Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 3/03/2024

Just finished STS Disk 34 Chest and Back. Going to do legs tomorrow and rest of upper body on Wednesday. I'll start planning my next rotation on the trip. Planning to do STS 2 again, but I need to pick a start date and I'd like to do Killer Legs and the new Total Body workout first. Maybe even look for places to put them into the STS 2 rotation.

Valerie you can preorder all the new DVD's individually, so you may want to read the descriptions. The videos being posted are just of her demonstrating some things. Sounds like they may not have filmed yet, since she made comments for not knowing about some equipment yet. Great job with the elliptical and therapy work.

Carolyn sounds like you had a productive shopping trip to the Farmer's Market. I made the mistake of picking up a half loaf of Olive Bread from the Whole Foods Bakery the other day and that stuff is so good! I may pick up a some to take with me on the trip.

Diane Sue great job with Raw Box a Better Waistline, CDorner To the Beat Cardio Mashup, stretch and mobility.
cathy I looked around and didn't see any demos of what's on the new workouts so I didnt miss anything. I have so many workouts I haven't used in forever but not sure if I want to comb thru old ones looking for things that will work. I'm definitely downgrading what I can do but many of the old workouts were pretty intense and I never enjoyed them that much. Ive been sticking mainly to walking outdoors or treadmill, elliptical and limited weights along with therapy. and tree pose most days. ive never been good at that one even with eyes open. I do left leg decently but not as much the right one. still keep doing it.

planned on a walk this morning but the weather decided otherwise. rain and snow on and off for hours now. not going to accumulate but not nice out there.

I love sourdough and olive bread. I love bread! have not had much for years now sticking mostly to tortillas and other less caloric options. nothing against bread except I eat too much of it.
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I did yoga/mobility this morning for 20 minutes. Chris Freytag has a balance workout where she uses a folded up mat to create an unstable surface similar to that balance disc. The email with that 15 minute balance workout came yesterday as we were discussing Cathe’s new balance equipment. It’s one of the free workouts on her gethealthyu site.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Box for a Better Waistline, CDorner Cardio Madhup, and CDorner stretch and mobility workouts. I try to do a little bit of balance work every day. A couple of the moves that Chris Freytag does in that simple balance session are very similar to ones that I do as part of my early morning stretching.

Valerie, nice job doing the elliptical and therapy exercises. One of the things that I really appreciated about Cathe’s last series STS 2.0 is that she went much slower and was more deliberate in the movements and her cues. I agree that some of the older workouts move very quickly. You will find Cathe discussing the new workouts but it’s too early for clips.

Cathy, great job with STS disc 34 Chest and Back. The olive sourdough bread and the cheddar jalapeño were ones that I couldn’t buy. I would eat all of that! I bought a very healthy flax bread that I put in the freezer. We just take out 1-2 slices as needed and no risk of overeating.

Hello to Judy.
cathy I read the text a short time ago, maybe in the weekly newsletter but didnt see the video. omg. no. that orange thing looks evil. I have enough standing on the flat floor. I do stand for a minute to 2 minutes but even 20 yrs ago I was not terribly good at tree pose. Im ok left, not as good right but I do it almost daily as part of therapy.
my knees dont bend for squats and lunges anymore without protesting loudly. Im pretty sure I will be lining up for knee replacement on right side within the next year or so. nothing I want to do. I will see if the injections help again like they did about a year and a half ago.

carolyn we do the same, freeze the bread and pull it out by the slice as we want it.
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Today is a rest day. I went outside and did some springtime yardwork this afternoon.

I have always thought of balance work as something good to add to help prevent injuries. I have older dvds with balance work in them. I used to stand on my Bosu flat side up and use light weights for upper body moves. My disc needs more air. I let a lot out of it for sitting on. It does make the stabilizers work.
I can do tree pose on my left, but struggle with my right. It seems there is a trend for more balance work and unilateral stuff.

Carolyn, I will check out the Chris Frietag link.
This morning I did Low Impact Sweat workout one for 28 minutes and 175 calories burned. My average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 155.

Valerie, I had the same thought as you about the balance disc—I have enough trouble balancing on the floor!! Your therapy exercises sound like they are really good. Cathe has an article in this week’s newsletter about lunges that might be more joint friendly. I’m okay with stationary and rear lunges as long as I don’t try to go too deep. I hate the split squat or elevated lunge with one leg on the step. My knees don’t like that one at all. With squats I have to be very aware of my form and sit back into my heels. Again, I don’t try to go to deep with them.

