Pentagenarians & Beyond W/B 12/2


Good morning,

Just getting us computer is having issues so Idriopped it off at the tech gut's house thismorning. I'm using my iPad whichI really do ot like to use when you have to type things. I also have a hard Time using 2 sessions of Cathe open so I can go betwen the 2.

Carolyn, the only exceecises so fr that are like Cath's are the bridges with a ball or loop, and the step ups. So far I am only using the high steo topper, and no weights. I also read somewhere that ther are very few "yams" in the US... all are really sweet potatoes.

Valerie, I am not very mechanical minded, so any explanation of how gears work goes right over my head. I just remember that the lower the number, the easier it is to pedal. :)

Diane Sue, I get B-Complexfrom LOL that the doctors suggest that you lift weights...obviously don't know all that you do!

Judy, Happy Birthday!! It looks like you had a nice celebration.

Hi to Lori,

Take care


Deb, that's all you need to know. most of us go toward easier or more effective even if we don't understand. if there's not enough resistance, your feet fly around in circles, waste of energy, so you move toward more resistance. if it's too hard, you back off the pressure. the gears make it easy to do that. you get instant feedback on whether you did the right thing. if you did it wrong the first time, you do the opposite. its not hard to learn even if you don't understand the details.

only had 1 speed bike until I bought a "10 speed" when I was 20-ish. does your bike have some sort of gear system?
as far as I know, all bicycles function the same way. the left hand controls the front half of the bike, and the right hand controls the rear. so the front gears and the front brakes are the left hand, and the rear brake and gears the right. the main difference is exactly how each hand lever works.
a bike shop will show you the basics in a few minutes. as you ride more, you learn how things work bit by bit. helps a lot if the chain comes off and you need to get it back on. I am not naturally very mechanical but I can get that chain back on in seconds.

tee hee typing is hard without a keyboard!
I took yesterday off, did some yard work instead. indoor workout today.


Today I did Les Mills Sprint just added workout on my spin bike, 33 minutes, 223 calories, 6.71 miles, heart rate average 126, max 160. I really loved this. I like the music and they switch instructors for each track who are really motivational. I like the countdown timers for each track and which track number it is on the screen. I will be doing more of these. :) I looked at the RPM workouts on Les Mills and there were power and speed ones on the list.

Deb, I hope they get your computer fixed quickly. I don't like typing on the tablet either. I do when it is early once in awhile. Generally my computer downstairs does not get turned on till after I eat some lunch. The one I use upstairs is mainly for logging in the workout manager and sometimes logging the workouts while they are fresh on my mind. I have been trying to shut it down early evening so I don't find myself glued to it for hours. I make too many mistakes typing on the tablet. Thanks for the link. I just think these doctors are not very observant. The surgeon was, but my main doctor asked about how I felt about lifting some weights. My thought was, how do they think the muscles got there, from sitting around? I get people in stores noticing and the doctors don't seem to. My last doctor that moved used to ask me questions about different types of fitness. The Arthritis center doctor doesn't seem to look at me very much. Just the computer and reports and will talk to me. I thought that was a bit odd, but I guess labs etc. show them what they need to know. He did have me bend over to see how my mobility was. I put my hands on the floor and told him my flexibility was not that bad.
I had read that too about the yams and US. I just noticed the US on the organic white sweet when I was looking to see what the type of sweet it was, but there was no variety name, just white.


Today is my rest day so no workout to report. Deb, I hope your computer doesn’t have a serious problem. I use my iPad for most casual things, but I need the computer for serious work. On the iPad I always have the Cathe forums open and the shop Cathe page where I look at the workout previews and premixes when I don’t remember them well. I have a third page that is always open also, so I have three tabs across the top of my screen.

Diane Sue, great spin workout today. Les Mills seems to have a wide variety of workouts for you to choose from, which is nice. I hate it when a doctor is constantly looking at the computer screen instead of me. My breast surgeon recently started using a scribe who enters information on the computer for her during the exam. The young woman sits on the other side of the curtain and can’t see us in the exam area, but she can hear the doctor.

Judy, wishing you a belated happy birthday. That market looks like a great place to spend the day.

Hello to Lori and Valerie.


Good afternoon ladies,

Had a great week of exercise with Chelise. Morning workouts I think will work great for her. Every day I was able to get a strength workout in before she arrived for our 6am bounce. We have been sticking with San Fran bounces, but using hand weights for all. She likes these and they do give you a great workout. I took a rest day yesterday. Needed to have our snowtires put on and we had a ton of errands to run.

