Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 3/19/2023

Well I was supposed to do Kickbox Express today. And then I picked something up and my biceps went HELLO! It's such a rarity I was expecting that. Other areas are sore, too, but they are the worst. Then I realized that my upper outer thigh/glutes were still sore from Friday. Put together that meant kickboxing would not be pleasant. So I ended up doing Step, Jump and Pump step and a low section from the Hi/Lo.

Okay, I'll toss this out. We got a bill the other day for the co-pay for Derek's visit with our doctor. Payment is supposed to be sent to the group. Now my thought is that that money should make its way to our doctor and I don't know that it will get passed on to him. Thinking of calling the number and asking them where it will go, though I'm also not sure I'll believe the answer. But, Derek is an adult, and I don't want any potential fallout credit wise to fall on him since we pay medical bills.

Judy were you getting the on and off white outs all day yesterday. It was such a crazy weather day. Snowed most of the day, but our accumulation probably didn't exceed 2". On the other hand, a number of times we had white outs in the back yard. Was seeing reports from all over the state. That section of 28 in the UP was closed again for most of yesterday. The winds coming off Lake Superior combined with snow, nail the area every time.

Carolyn nice job with JS Stride and Step.

Valerie, I'm so sorry to hear about the panic attacks. It's totally understandable that you would be upset and frustrated over what you are dealing with, and panic attacks just amplify things. I hope you get answers/solutions soon.

There certainly must have been some miscommunication and some assumptions being made at our doctors office. I've never gotten any indication that he had a desire to stop practicing. He's one of those people who neither looks or comes across as his age. For years he has had a solo general practice, and his office is pretty low key. As far as I can tell he's always had a general practice, but he specialized in sports medicine, and was the doctor for a lot of local sports teams, including some at MSU.One of the reasons, I like seeing him is because of his experience when I hurt myself it's a plus. Also, he's been around so long, he knows who the best of every speciality is and when Nick broke his foot and I had to take him out of school and bring him back, he got us into to someone immediately. Called the guy up and they squeezed us in. I do have to wonder how the agreement was written up that he's the one moving out of the building.

Diane Sue great job with CDorner Super Sweaty Step Hiit, Muscle Meltdown Shoulders and Back and the mobility workout.
Good morning. Judy, thanks for starting the thread. This morning I did my usual yoga for 18 minutes.

Valerie, I’m sorry that you are dealing with these injuries and stress that goes with your situation. You shouldn’t feel that you have nothing to contribute to the forum because of your injuries. Your presence here is important even when you can’t work out as usual.

Cathy, great job with Step, Jump, and Pump premix.

Diane Sue, enjoy your family day.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
thank you. I am going to check in even if I can't do much. I keep doing therapy. its a decent leg and core workout. not as hard as Cathe but I do it at least once every day, sometimes more than that so it feels effective effective. we didn't have plans for today. rode or hiked the last 3 days. I would feel better if one of you would plan on starting the thread until I get past this. If the cortisone helps, I may be back in reasonable form but it will be challenging if it doesn't. I have this sense of everything I like to do slipping away suddenly. it's hard to face. if I need surgery it will be hard to regain lost ground. I'm not 35 yo! to say I didn't see this coming is an understatement. totally blindsided. the panic attacks are unpredictable. some nights are fine and others are not. I was awake for a long time last night but did go back to sleep.

cathe, most (not all) people retire by their mid 70's. changes in medicine encouraged a lot of people to leave earlier. staying up-to-date is a challenge by itself. the change to electronic medical records was harsh and the large groups of doctors are now managed with care standards set by business people, not physicians. it has changed the role physicians used to have. some things for the better but other things for the worse. (I speak mainly to the urban area we live) not sure how it works in rural areas. would be nice for you to hear what is really going on there. its always been tough to recruit docs to live in less developed areas because once you've been to the big city, its hard to go back to the farm. its hard to get coverage for a vacation or weekend time off. you are on call 24/7. most people can't live like that, or their families won't live like that and so its hard to get new people to practice in rural places. many hospitals have closed.