Diane Sue, nice job getting in some spring yard work. I’ve noticed the increased emphasis on balance and unilateral work recently.

Hello to Cathy and Judy.
This morning I did STS Disk 40 Squat Rack. Last legs for STS. Really not a fan of front squats with a barbell, as I find it hard to find a comfortable position for the barbell in front of me. I finally started using my vest for 10 lbs of the weight and found a hand position that works but still not a fan. It was beautiful here a couple hours ago and I could walk in a T-shirt, but then it clouded up and got windier.

Carolyn nice job with yoga/mobility and Low Impact Sweat. Fortunately the Olive bread is small round loafs so half of it isn't all that many pieces.

Diane Sue great that you were able to get outside and do yard work. Even though it's been warmer than usual February is definitely to early hear for that. Not that we are big on maintenance, low maintenance is totally our mode. LOL

Valerie sorry the weather impacted your ability to get out. Sure is some really crazy deep snow they are dealing with out west.

Hi Judy.
Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. Our bathroom project is off to a good start. The contractors were here for several hours today and will back tomorrow morning.

Cathy-Great job with STS Disk 34 Chest and Back and STS Disk 40 Squat Rack. It was so nice this morning! I couldn’t believe how warm it was. I would have walked or ran a little if we weren’t busy with the bath work.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga/mobility and Low Impact Sweat workout one. I like the gethealthyu site. Lots of good information there. I agree about the balance disc. Balance work on the floor is challenging enough for me. I definitely needed Cathe’s article on joint friendly lunges. My knees have been bothering me more lately.

Valerie-I have an old balance board that I got from Amazon 8 or 9 years ago when I was in PT for my low back. It’s plastic and not bouncy like the newer ones. I think the new ones are ok for sitting on to improve posture but I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to stand on it.

Diane Sue-I hope you had a nice rest day. We bought a Bosu Balance trainer during the pandemic and ended up giving it away last year. We thought we would use it when we got it but ended up not using it at all.
its not like my knees dont bend, they do, but I cant go deep or use weight. knees make a lot of noise. I can still squat all the way down to where my butt is literally on the ground but xrays dont lie and it doesnt show any joint space left so I am going conservative. walking is ok, as the elliptical and the bike so its not worth pushing too hard.

another morning of snow but its close to 40 now and long since melted. still, it messed with our plan to walk. joint replacement is a concept I need to get my brain to accept so I hope I can keep regular activity going a while.

we are doing a camper trip in mid april so I did one of the bravest things Ive done in a while..... bought a new swim suit and tried it on. man, that is hard! it fits ok. got from LLBean. not sure it will get much use but my old ones suddenly lost their stretch when they got wet and died. Cathy California has a lot of snow in the mountains. and they're getting more. not true here. we are running around 60% of normal. el nino pattern usually means the moisture goes south of WA and we end up warmer and drier while CA is wetter. the pattern breaks down in march usually and so we are getting a little snow but not normal amounts.

I have a lot of equipment but never thought a bosu would work for me. I think I have what I think is normal balance but do tree pose often to stay in practice. doing it even for a few days I improve. riding a bike is a balance test somewhat. Im good at that and do it regularly.
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Today I did Raw Kettlebells #3 3/24, 29 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 113/158. I then wanted more so did Row Total Body Drop Sets Express, 30 minutes, 104/137 heart rate, 101 calories. I finished off with Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 29 minutes, 46 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 263 calories.

Kettlebell #3 3/24
uses 15#,20#, & 25# kettlebells
10 moves back-to-back 45 seconds work 2 times

1. press/triceps extension/halo/squat 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
2. around the body twice/squat alternating sides 15# kettlebells rnd 2 20# kettlebell
3. Kettlebell swings 20# rnd 2 25# kettlebell
4. deadlift/squat 20# kettlebell rnd 2 25# kettlebell
5. alternating swings 20# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
6. Gorilla Row alternating 25# kettlebell( rnd 2 is done with a 20 and 25# kettlebell 2 sets switching sides)
7. wide stance side to side lunge 20# kettlebell rnd 2 25# kettlebell
8. curl/push front 15# kettlebell rnd 2 15# kettlebell
9.pass around leg alternating (crazy 8's) 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
10. hold kettlebell over head while doing alternating knee lifts 15# kettlebell rnd 2 20# kettlebell
stretch after 2nd round