Today I only did a quick 40 min bounce. This morning, my company donated and cooked all the food for a total of 200 service men/women being deployed and their families. This time it was right here in my Town so it was nice not having to drive an hour or so. My husband helped too and it was just so rewarding. They were all so very grateful. Love that my company does this.

Deb...great news about Ike. You must be so relieved. Hope your computer can be fixed quickly. Funny, I live on my Ipad! Typing on it now. I prefer not to use a keybord for it. Funny he was surprised you had the high step. Did you tell him your were a Cathlete! . Makes me feel good Chelsie is motivated. My son too for the past couple of years has been really working out hard. He looks great. Right now he is following a paper routine and likes it.

Diane Sue...I saw Kelly’s most recent workout used battle ropes. I need to get mine out and try this. She only uses them for a few minutes but it has motivated me to dig them out. I loved them when using them. Just been lazy to get them. Too funny I would think this! Nice spin workout today. Do you use wheatgrass? Been reading more and more about it and it has peek our interest. I don’t think it is something we will want to juice. I see it can be bought in powder form. Les Mills has some great intense workouts. The Power Jumps I do are Les Mills but in Brazil. I have no idea what they are saying but easy enough to follow.

Judy...sounds like you had a great Birthday. The only spin workouts I have done are Cathe’s I only spin in the cool months, for some reason, and was just mentioning to my husband I need to dust it off.

Carolyn...I hate when they update and change the shipping date! Same hear with sweet potatoes! Bring them on in all forms. Some great workouts in!

Valerie....great your husband seems to be liking yoga. Hilarious he used two mats!!! I love butternut squash. I found a recipe for soup in my vitamix that I can not wait to try. The bike my husband bought last year is a Trek and he is very happy with it. When I am ready for a new one it most likley will be a Trek based on his experience.

We put our Christmas Decorations up this weekend and they came out nice. I love the tree and all the holiday lights. I found some decorations that were my moms. They were hidden way back in the closet. Made me smile.


Carolyn, that would be strange having a scribe behind the curtain to me. It seems so much is already put in the computer by the assistant or nurse. I often feel the doctor just glances at the computer and wonder if they read anything over very well. Although my regular doctor was excellent when I had my physical. She asked more questions and broached so many subjects that I have not addressed. This was the first physical with her. I hope I can keep her for a long time, but she is only working a couple of days a week because of her RA and she keeps foster children as well as her own children. She has a lot going on.

Lori, I have not done much for Christmas yet. I put out my nativity set the family painted many years ago and a fourth of July Santa a class of school children gave my husband once. I need to get busy or Christmas is going to be here and not much will be done. I have mainly used greens powder that were mixed greens with probiotics and stuff in them. Some have wheat grass like Amazing Grass and some like Dr Axe have oat grass in them. I have purchased a couple of individual powders like maca and spiralina to add to the greesn powder drinks. I think they do a lot for people since many of us do not eat near enough vegetables. They also help to provide some alkalinity and some provide some extra K. I saw Kelly used battle ropes. She said these are mainly for warm up and when asked she said if someone did not have them they could just do jacks and mountain climbers or something like that. These were more her daily routines filmed than what she has been filming for her audience. It will be fun to try them.


I did 20 on the treadmill and half of S&S ramped upper body. didn't have time for the whole thing, but did well with the first half.

those of you using les mills... it is only streaming? no DVDs? I didn't see any. I would not mind another spin workout but we do not get a internet signal in the basement exercise room.

Lori Trek has bikes specifically to fit women. I am pretty short with a short upper torso and longer legs, and mens' bikes don't fit right. I didn't set out to get a Trek, but the bikes just plain fit me better. not every bike shop carries the same brands.
mt bikes come with 29" and 27.5 " wheels, up from the old standard of 26". DH got a 29" but it was too big for me...I tried but too long a reach. I have the 27.5". we wanted the same size wheels for interchangeable back up tires and tubes, but didn't work for us.

looking at a computer screen instead of a patient is a negative. DH hated it. it is a generational change. new people were almost born with screens, older people its a struggle.


Good morning,

Still waiting to hear about my computer. I have so much dog club stuff on it that it makes it difficult to handle the class set ups etc. I actually have a blue tooth connected keyboard for my iPad, but it is nothing like typing on a standard keyboard.

