Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 12/03/2023

Today I did CDorner Basice Step Aerobics #305 29 minutes, heart rate 133/160, 2,631 steps. This one was easy to follow and fun. The music was good. I wanted to get more leg work in this week so did CDorner Legs and Booty Ball & Dumbbells 29 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 108/149, 274 steps. I ended with STS 2 Total Body Stretch 22 minutes, 33 calories. Total time was 78 minutes, 294 calories, 2,905 steps.
Well this morning for cardio I decided to do Live Hard Strikes Low Impact, description said nothing about anything other than cardio, but at 38 minutes it switched to mat work and then some light weight upper body stuff. I only wanted to do cardio, so I stopped there. Then I did the aptly named Live Wicked Upper Body. Still having a hard time grasping that it's December already. Probably need to figure out my Christmas shopping. Though Derek will be easy as I told him for Christmas/graduation I'd take him for an overnight to the Cleveland Zoo in Jan or Feb whenever we get a few decent weather days.

Diane Sue great job with CDorner Basic Step Aerobics, and Legs and Booty Ball & Dumbbells, plus the stretch.
This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga for 20 minutes.

Diane Sue, nice job with CDorner Basic Step Aerobics and Leg and Booty Ball and Dumbbells, and STS 2 Total Body Stretch.

Cathy, nice job with Live Hard Strikes Low Impact, and Live Wicked Upper Body. The Hard Strikes dvd also has a weight segment that’s called upper body conditioning.

Hello to Judy and Valerie.
This is boring but yesterday I walked around the house, up and down stairs plenty, went to Lowes, and later walked 30 min on the treadmill 3% at 2.7 mph. except for no bending, I look pretty normal. I drove yesterday for the first time but wont unless I need to. the seat belt is hard to get on , and I need to twist too much to look behind me. Besides, I cant pick up most things to put in a cart, and then can't get them out at checkout , so shopping by myself is just silly at this point. DH is impossible as a passenger and I wont do it. I didnt forget how to drive so its fine that way, but as much as I will use mirrors, I wont drive unless I can actually look.
ETA one of those ingrained habits I can't break. I need to avoid "turning/twisting" movements. I don't trust I won't do it automatically. DH does not get it. not intentional movement but automatic. I use mirrors but I also look and if I'm not thinking about it specifically, I turn. I need him to pull the seat belt forward or I cant reach it now. seat has to be forward to reach pedals, and then belt is too far behind to reach without forbidden movements. I want to skip driving for another month until I get clearance. expect early january. no point in driving if I cant do anything after I get to the store, so I need him anyway. even the fridge is aggravating. we have a side by side. I can reach half of it. cant reach produce drawer, the lower drawer, or half the shelves. using a grabber for heavier/glass containers is marginal. dropping something would make a mess I cant clean up. I've learned to open low drawers with my toe, but not everything works. this feels endless.
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Got up too late to do cardio, actually slept through my phone alarm and the 10 minute snooze one, too. That happens only once or twice a year! I did Lean Legs and Abs. I don't remember anything about this workout, and really didn't care for it much, so maybe I either previewed it and opted not to do it, or did it and then never did it again. I've done Great Glutes from that group quite a bit. Have a call into NMU because an $11 bill I paid in November is showing as being re-billed, while his overall account shows a zero balance. He can't graduate if he owes money, so hopefully I can get that straightened out today.

Valerie I can understand you not wanting to drive when you can't twist to look around. I'm torn whenever DH and I go anywhere together, because I prefer to drive, and with my current car, horror of horrors, I don't have a CD player, and he gets bored and while I may not comment on his driving, he feels free to comment on the tiniest thing with mine. But, if I have to ride with him, I read or play games because I cannot watch. And at times, I'll actually opt for the backseat. LOL Great job getting all the steps in.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga. I rarely do the Hard Strikes DVD, so that should have cued me in. Just not sure why it wasn't in the description as they are usually good about mentioning the various things in the workout.
I didn't want to get started on DH. he can't shut up when I'm driving, one thing after another, yesterday was no exception. I'm too fast, too slow, in the wrong lane, and turning around when I shouldn't. it is frigging endless. he keeps insisting I should drive! once is enough. I put the car in the garage in the exact spot he insists it be, but it didn't look right to him because he's sitting in passenger seat . its always hard to get out there. I know because the bikes hang there on the wall and I'm usually the passenger.
Cathy I can SO relate. I am done driving until I can shop alone. then he got on me about doing something with some friends. I said I dont want to invite people over. I cant cook or clean. I cant ask them to invite us to their house. so how about us all going out for lunch? he kept asking this question and I kept saying the same thing..... 4 of us meet for lunch somewhere. he doesn't want to do that and then starts all over again. I am so tired of this.

