Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/1


Did a 1 hr 35 min mt bike this morning. it is such a good workout! temps are upper 40's so quite comfortable.

Yes Deb, please check in. are you shoveling snow or some other fun thing?

it's silly. they're assuming the woman in the peloton ad is fit just because she is thin. a lot of women ( and men) exercise to lose weight, but a thin person can be unfit too. thin does not equal fit. two different issues. if we didn't already have a spin bike, I'd be happy to find a Peloton sitting under the tree and would not be offended. .


This morning I did Raw Ripped and Ride November 2019 using as the just sculpting option(no Spin, but the stability ball abs instead) This was 49 minutes (44 actual as I was making notes on my paper), heart rate average 110, max 143, 190 calories, met 5.0, 1,138 steps followed by Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga Total Body Flow, 22 minutes, met 2.0, 35 calories, 42 steps. Total time was 71 minutes, 1,180 steps. I just didn't feel like cardio this morning.
Coffey Fit Raw Ripped & Ride November 2019
44 minutes uses 8 and 10 # dumbbells and a stability ball for the abs if not doing the ride
squat/ knee raise forward punch out alternating sides 8# dbs
squat/row/kickback 8# dbs
step back alternating like skiing push out dumbbell s angled downward 8# dbs
scale deadlift both dbs *# then 1 db 8#
Spin or abs ball crunch on ball
Crunch reach ? can't understand what I wrote
reverse lunge/knee up/ press I used 5 o/h press and changed to 8 and did some as curls
squat wide stance/ long curl outward or just curl which I did 8# dbs
repeat both moves on the other side
side to side circle around overhead 8# db
Ball or cardio choice last cardio option rest done by Sammy and Kelly
ball crunch
ball side crunch
row/wide row 10# dbs
10# db swings 1 arm repeat other side
side bend 10# dbs
Ball or cardio choice
ball crunch
ball hands to feet pass
ball seated twist
lateral raise 8# dbs I used 5's
skull crusher/tate press 8# dbs
superman push ups
crunch reverse crunch


I had to stop and get dinner finished :) I am hoping for a better nights sleep. I spent some time this afternoon on a game with horses my granddaughter got me into with her. I enjoy doing it with her. There were other games I used to do when the older ones were young. Guessing drawings was fun. Even when I lived away we were able to stay in contact with internet. One of the nice things about the digital stuff I guess. Otherwise it sure keeps people from communicating.

Valerie, I had allergy testing years ago. Probably before my children left home. I don't even remember what they said. I should address it with my doctor again or seek an allergist. My doctor looked in my nose and said this is definitely allergies. I don't know how they tell from looking in your nose. I keep trying to deal with one thing at a time and it is difficult because it takes long. Hoping the coughing is letting up by Monday. I know that once I get around the fruits and vegetables in Sprouts I am coughing. Hobby Lobby makes me cough and sneeze, the corner of my kitchen almost always makes me cough and sneeze. I think molds may be an issue. There was mold all down in the cabinets around the dishwasher and the sink when we moved in and I used all kinds of mold sprays and cleaners, but I think the only way to get rid of it would be all new cabinets. These pulled out and the floors treated and new wallboard in that area. A lot of expense. Rain seems to bring it out more. Wet rotting leaves when yard cleaning makes me cough and sneeze. Even with a mask on. I wash veggies and fruits, skins and peels and all when I bring them in. I kept sneezing once and finally realized it was the pineapple sitting on the counter. Once I washed it and cut it up the reaction stopped. But I am not sure what it is when I may just walk into church fine, sit down and a few minutes later I am shoveling down cough drops, getting out tissues, and drinking water. I keep those things with me when I go anywhere. I just don't get much of a reprieve.

I never thought anything about the Peloton commercial. I just thought it looked like someone fit that probably did not get that way just from riding Peloton and typical of commercials. The music and video makes it look inviting :) People will find fault with almost anything. It is done that way because it sells and that is what the sellers want. A lot of people work out and do not look like that and probably never will. It is genetics for a lot of it on how we look. If there was honesty in commercials people would not be inspired to purchase. LOL, my husband gets annoyed with My Pillow and the Egyptian Cotton sheets ads. Overpriced for shredded memory foam pillows and cotton that probably has nothing that proves that Egyptian cotton is any better than cotton. I did a search on it though and tried to explain the difference, but he was still irritated with the ads.

Carolyn, that is what I thought about the calories for Great Glutes. I Fit Bit never picks up much for calories once you are down to the floor doing work even if it is really intense. I wish it did. My workout this morning did not seem like much either, but then it had all of the ab workout in and I did hop on the rebounder during breaks which were not long just to intensify a bit more. I realized last night why my Fit Bit sometimes does not work on sleep. I left my cell downstairs and my Fit Bit did not track the sleep stages. I would have thought it would still track and when I did the sync it would pick it up. Rather annoying. Other than I saw I was awake 18 times. I saw the 30 day plan somewhere. Probably Amazon, although I have spent time looking at her website as well.

Deb, I hope everything is alright.

