Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 2/25/2024

Today I did yoga for 20 minutes.

Judy, thanks for starting us off this week. Nice job with the Muscle Meltdown Back and Biceps and Icy Core 1.

Waving hello to All. Have a wonderful day everyone.
We made it in 11 hours. not a bad drive , just long. unfortunately the weather is not very nice and the forecast keeps changing better to worse, better to worse. forecasting here is more iffy. went to the park today in case its too bad to do that tomorrow. this might be a very short trip. there is really marginal snow for even snowshoeing and Im not skiing this year, not that it would be much better. too much icy snow to walk much. just getting here felt like a big accomplishment so I'm easily satisfied. we've been watching elk, deer, bison, pronghorns and a very tame coyote. found some otter slides next to a waterfall we had suspected before, but this time we are sure. no otters there but they leave their mark.

going to do therapy work. we walked a little but it was too patchy icy and windy to be any fun so chucked it quickly.
Today I did a 45 minute Peloton ride. I'm working tomorrow and Saturday this week.

Carolyn-Nice job with the yoga.

Valerie-I'm sorry about the weather. I hope it gets better so that you can enjoy your trip.

Hi to Cathy & Diane Sue
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Yesterday I did the combo MMA Kickboxing/Boxing workout I created and I've finally got it tweaked to my liking. Then this morning was STS Disk 31. The week of heaviest weight, 6 reps. Next week, I'll have to do two of them back to back because of the trip to Fort Worth, but with legs in the middle, that's doable.

Valerie that's a lot of very cool animal sightings, and if you actually get to see otters using that slide area, I will be super jealous as they are one of my favorite animals. Do the coyotes there typically run in packs or are they solitary. Here they used to be solitary, but in more recently years have tended to be in packs even at times of years when it wouldn't be a family group. They are also a very targeted animal in our area. It's too bad the weather is hampering you.

Judy great job with the Peloton ride.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga.

Hi Diane Sue.
we are pretty sure we will leave in a day or two depending on the roads. the wind is unrelenting. our house is in a windy spot, but usually we can go a short distance and its better. not this time. windy everywhere. it hasnt snowed yet but when it does we leave our car at the top of the driveway. snow drifts along it , blocking it. the snow is not fluffy. blown by strong winds like concrete. we know from experience! some years its not a problem but this week looks rough.

the fresh snow will help park conditions but DH is nervous about the drive back because the whole region is having this strong weather pattern.

Cathy we usually see coyotes single or in pairs. this one was clearly habituated. when we stepped out of the car and looked over the edge of the bank to look at a dipper ( bird) on the stream edge, he didn't run, but turned and came toward us. not normal behavior. he trotted along the edge of the road and down the center like he was expecting people to toss him food. same thing as "a fed bear is a dead bear". this guy has a limited lifespan. sad, thoughtless people did this to him. food scraps dont help, they teach that people are easy food sources and they lose their fear. the coyote population rises and falls depending a lot on the wolf population that is not as high as it was. coyotes scavenge off wolf kills but wolves dont always let them get away with it. farmers and ranchers keep the population down just like the wolves do.

ETA the waterfall is right along the main winter road open to cars. its about a 20 foot walk to the viewpoint. the snow accumulates along sde of the falls and this time there was a very clear path otters had created to slide down. also some prints where they were bounding down. its steep nothing else could make a trail like that. weve seen what we thought was a slide years agoo but this was the best, along with the foot prints. weve seen otters in a river where they were playing and cavorting with a guy who was photographing them. everyone was having a good time. we didnt have a camera along and were just sitting by the river (west yellowstone area) hen this guy and the otters worked their way into view. weve seen plenty of photo clips of them but that was the only time we saw them in person there. see river otters in WA too.
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This morning I did JS Ready, Steady, Go which was 31 minutes and 210 calories burned. My average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 161.

Valerie, I’m glad that your drive was a good one. It’s too bad that the weather is not conducive to a longer stay.

Judy, great job with the 45 minute Peloton ride.

Cathy, great job with the MMA Kickboxing/Boxing workout and STS disc 31.

Hello to Diane Sue.
No workouts Saturday and Sunday. I had a busy weekend. I went to my Granddaughter's 16th birthday party on Saturday which takes me an hour one way. Then after I got home my son came over and helped clean out the dryer vent which was clogged and goes out through the roof. Our roof is kind of steep. Yesterday my husband and I did lots of shrub trimming. I wanted to thin out the box woods before they leafed out since they are already starting.
Today I did CDorner workout from 11 days ago No Repeat Step and Weights, 33 minutes, 173 calories, heart rate 130/159, 1,941 steps. She uses 10# dumbbells for most of this other than shoulders she dropped to 8's. It alternated strength with a cardio segment. Then I did Raw Arms, 20 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 137/152. I finished off with CDorner Day 12 Upper Body Stretch, 10 minutes, 20 calories.

Valerie, I am sorry weather is not good. It was an unusual 87 here today. It will drop to 50's Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we could use some rain but I do not see any in the 10 day forecast.
That is sad that people do not think when they feed the animals.