Raw Total Body Drop sets Express
Uses an incline step , 10 reps each move first set heavy second set drops to lower weight increment
Warm Up

Front Curl/Overhead press 15# dbs
Front Curl/Overhead press 12# dbs

Crush Grip hold away from chest/squat 30# db
Crush Grip hold away from chest/squat 20# db

Pull over 30# db
Pull over 20# db

dumbbells swing 15's# dbs 20 reps
dumbbell swings 12's#dbs 20 reps

rows 30# db lft/rt
rows 20# db lft/rt

Thrusters(squat press) 15# dbs
Thrusters 12# dbs

1 arm bench press 17.5# db
1 arm bench press 15# db

Carolyn, nice work on Low Impact Sweat today.

Cathe, good job on STS disc 40. I have never liked doing front squats. It does work the quads more I think, but it is so uncomfortable, and I always end up going lighter so I can keep the form right. Our spring seems to be hitting early. We would probably not have so much to deal with in our back yard, but the people before us put a big rock filled planter in the back corner and filled it with box woods and a crepe myrtle. There were some other plants which one of is left. The others died off. I get why they did it because that corner holds the electric box, the ATT box, and the Cox cable box. Why they did not put those at a house on a corner or something makes no sense. Workers have to get in our yard to fix other neighbors' stuff. I do know the neighbor on one side said they wanted to do it in his yard, and he told them no. Now I have to keep it trimmed out some as when it fills all in the workers can hardly get to the boxes. I still have to work in front, but need my husband who is taller to help with the crepe myrtle that is out there and has been ignored for a couple of years. Since my shoulder surgery it has just been left.

Judy, nice work on the 45 minute Peloton ride. I have some dvds that use a Bosu and some are cardio and some weight work. I pull it out occasionally. CDorner has a couple of ab workouts that she has used one for. It is good for sitting on and balancing while do Russian twists and I like putting my hands on it for things like mountain climbers.

Valerie, I have wondered why my arthritis doctor did not do x rays for my shoulder earlier on. He just did the mri and the first one they just thought arthritis. When I finally was at the Orthopedic doctor's office they took x rays and could show me everything and it was much worse than what the arthritis center doctors came up with. I had to get the diagnosis online. I do wish we had more options on Rheumatologists here. It is good you still have the mobility to be able to get low to the floor. Which reminds me how much I do not like yogi squats even though I can do them, it hurts somewhat if I am there too long. The last swim suit I bought was more like a pair of workout shorts and cami. I still felt uncomfortable in it. I bought it about 6 years ago when I would go to our neighborhood pool with my daughter and grandchildren at the other house.
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Today I Gloved Up and Sweaty. No more warm weather, woke up to 60 and thunderstorms, and the temperature goes down from there, but still quite mild 40-low 50's.

Judy were you close enough to hear the explosions from the fire last night? Sounds like it was pretty scary. Great job with the Peloton ride.

Valerie I'm pretty sure we are more than 50% below our normal snow fall for the winter. I think we've only shoveled twice! Normally we get at least 2-3 more snowfalls but the 45 day forecast isn't showing anything more. We'll have nighttime temps below freezing, but daytimes are all over and mostly 40-60. I have a swimsuit, but I haven't had a place to wear it in years. I'm just not a water person. My right knee still gets cranky once in awhile but fortunately it doesn't happen often. Old cheerleading issue that I had surgery on in '88 and really did not get proper rehab, so it's never gotten as strong as the left knee.

Diane Sue great job with Raw Kettlebells #3, Row Total Body Drop Sets Express and the stretch.

Hi Carolyn.
Yesterday I did 45 minutes of Yin Yoga. Later today I plan on doing a light row or ride. Last night we went to REI and bought new bike helmets and gloves. We are going to get more outdoor riding in this year.

Cathy-Nice job with Gloved Up and Sweaty. We had thunderstorms this morning too. We didn’t hear the explosions last night. We are on the other side of Detroit from where the explosions and fire occurred. It is about 40-50 miles from here.

Diane Sue-Nice job with Raw Kettlebells #3 and Raw Total Body Drop Sets Express.