Edited to add, I do like my My Pillow even though I did pull out enough stuffing to make a second pillow. I find it comfortable and my roll and go My Pillow goes with me for back support when on the couch or in my car. My husband keeps telling me it was silly that I had to take my pillow apart, but that was my fault as I did not purchase the one for my size.

Lori, I wish you would check in a bit more. Miss you here.


Good morning,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. My Godchild's husband passed away this past weekend, so I have been with them, helping babysitting etc. Also have had to be available for the delivery of a new refrigerator for the dog club, which was ordered and arranged for before he passed away. Our new dishwasher is coming here today. They just texted that they will be here between 12 and 6...ugh...not happy about that. Was not planning on being tied up here for 4 hours.

Everyone is doing great on the workouts! :)

Carolyn, agree on rarely using the dishwasher. I run mine maybe twice a week, if that. I don't put any pots or cooking pans it in because they would sit there for so long. Correct on the timing for buying appliances. We got the sale prices, plus a good deal on the deliveries. Because it was going to a warehouse with no steps etc, they only charged $25 to set up the new one and take away the old one.

Diane Sue, I hope you start to feel better. I think seeing an allergist is a good idea. What type and where do you get washing machine cleaner? Is yours a top loader? I need to look at my washer and see if the water covers the clothes. It is one of those without the tall agitator thing in the middle, just has a while bump like thing that they said you should not cover up with clothes. I read somewhere where people were complaining about a smell from the washer. I guess that was probably mold too. We leave the lid open all the time when it is not being used.

Valerie, my top loader does the same thing with sheets, or when I put in the couch cover (all by itself). That funny balloon type thing when it is all done. We have had some snow here but nothing to stop any activities, travel etc. The new season of Shameless started. I guess it is on Showtime, which I don't want to pay for. I guess I will wait until it comes out on DVD and the library gets a copy.

Judy, great workouts! I thought of you with all that "brew- ha- ha" about that commercial for the Peloton bike. I didn't actually see the commercial, read the reports about all the "offended" people, but like Valerie, thought it was ridiculous to take offense to it.

Hi to Lori,

Take care,


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I worked 6 hours at HD. I got off work at 4 pm and got on the Peloton as soon as I got home. I did 3 rides for a total of 85 minutes. I went to bed early and got over 8 hours of sleep according to my Fitbit.

Deb-I'm so sorry. That's so sad, and right before Christmas :( I'm sure the family really appreciates all the help you are giving them this week.
I agree about the Peloton commercial. It's ridiculous that it offended so many people.

Valerie-Great ride! I don't know why anyone would have been offended by the idea that someone gave their spouse a Peloton bike as a gift. It's so silly the way everyone is acting about this commercial.

Carolyn-Great workouts! I agree about the calorie burn for Great Glutes. It seems like a lot of work but not as many calories as other workouts. To The Mat is another one with a really low calorie burn since it's all on the floor.

Diane Sue-I'm sorry about your allergies. I have similar problems. At work I start sneezing anytime I am around the live Christmas trees. Fruits and vegetables can trigger mine too.

Lori- I agree with Diane Sue. We miss you and wish you would check in again.



Deb, so sorry this happened. good that you were able to be help and support them during a very sad time.

My newer wash machine uses a reasonable amount of water. it fills to a level suitable for the weight of clothes in a load. my older machine is small, medium or large. no "nuance" there.
Deb, tie sheets in a loose one throw knot before you toss them in. it usually keeps the "mushroom" from forming. blankets and heavier materials don't seem to "mushroom", but sheets sure do. I'd try the same technique with heavy material to see if it works.
my LG washer has a small pull out tray to add detergent and fabric softener. there is always water left in the tray. I open the lid and also pull open the tray so both can dry out. zero problems so far.

I'll bet "Shameless" will show up on Netflix or Prime after a run on Showtime. when I see it, I'll tell you. expect it will be a few months.
We are watching The Crown again. went back, watching the first two seasons before starting #3. there is an incredible amount of fascinating history packed in there, and its history I never learned. this is one of my all time favorites. I cant recommend this highly enough. its either Prime or Netflix. the dialogue and the acting is just fantastic.

I feel bad for all of the allergy suffering. I was lucky mine can be avoided. until you know what the problem is, it would be hard to do. a few days a year I might take an antihistamine. I have a sensitivity to nickel that caused more issues for me. can't wear earrings or most jewelry. my watch is Velcro/stainless and my rings come off at night and then I'm OK. if I wear them 24 hrs my skin reacts. earrings, I get about an hour! I had ears pierced when I was about 16, was fine until I was about 50. I got second set of holes punched. that was the end of my tolerance and I've been unable to wear them since.
my gift to my niece will be some very nice expensive earrings I can't wear. I'm having them spiffed up and packaged up as a gift at the jeweler.

I'd be out of silverware in 1.5 days without the DW! No pots/ pans or knives. by evening it's reasonably full so I run a short cycle every night. I hate washing dishes, no room for a dish rack anyway.


Today I did RWH Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders for 43 minutes and 194 calories burned. My average heart rate was 112 and maximum heart rate was 145.

Deb, I’m sorry for your goddaughter and her family. It’s good that you have been able to help out at this difficult time.

