Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/18


Today I did Rockout Knockout, a timesaver with kickboxing cardio and cardio with gloves. That was 38 minutes and 268 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate was 166.

Cathy, nice job with Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing. I can sympathize with the sore triceps. I get sore triceps if I lift too heavy, but it also irritates my elbow. I have to be careful with any overhead tricep moves.

Valerie, it’s great that you had a nice ride on your road bike. Here we can cook outside for much of the year.

Diane Sue, good job with the CDORNER workouts. We have a smart thermostat that was a part of our new furnace system three years ago and I still must refer to the manual when making changes. I didn’t want the app so I make changes directly on the thermostat. I thought that Cathe’s new bands look like fabric which would be better for me.

Judy, nice work with RWH Legs and the bonuses. That‘s one that I really feel the next day.

Hello to Deb and Lori.


We did a mountain bike this morning, our usual ride. took an hour and forty five this morning due to a lot of truck traffic doing logging. we need to stop and get off the road and it happened quite a bit. almost time for trails to open and then its not such an obstacle.

we have a smart thermostat too but also just run things from the unit itself.

wow snow! I know a lot of areas got hit, but its hard to imagine. Carolyn, in theory we could cook outdoor much of the year here. we have a protected outdoor area but it isn't much fun except may thru september. we CAN cook outside longer than that, but most people don't.

my washers both have a hot setting but Ive never used it. it makes me run a cleaning cycle every 20 loads. I never buy anything white because it s too hard to keep it white. machine temps are never very high but everything gets clean and smells fresh so no arguments from me. both my machines are HE but both are top loaders without an agitator. they are very nice! no complaints about either brand and no problems with either. neither was very expensive, compared to some of the complicated machines available.
This morning I did Live Lots of Legs. It's a pretty thorough workout and Cathe was in a really good mood, which seemed to lead her to enjoy the torture she was creating more. LOL Uses 10-20 lb weights, a stability ball, gliding disk and mat.

So today Nick had to practice stuff for doing a stress test with his professor. His patient - his brother! I got a pic of Derek with the little electrodes stuck all over his chest. He said Nick took his blood pressure like 70 times (was practicing that, too) and I'm pretty sure that was an exaggeration. He had to take is in various positions. While Derek was sitting, on a bike and on a treadmill. Would have like to have been a fly on the wall.

Valerie great that you got in a long ride! I'm pretty sure the longest ride I ever did was 25 miles and that was far enough for me. I did a couple organized fund raiser rides. A lot of things are hard to find right now and I can't imagine why anyone would be going forward with building a house right now, not only are so many appliances hard to get, lumber is so pricey. My brother's step son built a new house recently and the builder told him if they had delayed 6 months it would have cost them an additional $58,000!

Diane Sue that must be so frustrating trying to figure out the thermostat. You can probably find a manual online. Great job on the Step Hip Hop!

Judy nice job on the XTrain workouts! I really enjoy Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing. It's one of my favorite lives.


This morning I did CDorner Cardio Party Kickboxing and Dance cardio mash up, 31 minutes, heart rate 140/173. 184 calories, 3,855 steps. This was fun, but I had to split it for zoom class. I then did CDorner newest stretch//flexibility mobility workout 28 minutes, heart rate 88/110, 58 calories 71 steps. I finished off with Coffey FIt Raw Get Up and Move doing it two times which was 9 minutes, 48 calories, heart rate 134/157, 988 steps. This is meant mainly for people that have been sitting and need to get in some movement. I find it fun and wanted a bit more activity after breaking up the Cardio Party workout. Total time was 68 minutes, 290 calories, 4,914 steps.
CDorner Kickboxing & Dance was a mix of easy dance moves blended with some boxing moves. Not too heavy on boxing. It was quite fun and to me not hard to follow. I mean this as dance moves like the pony blended with boxing, twist, etc.. Also a fun music mix, with some Brittany Spears, and others. Some of these are music mixes I think meant for fitness. I don't dance, so these really were not hard to follow. She has a lot of short videos for learning step as that is her main cardio used.