Valerie you are valuable to this group no matter how much you are currently doing. Everyone has had times when they needed to back off for awhile, and you have knowledge that we can all benefit from. I'm sure this has blindsided you, we would all feel the same, but we're here for you.

I think I'm too used to following all the vegan doctor's over the years. Many of them are in their 70, 80's and even some 90's and still writing books, giving presentations, doing research and in some cases seeing patients. It's skews my view of normal. While my doctor isn't vegan, he has the same type of energy.
This weekend I worked both days, 8 hours each day. I know I said I wasn't going to work those hours anymore, but I forgot to schedule one of the weekend days off this week and we were training a few new employees for the spring. I'm not scheduled again until next Saturday so that's good at least. Two 8 hour days in a row was enough exercise for me. I was exhausted when I got home today.

Valerie, I agree with everyone, you are very valuable to our group and your presence here is important.
I can understand being blindsided. I can plan on starting the threads for as long as you need.

Cathy-Great job with Step, Jump and Pump. Yes, the weather was crazy yesterday and it was so cold! We had intermittent warnings about white out conditions but, like you, we didn't really get any significant snow accumulation.

Carolyn-Great job with your yoga today.

Hi to Diane Sue
I am getting ready to head to bed. This has been an exhausting week and a lot of broken up sleep.

Valerie, I am with everyone here, you are part of our group and have plenty to share. It is not all fitness. It may be that you can get help and continue to find workouts that fit your needs. Many times we stress over the what ifs and things turn out not as bad as we imagine. I hate those nights when I cannot sleep thinking about things and imagining the worst possible.
Just finished Xtrain Legs the fire walker, ball and barre segments. Biceps are still pretty sore, everything else is much better. With our sunny day yesterday, almost all the snow is gone again. Just the shady areas remain.

Diane Sue I'm there with you on the sleep and I hope we both find a solution soon. My latest is to fall asleep for a couple hours and then be wide awake. I got 8 hours the other night and then the last two broken again. After so many nights of bad sleep, my body apparently says enough and sleeps all night. Ugh

Judy were you having to drive during the white outs to or from work? Still crossing my fingers on Sunday to get me up north. Enjoy your days off work!
This morning I did Rev’d Up Rumble for 41 minutes and 304 calories burned. My average heart rate was 137 and maximum heart rate was 164.

Valerie, I understand the feeling that things are changing much too quickly. I am going to keep sending positive thoughts your way in hopes that things will work out for you. The “what if’s “ can really take you down a difficult path.

Cathy, great job with XTrain Legs firewalker, ball, and barre segments. Those are the parts that I usually skip .

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it! If this injection turns out well for me I will feel much better. I've heard plenty of good outcomes. I realize I might need several shots before it's up to its full benefit. I believe being in decent shape will have a lot of influence on how well this turns out. then I can get the colonoscopy done, schedule my cataract surgery, also need a derm exam and a dental followup. somehow it seemed like too much. I'm ticking off the boxes as I do things. none of this is life threatening but it seemed to all descend on my head at once. my knee has settled down and my shoulder is OK as long as I dont overdo. Thank you all again.
Today I did CDorner Cardio to the Beat Low Impact 70's Disco, 23 minutes, 125 calories, heart rate 137/166, 2,339 steps. I then did CDorner Total Body Bands and Dumbbells from today, 50 minutes, 113 calories, heart rate 91/135, 500 steps. I finished of with CDorner Stretch from a cardio, weight, stretch workout, 22 minutes, 37 calories, 49 steps. Total time was 95 minutes, 275 calories, 2,888 steps
Total Body is done 45 sec each move, 3 moves that progress in difficulty. I am trying to catch things up so I can put things together for our trip and taking the dog to my son's house. I saw Kelly has a new Upper Body and Abs workout posted on her Raw channel. I watched and wrote down the moves, but I think my shoulders and back need a rest for a bit. She does most of the moves seated on the step and shows how to do moves in a way to protect the back. She has Sammy do the moves and points thing out as Sammy has recovered from back surgery.
Set 1
Rnd 1 Squat slow with 1 db 15# db
bent over row 15# dbs
side bends 10# dbs
rnd 2 squats side to side dbs held in front 15# dbs (holding them in front caused some hurting in my neck and trap for some reason)
bent over row alternating 15# dbs
kneeling side bends 15# dbs
rnd 3 pulse squats 15# dbs
renegade row alternating (did this on my knees instead of plank because my foot hurts)
lying side to side reach
Set 2 Fabric Loop Band
rnd 1 band squat to deadlift 15# dbs
chest press/ bridge 10# dbs
reverse crunch legs to ceiling
rnd 2 band squat pulses 3 into deadlift 15# dbs
bridge with chest press with a rotation 10# dbs
rnd 3 deadlift 15# dbs
crunch with a reverse crunch
Set 3
side to side step with band
hammer curls 15# dbs
side to side step with band
supination curls 15# dbs
band narrow stationary lunge forward lean pulses no weight
kickbacks 10# dbs
skull crushers 10# dbs
Bridge with 15# db
bridge on toes
bridge with knee ins