Judy, nice job on the Peloton ride yesterday.

Cathy, nice work on the combo MMA Kickboxing/Boxing workout Ithat you created. and this morning's STS Disk 31.

Carolyn, nice work on the Sunday Yoga and today's Jessica Smith Ready Steady Go.
sometimes people don't intentionally feed animals, but if they toss breadcrusts out the window or eat at turnouts and drop crumbs and chips all over, animals learn to scavenge food along roads. if they hang out next to roads they will get hit eventually and associate people with food. raid campgrounds and picnic areas. bears particularly learn to scavenge from cars and campsites. there are rules about keeping a clean campsite and locking food in food lockers but a lot of people ignore those things and then wonder how come their car gets torn into.
we got a fair amount of snow last night and are leaving this morning. we plan on a 2 day drive but it will depend on how well cleaned up the roads are. things get rough again on thursday so even if its nice today we cant tke advantage. it will be a much slower drive. we had to park out car on the main road and walk the last 1/4 mile and need to repeat this morning. it got cold and te snow is lovely but drifted with bare patches and places with 8 inches. oh well, its beautiful out. will ake the best of it.
It's February 27, and 62 degrees out. I'm sitting on my porch, having tea and even the slight breeze is warm. Bizarre, but I'll enjoy it. The birds certainly are as they are singing like crazy. Today I did Live Box and Burn. It's a good workout, but only two combos, mostly boxing based cardio. Every once In awhile she does a combo that just feels so awkward, but today she was having issues, too. We had to do extra, and even then she messed up. LOL

Valerie I hope you have smooth travels. We have a few cases of issues with bears here that get to habituated, but in general people seem to behave with the animals that could be dangerous. The ones that actually cause the most havoc are the gulls in tourist areas. They aren't the least afraid of people and will hop right onto picnic tables to steal.

Diane Sue great job with No Repeat Step and Weights and Upper Body stretch. Sounds like you had a productive weekend.

Carolyn nice job with JS Ready, Steady, Go.

Hi Judy.
This morning I did KCM’s Start Here, workout one. That was 32 minutes and 196 calories burned. My average heart rate was 124 and maximum heart rate was 156. I haven’t felt very motivated with my workouts this week and I realized that my body is telling me that it’s time to do a few lower intensity workouts.

Diane Sue, it’s good to hear from you. I was wondering where you were. It sounds like you had a busy but rewarding weekend. It’s easy to get busy with family and projects.

Valerie, I hope that you have a safe drive home.

Cathy, great job with Live Box and Burn. 62 degrees in February is amazing for you. Actually, we have the same temperature and it’s amazing for us!

Hello to Judy.
Today I did a 20 minute Row and 30 minutes of Peloton strength.

Cathy-Great job with your MMA Kickboxing/Boxing combo, STS Disk 31, and Live Box and Burn. It was so nice out today. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last long as we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon.

Carolyn-Great job with JS Ready, Steady, Go and KCM’s Start Here, workout one. It’s good to listen to your body.

Diane Sue-Great job with CDorner No Repeat Step and Weights, Raw Arms and CDorner Day 12 Upper Body Stretch. That sounds like a nice weekend with your family.

Valerie-I hope you have a safe trip home.
Today I did CDorner Cardo Step Taylor Swift #363, 34 minutes, 154 calories, heart rate 118/130, 3,181 steps. This was a fun not complicated step workout. Loved the music as well. I followed this with CDorner Intense Mobility Flow, 30 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 86/105. This one was a lot of movement. I then did CDorner day 18 from her challenge chest and shoulders mobility/stretch, 13 minutes, 20 calories. Total time was 77 minutes, 237 calories. She messed up and forgot to switch sides on the flow workout and was working on getting started on the proper side. I had to stop watching and just keep going because I had switched, but she was messing me up. She got back in sink though. I am hoping to get a weight workout in tomorrow. I have an errand to run though. And am hoping the hvac guy responds to my e-mail. His phone number was not on the receipt I pulled out to thinking it would be there. I just need him to go ahead and take care of the capacitor that he mentioned last year when I had the system checked and cleaned. Plus the insulation around the pipe to the unit is cracking. I suppose because of that hot summer that we had.
It is cooling down today. Should be around 30 tonight. I knew the warmth would probably not stay yet. It is windy which is typical of March.

Valerie, have a safe trip.

Cathy, nice work on Live Box and Burn. I guess doing workouts live they all mess up once in a while. Chris kept trying to say what to do while trying to get turned around. When it happens, she usually adds some extra to make up for the mess up. They can't edit that out like they can when doing a dvd.
Talking about the animals and no fear reminds me of a park I took my grandchildren to to eat a picnic lunch and play in the play area. We were swarmed by geese and ducks. They were even getting on the table. One snapped at my granddaughter, and they decided they did not want to stay. The whole area was covered in goose leavings. Obviously, they stay there for food.