Valerie, my husbands work shirts, masks, t shirts are all white for work. I sometimes pick up Oxy Clean for whites and use it to help keep them from being dingy. I don't care for white either. My machine is a top loader too. If it was front load I would kept my other washer, even though it was white and these are brushed steel look. I guess I will get used to it, because looking at the manual I cannot change the settings.

Carolyn, I finally got the thermostat temps set using the app on my cell phone. I set it up through the app as I had to figure out how to get it to work with wifi. I think there is another way. Nest is Google and every time I tried to find a manual, it lead me to Google Nest articles that led to more links to read. That is how I figured out how to do it on the cell phone. I still do not know why when I did try on the thermostat that it would stop me from moving further. I think the cloth bands would be more comfortable. Nice work on Rock Out Knock Out today. The thing is I looked around the yard and they were not using that kind of rock anywhere and it is really not decorative. I guess I can look at the manual again, but I did not see anything the last time I looked over it.

Judy, nice combo of RWH and X Train. I could probably get my husband to build something in there. Once I get things sorted out, I will see what we can do. I really feel some drawers or something would be good.

Cathy, nice work on the Live workout. I bet it would have been fun watching your sons interact in that situation without them knowing.


This morning I did SS Ramped Up Upper Body for 52 minutes and 238 calories burned. My average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 147. Okay, now I’m excited about Cathe’s new fabric bands and loops and the workouts. After seeing the pictures and reading the description more carefully I am very interested.

Valerie, nice ride yesterday even with having to pull over for the trucks.

Cathy, great job with Live Lots of Legs.

Diane Sue, you do a great job of adapting your workouts and working around online school. Nice work with CDORNER and Raw workouts. I was wondering if the rocks that you mentioned might be briquettes for your gas grill. We did have some of those in one of ours and they needed to be replaced periodically. Since they are stored under the grill that might be what they are. Do you see anything like that when you look inside the grill?

Hello to Deb, Judy, and Lori.
No workout today as it was shopping day. Won't be here to shop next week, so I had to get all the non-fridge/freezer stuff for the boys. Definitely spend a lot more when they are home. So, I found out yesterday, though my spy Derek had hinted, but refused to give me details. Nick has a girlfriend. He's been at NMU for four years, graduates next week, moves to Texas in August, and NOW he has a girlfriend. LOL She's pretty much the exact same age, but has a year and a half to go. At least Derek and his girlfriend both have three more years there. Summer will be interesting. Boys will be working a lot of hours and the girlfriends are both more than an hour away.

Diane Sue that sounds like a really fun workout. Great job! There are lots of times I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the boys get together.

Carolyn great job on the Ramped Up Upper Body!


Carolyn the tree farm is a business that basically grows trees. they allow horses, bikes, walkers to use their land for recreation. roads are open all year but trails are open to bikes/horses only from may to november. since its private, they can close it or open it up as they wish. we are recreating there with their permission, so its important we follow rules and not interfere with their ongoing operations. the roads are dirt/gravel and the trucks and equipment are big... this is commercial logging. its in our best intertest to stay the hell out of their way. roads are not wider than width of a truck. we hope bicyclists and horses obey the rules. we pay a small amount every year for the privilege and also sign a release form to protect the business. there are always a few people who don't follow rules and ride trails when they are closed. it's wet and muddy here and to keep trails from getting rutted and destroyed, they shut trails during the wettest part of the year. most trails are maintained by horse people but we want to get involved too.

DH used to wear dress shirts to work but I never bought white, a light color like ecru, or beige, light blue...anything but white. same with underwear, all colors no white. no white sheets or towels. white things only look good when they are brand new.
we used to have a grill that used rocks, may have been called lava rocks? small reddish brown rocks with little holes that used to sit in the bottom of the grill. made it look like charcoal but wasn't. dont remember if it was just for looks or if there was a purpose. maybe that's what you have?

went xc skiing this morning. the road was a mess and we had to log it out before we could use it so a lot of energy got spent before we even got to snow. a LOT of work. including "road crew" work, 2 hrs 40 minutes. pretty day and snow was nice but patchy so a lot of ski/walk/ski walk. never got high enough to be solid snow. too much work to get there...