Valerie, I didn't get my first 10 speed bike until I was in my 20's. Everything before that was used. My grandfather was, what they called a "junk Man" back in the day, which meant he cleaned out people's attics, basements and anything else, hauled the stuff away. Anything that was useable was reburished by him and if a bike or something like that, given to one of us. We had a great selection of toys and games whenever we went thre to visit. Always something new. It didn't matter to us that the stuff was used.

Diane Sue, I agree, most doctos do not ask enough questions, or more likely, the wrong ones. I have never done a spin workout, the Les Mills one you described sounds like fun. For that type of workout, music can make a big difference.

Carolyn, at my doctor'soffice, the nurse comes in first, takes vitals, and gathers info like meds and supplements used, any particular issues to discuss with Dr etc. This is all logged in your chart on a laptop. The he comes in and goes over her notes. He also goes over my whole history each time, which to me feels like he is trying to pad the time spent. I know what my parents died from, why does he ask me to verify it each time? And any surgeries I've had, some 20 years ago.

Lori, great that you and Chelsie are keeping up with the workouts! Those battle ropes were always pretty intimidating to me!

Hi to Judy,

Take care,


This morning I did Step, Jump, and Pump for 83 minutes. The step portion was 26 minutes and 226 calories burned. Average heart rate was 146 and maximum heart rate was 170. The weight circuits segment was 57 minutes and 274 calories burned. My average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 150. Total calorie burn for the workout was 500. I went to the grocery store after my workout and it seemed to take longer than usual.

Hello to everyone. Have a wonderful day.


Good evening ladies,

Chelsie was not able to come over this morning. Monday will be tough for her due to her long school day. So I decided to do a LEKfit bounce. Been a while it seems. The one I chose I love the arm and leg intervals. Fun workout.

The Lite series seems to be moving along. Thinking we will have them by Christmas? What is everyones thoughts here? The premixes are crazy! Love them and even though I only bought the downloads I will love making some of the premixes she lists. I am looking forward to these workouts.

Diane Sue...this is the first year I have been this much ahead for Christmas. I have even done most of my christmas shopping! I only have my brother and stocking stuffers left. Going to look into Dr. Axe products. I bought Dr. Berg’s Wheat Grass Juice Powder. It will be delivered Wednesday so we will see how this goes. My husband is really into the greens which makes me happy. So far we have been doing celery juice every morning for about a month and I have noticed my caffeine consumption has greatly reduced by more than half or maybe even more.

Deb...yes I can see the challenges without having your computer. What is going on with it? I remember my first 10 speed. I think I was 16. Wow I thought it was so cool having 10 speeds!

Carolyn...are you following the December Rotation? It looks fun.

Valerie...good to know about Trek. Too bad you could not have the same size wheel to be able to keep things simple. I think Les Mills is only streaming. I could be wrong though.

Hi to Judy!

Have a great night all!


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a nice day! Yesterday I did Build & Burn Lower Body Tabata and Kettlebell/Kickbox Fusion. Today I did a Jessica Smith Walk. Last night I helped Chris do a KCM workout. He did Muscle Up Lift to be Fit, workout 1. It's been a while since he worked out and I'm trying to help him get back into it. I'm going to have him do the ICE Muscle Meltdowns next.

Deb-I didn't get my first 10 speed until I was 20 or 21. My doctor's office goes over my history and asks the same questions at every visit too. You would think they would have access to the information and not have to ask for it over and over again.

Diane Sue-That Les Mills spin workout sounds good! I might have to do the free trial just to try one out.

Carolyn-Great workout today! Awesome calorie burn too!

Valerie-I've been trying to find some other spinning workouts too. I really couldn't find any DVDs other than Cathe's that sounded appealing to me. There are a few streaming sites though. I signed up for a free spin class at Cyclebar, just to try something different.

Lori-I'm not sure if we'll have the Lite workouts by Christmas but I think it will be very close. I am really looking forward to them too.

Have a great night!



We did a hike/ snowshoe today, 5 hrs 45 min. I am whipped. winter packs are heavier, and its uphill. snow from an inch to a few feet, variable the whole way. wow that got me some fitness points.