Cathy, I often have to change my workout choice that I had in mind due to soreness from another workout. I have seen doctors offices change staff and move. One of them a doctor and some of the staff moved to another office. I don't know what the conflict was, but I am sure that there was one. I still go to doctors that had moved from the original office. My primary doctor moved with the doctor and others and she took ownership of the office when the doctor retired. My girls and daughter in law worked in both of those offices at some point. I always forget those segments are on the XTrain workout. I should check it out. Most of the XTrain workouts are so long if done in their entirety. I have those rare nights where I am so exhausted I fall right to sleep and stay asleep.

Carolyn, I did enjoy family day. Nice work today on Revd Up Rumble. I have 3 of Cathy's dvd laying out I keep thinking I will do. All are step workouts low impact step workouts.

Valerie, I do understand that it gets overwhelming when you have several things going on and you find yourself dwelling on the outcomes. I do that myself. I want to do the right thing, but I don't want the side effects of most of the arthritis drugs. My foot hurts and I can see obvious changes other areas hurt and I have not refilled my hydroxychloraquine yet as I have enough till my appointment because I may have to make the decision to let him give me a foot injection or other medication. Not sure. I have other problems and am hoping some or the appointments show that there is nothing else serious. The mammogram is next month and after having it done twice last year and the ultrasound I feel more apprehensive.
I agree on the way medicine has gotten and doctors and hospitals being owned by big companies. It is not the most compassionate caring field it used to be. It makes it hard for the doctors. I remember when they were changing to electronic files in our office. I don't think they even have some of my really old records anymore. I saw several doctors retired during all of the covid stuff. The one at the heart hospital that I go to for lung nodule checks retired. I chose him because of background and reviews and because he was older and liked him. Then he retires. My daughter's boss in her office suddenly retired. Around here I know that there are doctors that go to some of the smaller rural communities one or two days a week to see patients.
As healthy and active as you are I would think you should be able to get through this and still be active. I do think as we get older it takes longer to recover from our workouts and sometimes we need to slow down a bit.
Well I woke up about 3 and eventually just said what the heck, I'll stay up. So I worked out a little after 6. I ended up doing 30 minute hiit express after I discovered that the title of the workout I wrote down doesn't exist. There are similar ones, and it was a hiit workout. LOL Tomorrow I have a 9 am vet appointment for Mopsy. He's usually in the house around the time I'd need to get him, so fingers crossed. Getting him in the carrier is not gonna be a picnic. So we'll see if I get a workout in or not.

My parents moved to K'zoo in '97 and spent a years driving back up here for dentist and eye appointments. They still have issues down there because of the issue of who will take their insurance.

Carolyn great job with Rev’d Up Rumble. I'll take barre and ball any day over standing legs. LOL

Diane Sue nice job with Cardio to the Beat Low Impact 70's Disco, Total Body Bands and Dumbbells and stretch.