amazing you can sleep thru alarms. it has to be genetic.
This morning I did Athletic Training which was 56 minutes and 348 calories burned. It’s a tough workout!

Valerie, getting out and walking is a good thing even if you have to move more slowly.

Cathy, nice job with Lean Legs and Abs. I’ve done it many times, but not recently. We all have different things that appeal to us in our preferred workouts. I’ve been undecided about preordering Cathe’s newest workouts, but I just decided today to do it.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Today I did STS 2.0 Supersets Total Body premix Upper and calves, 53 minutes, 179 calories, heart rate 106/140. I got a late start this morning as I had groceries coming and I spent time with medical insurance agent over an error which messed up my relax time.
took the day off formal exercise today since we shopped at grocery and costco. enough walking. somehow DH decided ( maybe our friend suggested it too?) we could all go to lunch on wed which is what I wanted to begin with. the next week will be too busy and I am not even close to inviting people over for snacks or dinner. he drove today without arguing which was good. parking lots are way too busy now to back out without being to look behind.
Cathe, nice work on Lean Legs and Abs. I remember the title and am sure I have done it, just do not remember what type of workout it is. Christmas seems to be arriving fast. This year seemed to fly by for me somehow. I am trying to get Christmas shopping done from home. No way am I going out and joining crowds. I used to get that all done by October so I did not feel stressed over doing it the last minute. My family draws names for all adults and the three younger children we all buy for. I think we are close to being the only house on our street without decorations hanging on the outside. We gave our outdoor lights to our granddaughter and her husband.

Carolyn, great job on getting in Athletic Training. I remember when that first came out thinking it was really tough. I have not done it in so long. It was not one I looked forward to, but I did it in a rotation and stuck with it at one time. I kind of want Cathe's new workouts. I am sure I could probably do modifiers where needed.

Valerie, my husband would not want me doing the driving. For one thing it would make him crazy because I do not drive on the highways. At least it came around to you going out to eat with friends rather than having them come to your place.

Hi to Judy.
I have used the workout blender to create two finished combo step workouts. I almost always do the one with the newer workouts. Today, I decided to do the one with older workouts. First one is Rhythmic Step which is fine because I also put it in the newer one, just because I really like it. But the others are from the really old step videos that I haven't done in a very long time. Kept my heart rate up because I kept moving, but I was definitely not always doing what she did. LOL Doing finished combos when you haven't done the breakdown in forever is quite challenging. Then I did the STS 2 Standing Abs Core Plus Floor, which is my favorite core from the series and finished with STS 2 Mobility 1. It's going to be lightly snowing all day, the kind that's annoying if you have to drive and keep using your wipers, but amounts to nothing.

Diane Sue, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, I've just thought about what I'll do. Probably need to actively start getting things. DH took the tree box upstairs, and it'll probably get put together this weekend, but I'll ask Derek if he wants me to wait to decorate it till he's here. Great job with STS 2.0 Supersets Total Body premix Upper and calves.

Valerie I so get all that. If I suggest something, my husband often disagrees with doing it, but then a day or so later it's suddenly his idea. I'm just glad that we rarely ever have to drive together. I wouldn't sleep through my phone alarm. I use the alarm on my watch which just vibrates.

Carolyn great job with Athletic Training. I haven't done that in forever, but remember it as being tough.

Hi Judy.
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Tee hee cathy, that's probably it! our friends have been asking how I'm doing, so somehow the conversation maybe evolved in direction of us all meeting for lunch, but I vote for my idea becoming "his" idea a day later. they have adult children and are busy with holiday plans so I didn't want to hint they should ask us over. tacky!. its not sane to ask people to come here with DH doing all the prep and whatever cooking is needed. we have enough to handle already. house is messy now with my tools and leaving things out of cabinets at a reachable height.