I finally got in a workout this afternoon. I wanted to do cardio and then weights for lower body, but just did cardio. Just was feeling rather drained by the time I got to the workout. I did a CDorner step workout that is one in front of the fireplace. She says something about them putting down the flooring in the basement. This was workout #50, Fun & Sweaty step aerobics. 58 minutes, heart rate 129/160. I forgot to check the steps pre-workout so when I was done it was 6,820 steps. This was fun and had some good music which kept me going. I did not get my workout in till this afternoon as I needed to get my grandson through school work so his Dad could come and get them and take them to McDonalds. Starting a new reading program tomorrow with my grandson. He moved up to what they call wings so we need to hear all of the explanation of how the new program will be done. It is hard to keep him focused on the class and not off playing with the dog or something. He is excellent at reading. The writing portion about what he read he hates. Next week he will be in class two days a week.

I will have to look further inside the grill. I did look in the grill, but didn't see anything in the bottom. The rock is small rough grey looking rock. I would go out and look again now, but it is dark outside. There has to be a reason they are stored under the grill.

Carolyn, I find the bands and pictures looks quite interesting. Chris Dorner uses some different looking loop bands she calls Regina bands. She incorporates bands in her strength workouts and has some that just use bands. She does something that would resemble a lat pulldown with the loop band around her forearms on a couple of workouts I have done. Also she wears a band while doing leg work with weights. I may do her Killer Leg Day tomorrow which after previewing has some band work in it along with weights and has no work lying on the floor. I will have to go back and look more thoroughly inside the grill. I have found so many things that I have to look up to see how they work or what they are.
They left a little baggie with a plastic key and a card to mark things on along with garage door openers and house keys, keys to unlock bedroom doors if they should get locked by kids etc.. The plastic key I had no idea what it was. It turns out, I looked up the company and it also said rodentacide on it so I guessed rodent poison. It was for plastic traps that lock with the pesticide pellets in them. I told my husband with all of this building around us and the vacant area behind us that does not have houses, I could see mice coming in. We had that happen when we lived near a votech and they decided to expand up near our fence line. Caught 12 mice in a few days.

Cathy, I bet you have to have a lot more groceries when your boys are home. So, you have not met the girlfriend yet? I bet summer time your son will be gone a lot to see the girlfriend. Unless he brings her to your house a lot. But, it usually ends up the other way around. I have two granddaughters that recently have been out with their boyfriends getting rings. Both have a waiting period planned before the weddings though. One will be another year and a half before the wedding. She wants to finish college. The other wants to finish nursing school first and he wants to be a doctor but is a little older than her. Both young men are really nice and come to all of our family functions. The one that is in nursing school may end up moving away, which makes us all sad. His family is in Colorado. They go up their quite a bit. Our family has all stayed in this area.
I am really having fun with Chris Donner's step workouts. She is really good at teaching the choreography and also has some basic step workouts and short instructional classes for step moves.
She starts with a couple of moves and keeps adding, you repeat them a few times and she will add a couple of more moves. Then you back track a little and do some you have already done hooked onto the new moves till you hit the end and do all of the moves together. By then you know them pretty well.

Valerie, I don't know. Lava rock does come in various colors, although I think most of the time it is red. The texture on this rock would be similar to lava rock I guess. Only it is grey. That is so nice that the tree farm lets people use their roads and paths. I am guessing it is pretty large. I know where a tree farm is here, but it is more like a tree farm for nurseries and people do not ride through it.


Valerie, for whatever reason my husband always wears white socks unless he is really dressed up. I hate white clothing myself. I had a white sports bra once and after it got dingy I decided I would never buy another one.


This morning I did JS 30 Minute Fat Blaster from the 30 Day Plan. It was 30 minutes and 217 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 153.

Cathy, that’s kind of exciting that your son has a girlfriend even if the timing could have been better. Just another sign that our children are becoming young adults.

Valerie, I hadn’t given much thought to white clothes until we started this conversation. I don’t avoid them and have several, mostly blouses or t-shirts for layering. My husband wore white shirts for work after retiring from the military, but those went to the cleaners.