I got hand me downs from my cousin, so my first adult bike was a geared bike, I don't remember how many gears. I had moved to a new apartment and there was bike storage in the basement. bike didn't last a month even locked to a rack. so then I bought a 10 speed, and I kept it in the apartment, much to my room mate's frustration. I had that bike a long time. it was a bright green Schwinn 10 speed. never kept my bike in a garage or basement again. always in the apartment.
Deb you are lucky you have a place to take a computer. to get fixed. we have no such luck.


I started with Coffey Fit Raw Real raw workout, 41 minutes( a bit longer because I wrote things down) , 203 calories, heart rate average 99, max 141, 1,005 steps. I then did Les Mills on Demand Combat and Core #1, 48 minutes, 3,292 steps, met 5.9 312 calories, heart rate average 129, max 166 I was surprised that there was no stretch on this one. I guess I have been adding a short yoga from Les Mills though or doing a workout with yoga incorporated.
Total time 89 minutes, 515 calories burned.
I loved the Real Raw workout. Kelly warms up with ropes and non weighted squats. I just did my own moves and breaks with the squats to warm up. she uses 12.5# and 5# dbs, a 15,20,and 30# kettlebell along with a bench. Great music!
warm up times I think 30 seconds?
12.5# db (I used 15#) 1 arm db rows quick paced all on the right then all on the left
20# kettlebell 1 arm rows all right then all left
12.5# db ( I used 15#) 1 arm curl all right then all left
15# kettlebell 1 arm curls all right then all left
Bench 2 sets bench press 12.5# dbs (I used 15#dbs)
15# kettlebell single arm bench press (kelling is singing along with Nothing but a good time :) )
body weight squats with knee up
15# kettlebell squat
20# kettlebell squat
squat knee turn turn
boxing side to side punch center punch
5# dbs side to side punch
repeat boxing no weight and 5# boxing
Kettlebell swings 15#, 20#, 30# (mine is 30.8 ), then 15# american swings
Bench triceps extensions 12.5# dbs (me 12#)
15# kettlebell lying triceps extension with leg extension
20# kettlebell lying triceps extension with leg extension
30# kettlebell lying extension
lateral raise kelly 12.5# (me 10#dbs) 2 sets
20# kettlebell alternating hand upright row 2 sets
boxing hooks then speed hooks
upper cuts then speed upper cuts
single leg deadlift (scales I think is what Kelly calls it) 15# kettlebll, 20# kettlebell, 30# kettlebell
abs on bench 15# kettlebell get ups 2 sets
sit ups with 15# kettlebell this is better on the floor as my bench is long enough to have my feet out in front of me.


Today just seemed like a non stop day. I kind of think they will get the new Lite workouts done around Christmas or shortly after. Although it seems once they go to the replicator it usually takes a couple of weeks and then the checking them out. I didn't order yet so I have not paid a lot of attention to them.
I got my workout in, managed to clean the floors downstairs and talked to my older daughter for a bit on the phone. She was talking about Christmas and all of her decorations. I told her I had just set out the nativity and one other thing. We still didn't have a tree. She said she thought we had one and I told her we threw it out several years ago because it was falling apart. I had the most pleasant surprise!! :) I left to pickup my granddaughter from school and when I came home there was a Christmas tree all lit up with a pretty ribbon sash all around it sitting in the living room. It is a nice one with small pine cones on it's branches. I was so surprised. I texted my husband and asked if he did it and he said no. I knew then that my daughter had done it before she went to pick up my grandson from his school. This is her day that her office is closed. They see patients 4 days a week and work 10 hour days. It was funny, because I did a double take when I walked into the room and wondered how it got there. She had to have worked fast to get from the store to my house and set it up and leave before I got back. I had my younger daughter and her children stay for dinner when she came to get her daughter so I am getting here late. Need to go to bed.

Valerie, I think that you can only get the Sprint and RPM Les Mills workouts from their streaming. I checked on You tube and there are some Les Mills Sprint assessment workouts. Not sure exactly what they are, but did not look like the actual workouts. You can stream the Les Mills on ios and android as well as your computer. I use the Roku app. The only dvds I know of are the Combat and Les Mills Pump series. Les Mills Pump is hard to find anywhere. I saw some on Amazon selling starting from other sellers at 199.00. Ridiculous price. It's too bad everyone is resorting to streaming and dropping the dvds.
I wonder at these services that say doctors can do a video exam using media to take care of some patients. How do they check their vitals and look down their throat etc.?? I don't see that being good other than they just chat with a patient and prescribe meds. I don't like the idea at all. Even though I don't like to go to one.