Judy, great job getting your rides in right after work. That Peloton commercial just looked like a husband giving his wife a Christmas gift to me. The actor who plays the husband said that he has been called horrible things! It’s acting people!

Diane Sue, I hope that you are getting better.

Hello to Valerie and Lori.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Quick Fix 54 minutes(an extra 10 minutes because I paused my Fit Bit to go let the dog run outside only to bark at something which was apparently urgent) Anyway when I realized when I was done doing both workouts I went back to where I had forgot to turn it back on so I cold get a more accurate reading. This was 316 calories(way less than usual?) met 6.5, 5,550 steps. I followed with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga neck and shoulders flow 21 minutes as I added some rolling on my shoulders with the therapy balls. Total time was 75 minutes, 348 calories.


Deb, you have been really busy. I feel so bad for the family. I really like the Tide washing machine cleaner best. Sometimes I order the Oxi Clean one from Amazon. Both of those seem to keep the smell down longest. Lemon Shine comes with towelettes to wipe down the inside of the washing machine. I just use paper towels and a spray cleaner when I use the others. I always notice a water line that some of wipes off the inside of the machine. Since the machine does not fill up with water the line is around the area the clothes would be. Yes, it says to put the clothes around the outside of that bump. I also have tried Afresh which seems to be the cleaner that most washing machines seem to push. I was not impressed. I have read pros and cons about just pouring a cup of bleach in the washing machine and putting it through the clean cycle. I would not want to try the vinegar as I have read it can corrode and mess up the parts. I thought I was wiping well around the rubber areas around the machine, but there was an area up underneath that had collected a lot of sludge and mold. The water does not hit up there a lot apparently. Just splashed up the soap and dirt and it stays. Mine is top load.

Judy, cedar and juniper pollen are the main pollens around here right now. I have the local pollen alerts sent to my email. That is great that you got 8 hours of sleep. I have not seen that in a long time.

Valerie, my machine has more water coverage sometimes when I look than others. No pull out trays on my machine. It is a Bravo that I think is Maytag's lower quality washing machine? There is always water sitting in the fabric softener spot. I think that may be deliberate because I have read a lot of places and had one of my fabric softener bottles suggest diluting when adding to the dispenser. The bleach dispenser and laundry soap dispenser do not have water in them. Makes it hard to clean out those dispensers though. I am sure your niece will love the jewelry. My daughter and granddaughter have really sensitive ears when it comes to jewelry, but the can wear real gold and sterling silver. I usually run the dishwasher every other day anymore. I used to hand was as used other than weekends when we were both at home all day. But, I let up on that. It does not get full fast because I hand wash my stainless stuff and ceramic cookware. I know the Cookware says dishwasher safe, but I don't trust it. Even Teflon gets a duller and not so non stick after awhile.

Carolyn, nice work again with RWH. It is funny how people confuse acting with reality. It does get ridiculous.


Today I did Afterburn for 54 minutes and 318 calories burned. My average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 153. I had planned to do just a part of it, but I made it through the entire workout.

My new washing machine is a top loader and it has a clean washer cycle. I have never noticed the washer cleaners in the laundry aisle before. I did know about the odor and mold problems with front load washers and I didn’t want one of those.

Waving hello to everyone. Have a great day.


Today I did a short workout. I did Kelly Coffey Trim Down workout 1 24 minutes, 132 calories, heart rate average 135, max 152, 1,554 steps using 8# dumbbells. I then did Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga knees and hips, 22 minutes, 36 calories. Total time 46 minutes, 168 calories. I just am so tired from lack of sleep and coughing. I sure hope that steroid kicks in soon. I wrapped Christmas presents this afternoon.

Carolyn, I think most of the newer washers have the clean washer cycle. Usually Walmart carries Tide, Sure Shine, and Affresh on their shelves. It is usually around the stain removers and stain sticks and that sort of thing. Most of them are in packets in a box. There are some others that are a liquid. I bought one by Cholorx once for daughters washer that smelled terrible. Hers was a top loader as well. Mine is too. We had two front loaders and decided we would not have another. The first one leaked on the floor all of the time. The second was okay, lasted a long time, but had to have service calls on the drum and rim around the front during the warranties.


I took a day off yesterday. it had been a while. we did some yard work and did grocery shopping so not a quiet day.

really, a washing machine cleaner? I never knew it was necessary. my old machine is a Whirlpool. I leave the lid open when not using. the opening for bleach gets funky. I don't ever use bleach in the machine, but run water thru it occasionally. the machine in MT I watch carefully. it has a pull out tray for detergent/softener. if that tray is not opened, water sits there a long time. air is much drier there. things dry in a hurry but not that tray. where it does get dirty is under the washer and dryer. a big project to move the machines and clean underneath and behind. sort of like defrosting the non frost free freezer.

visiting my aunt one time, she complained her dryer wasn't drying things well anymore. the room was humid and smelled sour to me. so I pulled open the lint trap. it was packed solid. she must have never emptied it! I don't remember exactly, but I think her son came over and had to unblock the vent from the outside and inside. she was lucky she hadn't caused a fire.

did Revd up rumble and abs today.

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