Diane Sue, you might need to look up your grill on the company website to get more information about how it heats. Nice job with the CDorner step workout.

Hello to Judy, Deb, and Lori. Have a wonderful day everyone.


This morning I did CDorner Killer Leg Day 48 minutes, 150 calories, heart rate 102/134, Garmins says 290 reps. I still don't have the sets thing down as it finished me with 1 set and recognized deadlifts. You can add exercises. Anyway, that was fine, I am just curious just in case I want to do something different. I then did CDorner neck and back stretch, 30 minutes, heart rate 78/94, 44 calories. I have done this before and really like it.
Today I did Live Metabolic Workout. All exercises focused on the entire core area front and back. Uses 3-15 lb weights and a mat. It's a really good workout though I'm not sure how often I'd want to do a 46 minute core workout.

I don't own much in the way of white stuff either. But, you know what I couldn't control! Baseball pants. There were a couple years of gray, but all the rest were white for two kids! After a bit of that, you learn not to care if they stay white, because the boys certainly don't care.

Valerie sounds like you got a good workout today what with having to move so much stuff and ski!

Diane Sue great job getting the cardio in around everything you have going on right now! I asked if I get to meet the girlfriends when I come up next week and got a maybe. LOL Nick's relationship is literally less than a couple weeks old. I don't think they will see them all that much this summer. First week back Nick works full days 7 days in a row and Derek works every week day. Plus the GF's will have jobs to work around, too. No idea how Nick will be in a relationship as he's never had one. Derek is fine with the other person doing their own thing while he does his. He's not big on the "we have to do everything together" kind of relationship. And you gotta love it when you ask him "where is she from" and you get back "Greenville who we beat in the 10U tournament." LOL It was an amazing win, and not one that will be forgotten, but he didn't need to add that since he knows I know where Greenville is located.

Carolyn great job on the Fat Blaster workout! I'm not getting excited over the girlfriend. Given the short time they've known each other and him leaving for two years in Texas in August, I'd be shocked if anything came of it.


Cathy sounds daunting a 46 min core workout!
yes, our 'road crew" efforts are exhausting and unpredictable. we have a lot of trees here. every year spring brings roads littered with branches and tree tops or whole trees from things that fell during the winter. Dh brings the chain saw. this is WAY too much to hand saw. I drag and roll cut things out of the way. what can happen is by the time we get to where the road is clear, we are too tired to ski! just because we get to the snowline doesn't mean the road wont have more trees down. we can ski over things, go around or climb over. too many obstacles make for a tedious trip. good snow cover buries most of the small stuff, but bigger things need to be gotten past somehow. some years and locations are more challenging than others. we work hard to get away by ourselves. this road had been snowmobiled not too long ago, but the ruts had melted down to fairly smooth. when its nice, its lovely.

ugh... young boys and white clothing is a bad mix. gray is so much easier and looks better. that's great your boys sound like they have normal relationships. nobody overly dependent. so many kids these days seem unable to get away from home, something I never understood. the 'failure to launch" thing. my parents were awful. I never forgave them for making my teen years absolute hell. I was out of that house ASAP. as soon as I left, they started treating me like an adult rather than like a 7 year old but I had to leave before it happened.

I took yesterday off and did shopping so we don't starve. our great weather is over for the next few days at least..


This morning I did X Train Cardio Leg Blast, rounds 1-9 and round 12. I was going to stop after round 9 but then decided to do the last round. My time was 51 minutes with 282 calories burned. Average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 153.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Killer Leg Day and Neck and Back stretch. It’s very interesting that your watch can recognize individual strength exercises.

Cathy, great job with Live Metabolic Workout. Those core focused workouts can really get you!

Valerie, taking a day off for shopping is good. It also gives your body time to recover.

Hello to Judy, Deb, and Lori.
I did Live For the Love of Cardio this morning. This was a really good workout and my heart rate was in the peak zone for 28 of the 43 minute. First 30 minutes is a mix of cardio styles: low impact, high impact, old school, kickboxing etc., then a very short steady state leg focused cardio portion, followed by a section where she uses the mat as a marker for the moves, but I don't.