I think he's too aggressive driving but its tolerable. I dont follow as closely and am not aggressive about left lane driving. I personally think I'm a better driver but Im sure he disagrees. I'm not concerned with getting in front of anyone. he just cant shut up when I drive. like I was saying, I cant do what needs to be done after I get somewhere anyway, so not worth the annoyance to drive. we have a backup camera on our older car but that is NOT adequate when parking lots are jammed and people zoom thru like they are the only car moving. even in a big lot like costco there are people backing out and rolling by with carts and you need to look carefully while backing out.
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Today I did two short workouts because I didn’t have much time. I did ICE To the Mat Legs and Glutes, Bands only premix. That was just 20 minutes. Then I did JS 15-Minute Calorie Burst which was 111 calories, average heart rate 134 and maximum heart rate 159. I should have done the cardio first to warm up more, but didn’t think of it. I had just enough time to finish and shower before the technicians arrived that I was expecting.

Diane Sue, great job with STS 2 Supersets Total Body premix. I ordered the 3 DVDs bundle. know that I will modify the new workouts some, but I don’t mind. I will definitely use dumbbells for some of the barbell exercises.

Valerie, meeting your friends for lunch sounds like a perfect get together idea that your husband came up with!

Cathy, great job with your step combos, STS 2 Standing Abs and Core plus Floor, and Mobility 1.

Waving hello to Judy.
Yesterday I did a 30 minute Peloton Interval ride, 20 minutes of rowing and a 10 minute Arm workout.
Today I did RWH Legs-All Strength Premix, RWH Bonus Abs 1 and 5 minutes of rowing.

This is a busy week of appointments for us. Yesterday Chris had an endoscopy, tomorrow he has an appointment with our primary care doctor and Thursday we both have our annual cardiologist visit. Everything is pretty routine but it’s rather stressful to have so many medical appointments close together.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts and STS 2.0 Supersets Total Body premix Upper and calves.

Cathy-Great job with Live Hard Strikes Low Impact, Live Wicked Upper Body, Lean Legs and Abs, your combo step workout and TS 2 Standing Abs Core Plus Floor. I slept through my alarm on Sunday and was almost late for work.

Valerie-Great job with the treadmill and walking. I hope you have a fun lunch out tomorrow.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga, Athletic Training, ICE To the Mat Legs and Glutes, Bands only premix and JS 15-Minute Calorie Burst. Athletic Training is a tough one. I haven’t done that one in years. I should revisit it.
Today I did Raw Heavy Bag 4 adding a little warm up, 24 minutes, 103 calories, heart rate 116/151. I liked this one. I had not done it before. I then did STS 2 Standing abs metabolic and core warm up + Standing abs core +floor using the 5 and 10# plate, 24 minutes, heart rate 117/137, 109 calories. I finished with STS 2 Supersets express 2 lower body only, using just the squat and lunge portion of warm up and doing the weight work, 15 minutes, heart rate 109/136, 57 calories. If I had more time I would have added some of the bonus lower, but today was another day that was out of sync with usual schedule.

Cathy, Rhythmic step was always a fun workout. I remember doing that one over and over when it first came out. I really like that STS 2 abs metabolic and standing work too. The only problem is that I have to switch rooms so I can do it on carpet instead of puzzle mats. Those plates and gliding discs do not slide on the puzzle mats. I did most of my workout in one room and moved to the other for the lower body work. I had to stop and raise the heavy bag. I think my younger grandsons have been playing with it. I liked the 100# hanging one better, but when we moved I let it go. Actually my son in law has it I think. No room for it here. I need more sand in the one I used It kept moving and so I would have to go to the other side and punch it back across the floor. My husband never likes the tree up too long. So we put up close to Christmas and take it down right after.

Valerie, I understand on the mess and things having to be out. My cupboards are high and most things here so when I had the shoulder surgery, I could not reach up far. I also found just trying to get down a hanger with an item of clothing felt exceptionally heavy and was difficult for quite some time. My husband handled laundry and vacuuming and a lot of stuff for quite some time. There are a lot of people in parking lots that just seem oblivious to anyone else being there. People always seem to be in a hurry for some reason.