Valerie it sounds like there's an excellent chance that the injections will help you.
the change to EMR( electronic medical records ) was not smooth. different software systems were a huge money commitment for medical groups . people had to learn them quickly. the group my DH was with went with one system and then a year later abruptly switched to second system. sometimes hospitals used one system and offices used another. these systems need to "talk' to each other so records and information can be exchanged. my understanding is it's a bit like Apple / Microsoft. which side are you on? anyway, a lot of old medical records did not make it across the bridge. when I was trying to schedule the colonoscopy, they had no records of me as a patient although I had two scopes previously by the doc I will use again. I have records and can give them info but nothing made it to EMR. also recorded notes and dictation that were done by medical transcription all suddenly switched to voice recognition software. I used to do that and lost that job when the switch occurred. voice recognition software does not always get it right. complex medical terms and foreign accents make it challenging. instead of dictating their notes into a hand held recorder which was hand typed by a transcriptionist, docs suddenly had to type it themselves or use what voice recognition thought they said. a lot of older docs didn't enjoy new systems and retired. we run subtitles on movies and TV series and its pretty amazing the number of mistakes that are in there! wrong words... we are watching a WWII series, and 'attacks' gets turned into "taxis". a bit like autocorrect works when texting. sometimes fine, but sometimes awful.
it's far from seamless even now. I believe all old written paper charts/records had to be destroyed to protect patient privacy.

diane sue, the technology keeps changing with mammograms, when they switch to a slightly different machine technology it generates a lot of "recheck" situations. I sure dont enjoy the call backs but I want them to be careful too.

did therapy work yesterday only. hope to mt bike today when it stops raining.

as planned, we mt biked this morning, our regular mileage of about 5m with a big uphill and an easy ride down. 1 hr 15 minutes.
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I’m not working out today. I was waiting for installers to arrive to replace our garage doors and openers. They did not come as early as I expected but they are working and making good progress now. Yesterday we had a junk removal company come and pick up some of the stuff that was blocking access to the work areas. It’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the past 24 years. We needed the back half of the garage clear and spent a good portion of the day yesterday working on that.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner cardio, strength, and stretch. It’s good that Kelly is emphasizing modifications for those with back issues in that Raw workout.

Cathy, great job with the early morning HiiT workout.

Valerie, there are definite gaps in my medical records. My longtime gyn closed her office several years ago and I never got those records. Most of my current physicians are affiliated with a major hospital network which is very helpful with communication.

Waving hello to Judy.
We have a family member in hospice and will probably be travelling to Indiana soon. I will still start the weekly threads but I probably won't be posting much for the next week or two. Take care everyone.
unless my injection is a medical disaster, we will head to MT this weekend. we've put this trip off so many times and need to check things since we have not been there since fall. never intended it to be this long. it probably wont be a long trip because the season is not good. not time for hiking or riding, too late for most skiing if I can even do that right now. I think I can but skiing has not been very successful here this year either.

judy best wishes on the trip. sad but unavoidable times. Hospice does a wonderful job taking care of people and making sure their needs are met. hope it goes well.
Today I did CDorner Fast Basic Step plus abs #272. I like this one a lot and no choreography but fast paced and good music. 67 minutes, 298 calories, heart rate 124/149, 5,022 steps. I finished with CDorner stretch after step 11-minute quick stretch, 24 calories. Total time 78 minutes, 322 calories.

Cathy, I am sorry you couldn't sleep. It is miserable to be tired. I am glad I just have to open the car door and my Dog Gertie hops right in. We have to take her to my sons Friday since we will be out of town. The big problem is leaving her as she tries to follow us back out the door when we leave their house. Makes me feel guilty. She is getting so much grey in her black coat. Her eyebrows and nose are grey. She limps when she gets up from sleeping. Nice work getting Hiit Express early in the morning. Unlike years ago, I get up and read and have coffee and relax before I go work out.