Since I get my second COVID vaccine Monday and head north Wednesday, I've already started doing some of my trip prep and will finish up everything I can do early tomorrow. If Tuesday, turns out to be a down day from reactions, it won't hinder me.

For the last two years, Nick has been part of the Student Leader Fellowship Program on campus and they had a graduation for participants last night. I think there are around 50 students total in the program and some graduated from the program, but still have another year at NMU, others are just in their first year. I was able to watch it on YouTube. Graduation will be the same next Saturday, only he'll be home watching too, since that it completely virtual. I'm hopeful that Derek can get into it next year as it was a great thing for Nick to be part of while he was there.

Wow Valerie that is a lot of work you do to get the trail clear! While I would love to keep the boys around longer, I know they need to spread their wings. Nick is really ready to head off, but I'm going to miss him like crazy. For the two years he's there we will see very little of him. Derek of course is still lobbying to go down there at Thanksgiving. DH filled out the info yesterday to be the guarantor on his apartment. So, hopefully that will be officially settled in the next few days. It's a tiny studio apartment, but it's in a great location and he'll be close enough to campus to walk on decent weather days.

Carolyn great job on Cardio Leg Blast!


Today I did CDorner Cardio Dance Footloose, 59 minutes, 285 calories, heart rate 132/161, 6,756 steps. I then did CDorner sculpted arms, 30 min (actual 24 I think) 87 calories, heart rate 97/134. Total time was 89 minutes, 372 calories. I did not get the steps on the sculped arms, because I forgot to look at the final step count reading. It probably was not much anyway. It poured rain all night last night. Fortunately it is sunny today. It has been cold and cloudy the last few days. Tomorrow is my rest day. I saw Kelly had put up a Kickboxing outside workout on Raw. I may do that one next week. I meant to come back and post last night, but got side tracked. I read your posts though.

CDorner Sculpted arms
each move is done for 45 seconds then repeated. Warm up is all of the moves using 5# dumbbells
Biceps curl up, rotate out, W curl, down
triceps overhead extension (15's) I used 12's after trying 15's then dropped to using 10's for kickbacks for rest of rounds
upright row/front raise (8's) I used 5's
triceps push ups or option lying triceps press I did some as push ups and some as triceps press with 10's
goal post arms pump up down and in out option is lateral raise (8's) I used 5's

I checked the grill and the bag underneath and when I turned the bag over it just says Quickcrete walking path on it. I did read that there is some types of stones and some ceramic stones that can be used for flavor. I think I will leave the rock alone. I just need to clean it up and get some stainless steel cleaner and protector since it has been in the elements for a few months. The cover had blown off. I put it on and wrapped the velcro around the handle today after last night's storm. The sun is out today and forecast is bringing some upper 70's and 80 degree temps next week. I am not sure where they used this this rock as the back beds are all done up, side walkways are really pretty stone, which I see why when I look at the neighbors on each side and theirs is soggy and muddy. There is a stone area that is more like large river rock for drainage, I think as it holds water there. White stones around the roses. None of that Quickcrete.

Cathy, that is a fun workout. Didn't she do that one around Valentines day? Which son is the older one? It is tough watching the pain when there is break ups. My older 5 grandchildren run from 20 this month to 23 years old. The 23 year old is the one that graduated law school and her husband sent out invites for an open house kind of party with snacks. It seems weird having to do graduations virtually. I will be glad when this is all over. My granddaughter stayed in the OU dorms first year, then the next she got an apartment within walking distance of the university and shared with 2 other girls. It had 3 baths and bedrooms and washer and dryer, so that was nice for her. White uniforms for sports always seemed a bit ridiculous. Whoever decided that was a color to use was not practical at all.

Carolyn, nice work on Cross Train Cardio Leg Blast. You can add the exercises from a workout. There is a whole list including things like band workouts or slide outs.

Valerie, cutting and clearing the roadway would be tiring. Sorry the weather is changing.

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