Deb, I have wondered how it would be using a keyboard with the tablet. I have went in with a list of concerns for the doctor before and they would listen and end up focusing on one thing and ignore the rest. It feels like they just want to get you out the door. I don't mind having to pay for an extra visit on my bill to get things taken care in one sitting. I go for my physical and I do not like the idea that I have to make another appointment and come back because they are not going to acknowledge that you have asked something else. I mentioned to my daughter that every single time I go in now, I have to fill out all of this history that is not changing and should be in my records already. It is like I am getting a test to see if I am lying and I might change something. She says they all do that now. My medical history from the past has not changed and I do not know why I have to verify it all over again.

Carolyn, I don't know why, but sometimes it can seem like I have been in the grocery store for hours. They are probably busier. I think sometimes it is having to go around blocked aisles or forgetting something at the opposite end of the store. Walmarts have moved their stuff recently and I am still trying to get oriented to where they moved things to in the stores. Here most have added wine which was not there so now extra space is used. The big Walmart moved the sewing area to the middle of the store when it was in the back, the craft stuff is mixed up somewhere in the middle. It takes me much longer now. The Market one did that too. Things were moved and I constantly forget the moved soap to the front of the store while shampoo and toothpaste are at the back of the store. I almost split the Les Mills Combat and abs workout today when I did the calorie counts and times. I know once I lay down on the floor to do the abs it totally changes my average heart rate for the entire workout. Weights and cardio do not register the same.

Lori, I like Dr Axe products. I watch for deals though and sometimes I can get them for less purchasing them on Amazon. I can get some of them at Sprouts and when they have the 25% off supplement and vitamin days they are usually not too bad on cost and it is a time to stock up. I have purchased some pretty nasty tasting greens powders before. GNC had one that looked pretty much like the Shakeology ingredients and it tasted dreadful. Once I found Amazing Grass I loved the berry ORAQ lots of probiotics and the tangerine immunity and those were the two that I stuck with the most. There are some others. Green Vibrance is a great one, not as tasty. I used to add some lemon juice to it and a bit of honey. Sometimes a spoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Once in awhile when I am at the store I pick up a bottle of Suja green juice that has cucumber and celery and some grapfruit in it. It is not a sweet greens juice. It just hits the spot when I am sick of sweet tasting drinks and not getting enough veggies. I don't drink much caffeine other than in a Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee which is lower than just coffee. I usually drink decaf No Fun Jo which I really like. Kombucha tea and lots of water.

Judy, the Muscle Melt downs seem like they would be good starters since they are not so long. I am not sure that Les Mills still has the free trial It was my understanding that it was ending Nov 28. It doesn't hurt to check though. There are lots of cycling workouts there. I plan on checking out some more.


Good morning,

I picked up my computer yesterday, it was a very simple issue...(thank goodness!).

Carolyn, great job on that workout! Assume you are doing the December rotation. I looked at it and could not figure out what Cathe had for a plan.

Lori, I too, am really looking forward to the new Lite workouts. I can't imagine trying to duplicate all those premixes! The guy I take my computer to said it was just the video card was dusty?

Judy, that's great that Chris wants to start back with working out, and that he will do a KCM. I think he will enjoy the Muscle Meltdowns. I wish I could get John to do some weight work. Have you re-signed up for Cathe's Live streaming yet? I have not and I really miss it.

Valerie, I can imagine the fitness points you would get from that hike! The guy we take the computer to is does this as a business, his real thing is to set up business with computers, and systems. We had him do a project at work many years ago, and coincidentally, my cousin hired him to outfit his business with computers. I recognized the name and have used him ever since with any issues. I know we are very lucky. To be able to drop it off at his house on a Sunday, and pick it up fixed on Monday is amazing. He only wanted $20!! I gave him more.

Diane Sue, that was so wonderful for your daughter to do that for you with the tree. What a great surprise! You HAVE to order the Lite workouts! This looks like it will be one of her best series. :). So frustrating on that medical history thing, like you said, do you think my answers are going to change? In my Dr's group, if you even mention anything during the yearly physical that is an issue, they will code the visit differently and it will not be considered "preventative", and you will pay. Unbelievable. I think they intentionally move things around in a store to force you do go up and down aisle, encouraging impulse buying.

