our usual sunday morning breakfast at 10 so going to try and get my workout in beforehand. Not sure what I feel like but certainly it will not be upper body!

It was cool here yesterday but sunny so I was fine with that. Will be the same today. Got some yard work done and DS was helping. He will do some more today for us. He is a good boy. :).

Great job Kylee!!! Deb, wow! You will have your hands full come June!! I have a couple of friends that have the 6+ and they love it. Mine is the 6 and it is a good size for me.

Have a great day all!
I wish the STS workouts had premixes! Some are so long that they have a huge dread factor for me, even if I have all the time in the world to do them. :(
Good morning.... I won't be looking at phones until we get back. I have xxx friends with 5's but no 6's. I read about the size issue, but we'll decide when we look. DH doesn't care since I have to carry it! I am leaning toward the 5 but don't know the cost difference yet.

we need a knowledgeable person to set up the mobile hot spot. the first Verizon store we went to.... it was hopeless. so we left, and the second store the lady was very sharp and understood and set it up in a few seconds. huge difference in competence. before we'd used something called PDA but it didn't work very well. the mobile hotspot costs about $10 but is worth it to us. I don't believe this should change our "plan" since what we have is fine and fairly recent. experience is a factor at Costco.... all the previous people I've worked with have moved on.

I haven't done STS in so long..... I didn't know what premixes WERE when I last did it. I'm hoping to do upper body workouts soon but not jumping the gun. it's only a week tomorrow since the cortisone. really feels normal and no more discomfort at night.
I think I may start STS next week, ( since I already did a total body KCM this morning,) and anywhere that there is a workout that is over an hour, I will sub it with the equivalent Cathe HIIT workout! Dread factor solved! :)

Valerie, I don't even know what a "mobile hot spot" is! That shows my lack of tech knowledge. I know that I have the mobile data turned off on my phone, and it still lets me text and get phone calls anywhere. When I need to get to a web site and I am not in a "free" wifi place or at home, cousins house etc, I turn it on and can get to the web site. Not sure if this is necessary or not.

Lori, you are the "techie" here, if I keep the mobile data in the on position on my phone, does it keep looking for data or use up my data allotment?
Still here.. the mobile hot spot lets you connect to the internet wherever there is decent cell service. your phone is the hot spot. you don't have to rely on public or private networks. so if we're in a campground or driving down the interstate, we can "tether" ipad to the phone and I can check email, look at weather, road conditions, shop, whatever. need a 4G signal. 3G works but not well. most interstates have 4G service most the way. we used to do it with the phone and a laptop. ipad is more compact so easier. I set the phone to "tether", connect it by cord to the ipad, set phone in a cupholder and I'm set. it does cost $10 a month but it works for us. (I don't get free texting with our plan.) so you are using a data connection but I've never used enough volume to be an issue. I guess if you were trying to download many movies(?) you might go over the limit. we just bring a few DVD's along and watch on the laptop if we want. we do a lot of long distance driving and it helps keep the passenger amused! plus information is readily available, on a screen ( Ipad) big enough to see. I quit trying to read web site info on the phone screen.... one reason for why the iphone 6 might be good?
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did BarreAmped Bootcamp (70 min.).

I like my iphone 6 a lot. Just put my gmail on it when my sons gave it to me for Christmas, so I don't need to "tether" it to my Ipad. Safari is on there too. There are some places north on I-87 where there is no cell phone service, no towers.

We are stuck in some kind of occluded front weather that keeps things colder than normal. Really tired of this.

Deb, you will definitely have your hands full if you are taking both Keegan and Kylee to the trials. I sold my STS when I had shoulder problems doing meso 3. I knew I wouldn't go back to it. I did it 3 times, the first time for 6 mos. I honestly don't feel like I progressed all that much, and meso 3 was soooo long with those prolonged rests between sets. I didn't want to buy a squat rack, so maybe if I had I would not have injured myself getting the barbell on my shoulders.

Are you in NYC, Josie?
Good afternoon!

I decided to do SB Supported Barre followed up with one of her bootcamp barre workouts. Was about 50 minutes total. I like doing supported barre because I feel I take full advantage of my wall mounted barre.

Deb...great plan with STS. I am going to start another rotation but going to wait until I am done with the 21 day fix. I have only done the full rotation once but have used individual dvds many times. Sometimes I shorten them based on my time. I also I cut the 60 second wait time to 30 seconds which is what I did with Satudays's workout. I liked meso 3 but no way did I sit thru the wait time there either! Yes if you have your data on it will use your data when you check emails or any web based app unless you are connected to wifi.

Valerie...why is there a cost for the personal hot spot? Mine just goes against my data should I need to use it.A few years back there was a charge but now that verizon got rid of unlimited plans I do not have that monthly charge as it uses my data. Just curious.

Lynda...yup today ended up not being as nice as yesterday. Took chester for a little walk and he loved it regardless. Now that I have a squat rack I am going to try and use to easily grab my barbell for STS when I start. With Saturday's workout I adjusted my portable barre so I can do the modified pullups. Wasn't sure if I would like them this way as I am used to using overhead bands. But I did like it so I am happy with this.