Carolyn, nice mix with ICE To the Mat Legs and Glutes, Bands only premix and JS 15-Minute Calorie Burst. I don't care much for putting a barbell up over my head and on to my shoulders anymore. It hurts my neck. Deadlifts and things like that are okay.

Judy, good job on the 30 minute Peloton Interval ride, 20 minutes of rowing and a 10 minute Arm workout yesterday and today doing RWH Legs All Strength Premix, RWH Bonus Abs 1, and 5 minutes of rowing. I try to not make more than two appointments in the same month if possible. I think most of my upcoming ones are March and April. I need to change one as my dentist set one for the same morning I have another medical appointment.

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I took only sunday off from treadmill/spin bike. yesterday I did a lot of work inside, lots of stairs, and then 15 on treadmill and 15 on bike. I'm using the spin bike like a plain stationary bike, sitting up straight and only mild-moderate tension.
diane sue I have the opposite problem. I can access higher things, whatever I can reach being short, but it's the low cabinets that are the problem. Ive gotten more clever about reaching things but even if I do a lunge, getting inside lower cabinets isn't ok. we end up with more things on countertops than usual. I cant vacuum or sweep. hopefully only another month before I get cleared for more ROM. I can cook by giving a list of things I need that DH gets out and puts away. we are doing ok. we are having some major flooding here right now, records water levels. we have not gone out because we didn't need to, but pretty terrible for people living in low lying areas.

did my 15 and 15 on treadmill/bike this morning so it doesn't interfere with lunch. maybe more this afternoon depending on time left.
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I woke up with some type of muscle strain or tightness in my right leg. It was very uncomfortable when I put my weight on it. I didn’t work out but it felt fine by late morning. I’m not sure what the problem was but I think it was related to my workout yesterday. I didn’t warm up enough and my muscles weren’t very flexible.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton ride, rowing, arm workout, and RWH Legs, and RWH Bonus Abs.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Heavy Bag, STS 2 Standing Abs Core + Floor, and STS 2 Super Sets express. I’m the same with the barbell now, nothing on my shoulders for squats or lunges and no shoulder presses with barbell. I use dumbbells for those exercises.

Valerie, great job with your treadmill and bike work. You seem to be making excellent progress.

Hello to Cathy.
This morning I did ICE to the Mat: Legs and Glutes. One of my favorite no weight leg workouts.

Carolyn great job with ICE to the Mat premix and JS 15-Minute Calorie Burst. Hopefully, whatever was bothering your right leg stays gone.

Judy nice job with the Peloton workouts, RWH Legs-All Strength Premix, RWH Bonus Abs 1 and 5 minutes of rowing.

Diane Sue great job with Raw Heavy Bag 4, STS 2 Core, and SS 2 Supersets express 2 lower body only. I always wished that Cathe had done another long step routine in the pattern of Rhythmic Step.

Valerie nice job with the 15 on treadmill and 15 on bike.
Today I did CDorner Step Class #341 22 minutes, heart rate 121/145, 2062 steps, 100 calories. Our electricity blipped out and I lost my internet connection so had to stop at 10 minutes till the modem picked back up. She did this one without breakdowns and said there were breakdowns of the moves used individually if needed. I followed this with CDorner Balance & Mobility, 33 minutes, 53 calories, 237 steps. Total time 55 minutes, 153 calories, 2,299 steps.

Valerie, it seems like you are doing well so far. I know it takes patience when we want to be able to do thinks normally again. Nice work on the bike and treadmill today. It is nice to have someone there to help with things. I really appreciated all the help my husband did for me. I couldn't imagine doing something like that alone. I have a friend that had a procedure and she went to a hotel near the facility, then uber to the facility and ubered back to the hotel to stay till she could drive home. It made me really appreciate having someone here for me. Be safe with the flooding there. I refuse to go out when weather gets like that.

Carolyn, I hope your leg stays okay. I hope it is back to normal tomorrow. I am really careful with how I do shoulder work even with dumbbells. It is more uncomfortable to do overhead press with dumbbells facing forward for me than both parallel to my head. My arms always go up from the front and come down in front when bringing them back down.

Cathy, work on Ice To the Mat Legs and Glutes. I think next to Rhythmic Step I really like Party Rock'n Step 2. I think it is a fun workout. I need to pull Rhythmic Step out. I forget the workouts that are in a large case and not on my shelves.

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