Take care,


Deb-I haven't re-signed up yet for Cathe's streaming. I am starting to miss it too. I wanted to get through all of the DVD workouts that I haven't done before I renew the streaming but it's really tempting to just do it now.
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I don't understand why some questions get re-asked year after year., there can be changes, or new knowledge, and maybe its to jog memory. if you have used a medication once, it will keep re appearing in your history . just because I used 2 pain pills after knee surgery 15 yrs ago, does not mean I still use it! please remove it. or supplements!. I used to take calcium but haven't in years. try to get that removed....
I am getting my iPhone battery changed tomorrow. there is an offer to upgrade it before the end of the year for about $30. my phone is a 6s. I was in the apple store last spring and battery was OK at that time, but have had issues lately. it is a newly enlarged and upgraded store. store has been closed for remodeling since last spring, and just reopened.

also picking up our new xc skis. our favorite skis are 40 years old, layers started delaminate. talk about a well made product! we got new ones almost identical, we think. we ski more in MT than here these days. we used to do a lot of xc skiing here but the forest service slowly stopped maintaining lesser roads and left few places for us to go. plus more people have ATVs, snow mobiles. they tear up the snow leaving no decent snow to ski. the trail we snowshoed yesterday had been skied but much of it was still hikable. too heavy to carry both snowshoes and skis, have to choose. I can't walk in ski boots ( some people can) so its really heavy to carry another set of boots plus skis. snowshoes go on over regular boots.

I forget if I've mentioned this before. been roasting brussels sprouts with a sliced up bosc pear. cut sprouts in half, pears in 6-8 pierces and roast together with a little salt and olive oil. the recipe adds honey, lemon juice, cranberries after, but I like the plainer version. such a nice side dish. I give it zero points. a tiny bit of oil is enough. I sue parchment paper, so nothing sticks and no dirty pan either.
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This morning I did Les Mills RPM #78, 44 minutes on the spin bike. My bike gave me 408 calories. I used Map My Fitness which gave me 302 calories, met 5.8 which I think was the most accurate as the Fit Bit gave me 190 :rolleyes: 11.11 miles. This never gives me a lot of steps, as I got in 1419. I then did Les Mills Body Flow #80 strength (yoga) 37 minutes, met 2.2 90 calories. Total time 84 minutes, 392 calories. I am tired today. Not enough sleep. I got a little over 5 hours since I went to bed so late and then was woke up at 5:30.
RPM 80 had 8 tracks varying from 4 minutes to 7 minutes final less than 3 minutes.
1. Pack ride
2. Pace
3. Hills
4. Mixed terrain
5. Intervals
6.Speed Work
7. Mountain Climb
8. Ride home/ stretch


Today’s workout was Kick, Punch, and Crunch. I did the Conditioning drills, kickbox combo one and part of combo two, and the abs segment for 56 minutes and 350 calories burned. Average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Lori, I am following the December rotation with some substitutions. She has a total body workout scheduled for each Wednesday which I’m not sure will work for me. The Lite Series looks good, especially with so many premixes. I’m looking forward to it. It’s great that you are getting more greens in your diet. That’s one of the changes that I made after my breast cancer diagnosis. Now I can tell when I don’t have enough vegetables. I like to keep in mind a phrase from one of Michael Pollan’s books, “eat real food, not too much, mostly plants”.

Judy, great job with the Build and Burn workouts. It’s nice that your husband is starting to use some of the dvds.

Diane Sue, getting a Christmas tree and putting it up was a wonderful surprise from your daughter! I don’t have any decorations up yet, but we plan to start this weekend. Nice job with Real Raw and Les Mills Combat and Core.

Deb, you are very fortunate to have a computer person that you can rely on.

Valerie, I have made that brussel sprouts recipe many times since you first mentioned it last year. I made it the day after Thanksgiving and my granddaughter really liked it too.


Deb, I will eventually get the new Lite workouts. I just need to wait on extra spending. That is great that your computer problem was a simple one. I think they move the things too, so you can't run for that couple of things and just quickly pick them up. You have to walk through other aisles to find what you were looking for. Sometimes I cannot even find the item. They know what they are doing.

Judy, I was kind of hoping Cathe would put up some live workouts like the new Lite series she is doing, k ind of like she did with ice. I haven't noticed anything like that though.

Valerie, I had not noticed that they keep the old meds on there. Funny thing is, if I don't put the stuff in online, the nurse assistant does not pronounce or spell some of the items correctly. Some of them I think they have a code name for. I had even went so far as to put brand names if it was a mixed supplement product. Not leaving anything out.

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