Have a great evening all!!!
Hi Everyone,

I agree about the weather :( this is a crummy spring. Thursday through yesterday it felt like winter again. Today was sunny but still only in the 50's. I felt like I was coming down with something but am feeling better today. It might have been allergy related since the pollen count has been high.

Deb-Good luck with STS! I know what you mean about wishing there were premixes. Sounds like a good plan to sub the longer ones with the RWH equivalent.

Valerie- DH still has his iPhone 4s and doesn't want to give it up. However, he's been trying out my 6 plus and he really likes the bigger screen. Deb, I thought the same thing before I tried the bigger iPhone. I was sure that I wouldn't like it but when I tried it out at the Apple store I fell in love with it. I know it's not for everyone, but I love it. The screen is big enough for me to use it like a tablet and it was great to have when we drove out to Colorado in December.

Lynda-I'm with you-I am really getting tired of this weather. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Lori-Great workouts! I just looked at SB Supported Barre. That wall mounted barre looks like it would nice to have.

Hi to Josie!

Have a great week!

Good morning!

Still cold here and now it is raining. I don't think we will see a "true" spring, we'll probably just jump right into summer. I hope I get a chance to get outside and do some weeding before they take hold of all the beds.

Lori, good job on the STS workout. You made me want to look at STS again. I miss doing some good old fashioned weight work. I will try doing the first week of workouts this week. Same as you, I do not wait the complete time between sets, that would drive me nuts! Especially Meso 3 LOL. Still don't understand how I can get e-mails etc on my phone with the mobile data turned off, but I do. If I am not in a wifi area, ( like in a Joanne's store and I want to use their on-line coupons), I have to turn the mobile data on. Otherwise I keep it off.

Valerie, Have a good trip! I actually signed up for the Straight Talk program offered by Walmart. You purchase the phone from them, it's not a lease type thing where your monthly payment includes the phone, and there is no contract to sign. I pay $45 a month, with unlimited phone, texting and data. The service that is used depends on where you are located, I ended up with AT&T. I like it so far, no complaints.

Lynda, I'm with you on lifting the BB over my head, I am not too fond of using a BB but will not go too heavy and will maybe make some use out of that weighted vest I bought! LOL.

Judy, Glad you dodged a cold and maybe it is only allergies. I have to remember that zinc stuff that Lynda uses the next time I get any sign of a cold. yes, the iPhone 6+ advantage is that it is great to use as a tablet.

Josie, safe travels.

Planning on a treadmill workout, and then some project around class tonight.

Take care,
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did both low impact Hiit workouts together (50:08).

Another day of non-spring-like weather. Oh well, received all of the Jacob's Pillow tickets today, so I am looking forward to summer and dance.

I have a dinner to go to tonight to meet all of the various companies coming to the '62 center for the arts next year. Should be interesting. It's at the local Indian restaurant, so I hope it's good. Then tomorrow, it's the annual Take Back the Night march on campus. Always moving to hear women's stories.

Good luck on STS everyone! I now use the tower only for Turbo Barre. Otherwise it just sits there taking up space.

Tell us about NYC, Josie. Did you go to a jazz club?
Good evening ladies!

Today we did the plyo workout. So funny as I thought they would hate this one but I guess they have such a sense of accomplishment they actually love it...when they are done I should say. They do swear a bit during the workout! Lol!

Came home and DH had my 21 day meal all prepared for me. Steak, veggies and sweet potato. Yum! He ate a similar meal so he is paying attention!

Deb...I feel the same way. When my shoulder started to bother me I backed off a bit from heavy weights and I too want to get back onto it. Doing a STS workout on Saturday made me really miss it. I looked at the calendar today and it makes sense for me to start meso 1 this week. I am going away memorial weekend so if I start this week I should finish week 4 right before I leave for the holiday weekend then have my rest week. Come back then start up meso 2. Otherwise I'll have to wait until after memorial day as I would not want to mess up my workouts!

Lynda...omg! Just wish the nice weather would come and stay for a couple of days. Well at least you have all the Jacob's Pillow tickets which means summer will be coming eventually! Hope all is good with the dinner.

Judy..there are two of the supported barre workouts I like...the int/advanced one (she is wearing a yellow top) and the other is supported lower barre (blue top). She has another but I found that one for some strange reason really bothered my lower back. Very odd.

Hi to Josie and Valerie!
Good morning,

It's supposed to be sunny and 63 today, I can't wait!

Got a lot done yesterday, I did a purge of my closet and dresser drawers, between that and the sorting and organizing of my sewing area/bedroom, I now have 3 large black garbage bags of stuff to bring to AmVets.

Lynda, hope you enjoyed meeting the companies and the Indian food dinner. We like to do the buffets, I like to taste a little of everything. Speaking of the Tower, mine has been used as a clothes rack since the last time I did STS, with most of the workouts that Cathe has done lately, not using a BB.

Lori, maybe just seeing your success and how simple the 21 DF diet is will make your DH try it. That would be great! I am starting Meso 1 today too! I hope I can stick with it. Won't you miss your barre workouts?

Hi Josie & Judy,

My cousin is taking me for a facial today for my B-Day, then we are going to lunch.