Valerie- I need to practice tree pose. That’s great balance training. Like Cathy, I’m not a water person. The last time I wore a swimsuit was 2006 or 2007.

Hi to Carolyn
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This morning I did XTrain Burn Sets Chest, Back, and Shoulders. My time was 53 minutes with 194 calories burned. Average heart rate 111 and maximum heart rate 145. Cathe’s March rotation uses Slow and Heavy this week but I don’t like that series.

Cathy, great job with STS disc 40 Squat Rack yesterday and Gloved Up and Sweaty today.

Judy, great job with the Peloton ride and Yin Yoga. Your bathroom project sounds exciting. Glad that it’s off to a good start.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Kettlebells, Raw Total Body Drop Sets express, and Raw Athletic Stretch.

Hello to Valerie.
I'm not a water person either. no plans to actually wear it. weather will be way too cold. I wanted to have something wearable just in case I need one on this trip. trauma buying one! its a 2 piece with a cami top and actually fits pretty well. I just dont like what I see. I doubt most 75 yr olds are real happy with the mirror at this point. I have a friend in MSP who has been talking about how short on snow the area is. we were happy to see all this snow but it doesnt make up for the shortfall.

tree pose you can do anywhere with no equipment. I never could do the one where you hold your foot behind your back. Dancer? nope. good luck on the bathroom remodel judy. so many nice things to choose from now! new gear always makes it easier to get out and test it out. helmets are much more comfortable than they used to be.

we went snow shoeing this morning. our last try there was no snow at all, this time there was too much. we could barely get off the main road. drove 2 miles up in tire tracks and deep snow. parked at a turnout and then went up the road and back down for a total of 2 hrs 20 minutes. Im pretty tired now. the snow was fluffy and deep and not walkable except where a truck had driven a day or two ago and flattened the center of the road. there was about 3-4 feet of snow, all of it new and unconsolidated. on the sides of the road we sunk way down even with shoes, making walking very hard. hard to walk in tire tracks but the center of the road was leveled off and firmer so that was the best option.
Today I did CDorner Step #363 Taylor Swift again, 33 minutes, heart rate 129/163, 2891 steps. I also did CDorner Day 8 Full Body Post Workout Stretch, 13 minutes, 22 calories. Total time was 46 minutes, 185 calories.
Judy, nice job on the Yin Yoga. It will be nice for you and your husband to get out and ride more.

Carolyn, nice work on X Train Burn Sets Chest, Back, and Shoulders.

Cathy, good job on Gloved Up and Sweaty.

Valerie, I always thought with practice I would get better at balancing poses, but my odd side that does not want to cooperate, is not good at balancing either. I need to be on a flat surface and not a mat and I do better. I am not a water person either. I am the one that would sit on the beach or in the boat while everyone else gets in the water. Not a good swimmer either.
Nice that you got in snowshoeing today. Sorry there was too much snow and you had to stay where there were tracks.
diane sue balances... I keep doing them. I did yoga for 10 years until the studio closed. no trouble riding a bike. I think its related to my scoliosis and maybe less than great feet that make it hard to rest on all corners. I focus on retaining the ability I have. Ive been hit from behind on a bike several times and stayed upright while everyone else crashed. you need halfway decent balance for mt biking so balance work is "maintenance" of decent function rather than something Im going to get a lot better at. never going to walk a tightrope!
same with swimming. I dont like water sports. I can swim ok but dont like it. my legs are big & they sink. I never "float" even when kicking. they always drag low like anchors, I dont like to sit on a beach. I'm pale and need to be greased up for even short stints in the sun. I dont like hot or the feel of lying in the sun on sand or in a lounge chair. there is absolutely nothing about tropical things that I enjoy. if someone gave me a free trip to mexico or florida I'd give it away. went to hawaii once and it was ok but too hot with nothing to do that I liked.

a couple sore spots from yesterday but nothing bad.
I wanted a wearable swim suit in case in our 2 weeks with friends it comes up as an activity everyone else wants to do. I dont want to be the party pooper.
Today I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix, workout two. That was 29 minutes and 219 calories burned. My average heart rate was 136 and maximum heart rate was 165. I’m pretty sore from Burn Sets yesterday.

Diane Sue, great job with CDorner step and stretch.

Hello to Valerie, Cathy, and Judy.

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