Carolyn, nice work on KCM Start Here. I have had to take so many days off here and there, and this morning I had planned on weights or something more intense, but just did not feel it. The step workout I did was a basic intermediate, so easy to follow and have some decent music with. I understand on the body sometimes needing us to lighten up for a bit. It takes me longer to recover from the intense workouts. More light days needed.

Judy, nice job on the Peloton 20 minute row and Peloton strength work.
We made it back in a day, a long one. it was so beautiful when we started out it was hard to leave, and hard t believe it was so awful the day before. cold, 8 degrees, and beautiful snow without the wind but with drifts left from the night before blocked the driveway. its a quarter mile out to our car, downhill and uphill, carrying stuff so we got to see all kinds of cool footprints in fresh snow. coyote, fox, rabbits, partridges, deer, elk. would have loved to stay and watch for critters but needed to roll. the first 150 miles were snow and ice and then it mostly cleared off to bare and wet or even dry. took us 12.5 hours altogether. traffic was awful in WA, the last part of the drive. today much of the decent areas from yesterday were getting hit by a similar storm, the WA mountain passes and the Idaho passes, so it was the best choice. plus it was windy in MT again and wind/ 8 degrees is harsh. like 50 mph winds. winter storm warnings especially in the park so even though we looked ahead as well as we could, we picked a bad week. 55 mph winds with blowing snow would not be nice to be outside in, not even in a car. the weather is not good here either and it looks like we may have a power out sometime today. we got thru all the passes yesterday before they got bad but it will be on and off now thru the weekend.

I got in time on the elliptical( 30 min) and therapy work plus some weights while I was there even though not a lot of time.
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Today I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix workout one. That was 26 minutes and 182 calories burned. Average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 147.

Judy, great job with 20 minute Row and 30 minutes of Peloton strength work.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Cardio Step Taylor Swift, and two of the CDorner Mobility Flow workouts. My body is definitely telling me to slow down this week. It’s not just the workouts but a combination of things.

Valerie, I‘m glad that you made it back. You were smart to leave when you did.

Hello to Cathy.
Today I did Raw Heavy Weight Bootcamp, 73 minutes, heart rate 105/139, 220 calories. I would have thought the burn would be higher for that length of time. I followed this with Raw Stretch Flow 20 minutes, 37 calories, and CDorner Day 22 Gentle Lower Back Stretch(felt I needed after this workout) 18 minutes, 20 calories. Total time spent was 1 hour 56 minutes, 277 calories.
This morning I did P 30 Perfect Flow, Yoga Strength and Flexibility. That was 33 minutes and 136 calories burned. Average heart rate 113 and maximum heart rate 146.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Heavy Weight Bootcamp, Raw Stretch Flow, and CDorner Gentle Lower Body stretch.

Hello to Valerie, Judy, and Cathy.
Yesterday I did STS Disk 39 Squat Rack Legs. That was the heaviest day for legs. No workout today as I shopped. It's not warm, but it's very sunny out! Weird weather over the last couple days, and we even had a tornado about 10 miles south of us, at night. There was another tornado elsewhere. But we had a huge temp drop fairly quickly. February tornadoes are pretty much unheard of hear, and nighttime tornadoes are really rare. Fortunately neither resulted in harm to people.

Carolyn nice job with KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix and P30 Perfect Flow Yoga.

Diane Sue great job with CDorner Cardo Step Taylor Swift, mobility, Raw Heavy Weight Bootcamp, and stretch workouts.

Valerie it sounds like you timed your drive well.

Judy great job with the Peloton workouts.
Today I did Raw Kickbox NRG, 32 minutes, heart rate 128/159,2,817 steps. I wore 1.5# gloves this time. It did only gave me 8 more calories than when I did it with no gloves. I then did Raw Box & Tone 20 minutes, 114 calories, heart rate 137/160, 1,067 steps. I used 2# dumbbells for this one. No time for extra stretch as we had errands to run and get my car back since my husband had the parking lot dents taken out. Total time was 52 minutes, 283 calories, 3,884 steps.
did a spin ride and therapy yesterday. not feeling too good this morning. like I'm coming down with a head cold, Dh feels the same. had two medical appointments yesterday. my right knee is about done. going to get some injections but I need to start planning on replacement although no sooner than necessary unless it starts to be painful. so far, not. im able to walk and ride ok yet but xrays dont lie.

Interestingly, remember our friends with the hostile dog? I didn't get details but DH talked to them. in the last few days something happened and the dog went after both owners. I believe both were bitten. they had an appointment set up at the vet for something else, but the dog is gone. they had him put down immediately. sorry it had to come to this. I don't think they were badly bitten but there is no reason to tolerate that. he was obnoxious to begin with. I dont know how they got him to the vet and how that gets handled without more biting occurring. too many decent dogs in the world to live with a time bomb like that.

cathy that is very odd. I do remember late evening to night time storms, but in summer when it was hot and thunderstorms etc.

did 30 min on the treadmill and curls and tricep work along with therapy.
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