Take care,
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did ba, rear delts, and bis (52:28).

Happy birthday, Deb! It sounds like you are doing a lot of purging of the old and ready to bring in the new. The dinner was excellent last night, and it looks like an exciting year of experimental performers coming to our theater and dance studio. I am almost done with season 4 of The Wire. It is really good, and I feel like what is going on in Baltimore right now is familiar to me, because the city and its predominantly African American population and its troubles, and the police and politics are at the center of the series.

Lori, that is good news about your DH. You are an inspiration to your co-workers and now for him. Hope it works out.

Finally a sunny reasonably warm day. Just the wind to deal with.

Have a great day everyone!
Good evening ladies!

We never got to work out today. We tried but we were all so busy. Tonight I came home and started STS. 1st workout down. Completely forgot how many pushups are in Meso 1. I do them on my knees and I am fine with that. I feel I still get a great workout.

Happy Birthday Deb! Hope you had a great day. Facial and lunch sounds really nice. I still plan to work in Barre. I would never make it 3 months without it. I figure STS is only three times a week so I still have the other 4. Just need to space it out from the STS leg workouts. Also decided when I do a weighted 21 day at work I am going to keep the weights really really light as to not over work things.

Lynda...yes today was nice. I briefly went out for a few minutes to enjoy it. I did not mind the wind at all today. The sun made up for it. Today my DH announced he was going on a diet and I told him I would help him and make it as easy as possible. All my healthy eating seems to be rubbing off on him!!!!

Have a great night all!!!

Hi to Judy, Josie and Valerie!
Last edited:
Good morning,

A nice day yesterday. I love facials! They are the most relaxing thing. They don't just do the face, they do your neck, chest, arms, nice. Well, we were supposed to have a nice spring day here, but the revised the weather to a high of 45. This is getting really old.

Lynda, Very sad about Baltimore, and the sign of the times we live in. I will be starting to watch The Wire soon, since i am done with the 3 free seasons of Suits. Season 4 on Prime is not free. I put a bid on the DVD's set for that season on Ebay. It's cheaper than paying the Amazon cost per episode.

Lori, I did STS workout #1 yesterday too. Today is cardio, and then I will attempt #2 &3 tomorrow and Friday. Good idea not to overwork things. You could even just sub a Barre workout for the STS leg ones here and there.

Hi to Judy, and the travelling Josie & Valerie,

Busy day here, appointment at 9:00 with the 401k people by phone, then Time Warner at 11:00, our phone keeps crapping out, then to my Godchild's house to see her baby. As lots of people say, I feel I am busier now that when I was working! I think it's because you actually do things, and accept invites, that you, or at least I, would not have done while working.

Take care,
Hi Ladies,

I got back on Monday. Yesterday I went spinning with my friend and then Karina came over and tried to kill me :).
Had a good time in NYC, but as always ate too much and felt like a blob when I got back. It was very cold last Thursday and Friday, but beautiful the rest of the time I was there.

Deb, you are right about being busier now that you are retired. I'm the same way and one of my friends pointed that out yesterday :). Happy belated birthday!

Lori, my e-mail is [email protected]. Can you please send me the information for the 21day fix. I'm going to order the containers on Amazon. Do I need the containers? Glad that your DH is ready to join you on your healthy eating.

Valerie, have a great trip.

Garance, sounds like you have a busy summer coming up. When we get back from Greece I plan on not traveling for a while. I'm going to Fresno on Sunday for a week to take care of the kids so that they don't miss school. After that I have ALC for a week the end of May then Greece. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Judy, sounds like you are doing better.

Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did RK with 1 lb. gloves (55:15).

Thanks for the pictures, Josie, and welcome back! So you were way down in lower Manhattan. The WTC looks beautiful. So how did your husband enjoy his x-country trip? How is he coming back? Greece is pretty hot in the summer, but beautiful. I'm sure they will appreciate your tourist dollars.

Deb, yes, you sound very busy. I don't feel as busy, but then I don't have students, meetings, papers, etc. to deal with. For some reason, I just didn't like the facial at Rancho La Puerta. I felt like my face was all slimy afterwards. I did like my massage though, especially the upper neck area where I always feel some tension. Good work on STS!

Lori, I'm sure it will be helpful if you are dieting with your DH. No way would my skinny-as-a-rail husband go on any diet. He needs a lot of calories. Finally, some beautiful weather.

Hi to Judy and Valerie!
Good morning,

Yesterday I did a treadmill workout, and today the next STS is on schedule. The weather is supposed to be nice today, I hope the Weather Gurus are correct.

Josie, Welcome back and thanks for the pics, NYC looks great, busy, busy as always. As for the 21 Day Fix containers, you don't really need them, if you get the info on how much each holds, but they may help in keeping track of things, and are kind of cute, the little orange ones are my favorite!

Lynda, it's funny how we all like different me and my facials...and you like massages, which I don't cae for...Facials and relaxing. How are Max and the chicks doing? is it Hawk Guarding time?

Hi to Lori, Judy, and Valerie,

a workout, maybe some yard work if the weather holds......

Take care,

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