Valerie, my daughter in law used to do what you did for years. She had her own office space. She finally moved on and works for a place that handles medical insurance. Not sales. I am not quite understanding exactly what she does. My granddaughter worked there till she finished school and just started teaching this semester. My doctor was pouring through their records trying to find some things we were talking about and they were missing. One of the things was which pneumonia vaccine I had had in the past. I happened to have a card in my wallet, for whatever reason I had stuck it in the back of my wallet years ago and it moved from on to the other over the years. Voice recognition still does not work well. My husband gets so frustrated when talking to his GPS system in the truck. My grandson figured out how to speak type, so he did not have to do it on the computer doing schoolwork when he was 6. He would be so upset with me when it did not understand, and I had to make him go back and fix the wording.
They saw a spot last mammogram and that is why they had me come back to do it again. They did get somewhat of a view and then did the ultrasound. Now they said they need to keep an eye on it. I am glad that they are careful and watch. I just would not rather have to do it.
I am glad that you got out for a ride today.

Carolyn, it feels good to purge some of the stuff that hangs around. My husband is the one that keeps doing that. He wanted more space in the garage. We have a big 3 car garage, but when we got the Jeep truck it takes up a lot of space and we had metal shelving around and cabinets. He cleaned out stuff and gave some shelving and a large tool chest to our son in law and grandson and threw a lot away. I looked in one of the trashcans and coolers and water jugs and swim toys all went in the trash. Also cleaned out stuff that got stuffed into the office closet when we moved here. We have moved and purged enough you would think we would not have any more stuff to get rid of. Anyway he was able to move the refrigerator freezer in the garage to a wall instead of in the middle of the garage. Opened it up a lot. Now I can pull my car forward if I want to use the storm shelter.
Kelly has a variety of workouts that help with different things. There is a chair boxing workout. I know someone that had knee surgery and has used it a lot while recovering. I have used the shoulder limitation weight workout a lot. Chris of CDorner often gives form pointers and suggestions for those that cannot do one move for another. She also did a weight workout that I just did giving for pointers and she did not do the workout, her neighbor did with her explaining moves.
I do not have a lot of my records available, but I keep a log of dates, doctors and every doctor visit in a medical folder on my phone that shares with my tablet and I can print it off occasionally. That way I have info on me when I fill out paper work.

Judy, I am sorry that you have a family member in Hospice. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

I will be out of town this weekend till next week. Still checking in till Friday.
This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one. That was 26 minutes and 191 calories burned. My average heart rate was 138 and maximum heart rate was 164. Today the garage door installer will be returning and we have the HVAC maintenance biannual inspection. We have something house related scheduled every day this week.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Fast Basic Step and stretch. We will probably do more garage clearing out over the next few months. Ours is also a three car garage although it doesn’t feel like it. I have my treadmill, spin bike, and weights on one side.

Hello to Cathy, Valerie, and Judy.
now the weather forecast for the drive is looking difficult. will wait deciding. cant seem to catch a break this season.
voice recognition is like autocorrect.... you think you know what you typed or said, but when you read it back before sending, its clearly not what ended up in print. supposedly you can 'train" the system to your voice and pronunciation but it doesn't work that well. I had a lot of jobs over my career but the last was transcription. did it for my husbands office. could do it from home from a home office and it worked out well for everyone for a few years. then they suddenly decided to make the switch to EMR and it was gone in a heart beat.
. MY Chart does great except for anything that happened before its introduction. vaccine records pharmacies ( the only places for vaccines here) aren't reliable. when I get a vaccine, I message MyChart to my primary care. they record what vaccine and when. you always think you'll remember or have that wallet card, but better to record it. there are several pneumonia vaccines, shingles, and keeping the DTP current. and of course covid. I cant think of any others. I got them but dont remember dates. diane sue thats a good idea keeping records on your phone. I keep some things there but not everything. good idea to print since your phone could fail, get stolen, or files not transfer correctly to a new model. everyone acts like paper is outdated, but its reliable.

off to ride this morning, a road ride as soon as it warms up more.

back from our road ride, 15 miles. took an hour and a half because we stopped to sit in the sun for a while.
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