Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 10/13

Today I did Walk Strong and Have Fun: Have a Ball, 33 minutes, heart rate average 133, max 172, 2,449 steps, 196 calories, met 7.5. This was fun and different. I then did PT exercises 45 minutes, 100 calories. Total time 78 minutes, 296 calories.

Judy, enjoy your time off from work. Glad they are giving you less hours finally.

Deb, yes writing things down is helpful. They kept adding new ideas and taking away thing till I purchased a little notebook to write things all down. I had tried doing all of the moves they had given me so far and ended up paying for it with more pain. I kind of have what moves are working put together.

Carolyn, I bet it is nice having those medical appointments out of the way. That is what I had hoped for, but got into all of this other stuff with just the routine visits and extra tests. I still need to make the heart CT scan appointment.

Valerie, I most of those really high impact moves can be take down a bit. Even when I did the flying angels I did not have my feet spread that far apart. I think it will be sunny here for the next week or so. Right now it is really nice out.
I am so sorry to be absent. My truly, dearest best friend past away suddenly (Madeline’s son). I am devastated. I am still grieving for Madeline. Been friends with him for 53 years and we talk every morning on our way to work. This is hard.
This morning I needed a short lower body workout, so I did JS WS3 Lower Body Strength. It was 31 minutes and 143 calories burned. My average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 135. My husband’s nephew passed away unexpectedly and we are preparing for the trip out of town. He was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and never recovered.

Lori, I’m so sorry for your loss. You have had a lot to deal with this past year.

Diane Sue, the JS workouts can be fun with no dread factor. I’m so glad that you have figured out a way to benefit from your PT.

Hello to Judy, Deb, and Valerie.
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Lori-I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how hard this is for you.

Carolyn- I am sorry for you and your husband's loss. That is very sad.
Lori I am so sorry!.... you have had a lot of awful things to deal with.

we rode this morning, about 5 miles. about an hour. it was incredibly windy so we picked a flatter shorter ride in case it didn't work out. it was an OK ride but too windy. the wind catches the car doors and this time I got smacked in the head, hard. when you open a door you must hang on to it until you know if wind is going to catch it or not. we've heard of people getting their doors bent backwards from the wind. not sure if it was a joke or not, but it gets intense and very gusty. even the interstate gets closed because trucks get blown over. will stay tomorrow and drive back saturday.

I'm getting burned out with my sister. she is calling leaving long LONG messages on my land line because she needs kitty litter. I got it delivered. I ordered but as usual, unable to leave a message that order was done. she did not answer her phone. now her cell phone answers in Spanish so no progress.
my goal is a way to leave a message on either phone, and for her to be able to use her cell to call for help if she needs it. she has her heels dug in and is resisting eveything. she was always belligerent and unable to get along with ANYONE for long but this is ridiculous.

Did stacked upper body and the ab workout today too.
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Lori, I am terribly sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

Carolyn, nice work on JS walk strong 3 workout. I wish that set did not cost so much. I watched previews of all of the workouts. I am sorry to hear that you husbands nephew passed away.

Valerie, I have seen some pretty strong winds here before. I am always afraid the door will get away and hit someone else' car. I would not want to be on the interstate with those trucks if the wind is that hard. I don't like driving beside them to begin with. I cannot even imagine dealing with your sister. Even when she can't talk to you she is asking for things!! I guess there is no grocery delivery around there? She wouldn't be able to order though without internet. It is ridiculous. What if you just quit sending things till she calls?
I guess you do what you feel is right, despite the belligerence she carries.
diane sue, she has pissed off everyone else in the universe. she has 2 children. one hasn't talked to her in a years, the other barely does, but lives far away. she burns all bridges. won't learn anything. she would need internet to order groceries, and of course doesn't have it.... or the slightest inclination to learn. I told her I will not do "normal" grocery orders. too complicated. not a lot of delivery where she lives. "drive- to- store pick up", but not delivery. plus, I wont do it. I order from amazon, and heavy things like kitty litter, dog food. if this were a limited time.... like recovery from surgery.... with prospect of getting back to normal, then I would..... but this an endless. nope, not signing up for that. people help for a while but get tired of the "attitude" and find other uses for their time.
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Today I had PT. I discussed some stretches for my lats and back with her and she showed me some moves to help with that. She added in another move. Since the two she mentioned had caused pain after I did them (the abcs while lying down with a db in the air and ball circles on the wall) she decided to hold off on adding them back in yet. Things are going well. Hoping for a good workout tomorrow along with my PT exercises.
I went to Walmart afterward and got things to make enchiladas for family dinner Sunday. I was getting low on things around here.

Valerie, well, I guess she knows you are the only one with enough compassion to make sure she has what she needs.
I am running a little short of patience these days. Her cat could use the damn phone by now.

We hope to drive home tomorrow. went out this morning and took another look at the easy to see grizzly and herds of elk and pronghorn.

Drover.. I remember you... is your name cathy and you live in texas? hope that's not too much information. good to 'see" you back again.
Good Morning. Just a quick check in this morning. Yesterday was a travel day and the funeral is this afternoon. I’m sure that I won’t get in a workout until I get back home. Take care and have a wonderful day.
Hi Everyone,

It's been a nice week off. Tuesday was a rest day. Chris and I went in for a screening recommended by our doctor. It was a Calcium Scoring Heart CT Test. We just got the results yesterday and we both had scores of 0, which is really good. Considering that I have had higher cholesterol in the past, I am very happy with the results. Chris thought I would have a higher reading because of having had higher cholesterol.

Valerie-I don't blame you for running out of patience. I hope you have a nice drive home.

Lori & Carolyn-Thinking of you both and keeping you and your families in my prayers.

Diane Sue-I hope your PT continues to go well and that you get some good workouts in this weekend.

Hi to Deb & Cathy!

This morning I did Jessica Smith walking strong Build Balanc3 and inner strength core control, 31 minutes, 1,588 steps, 163 calories, heart rate 124 average, 155 max, Walk Strong and have fun step and stride, 29 minutes, 3,199 steps, 184 calories, heart rate average 135, max 157. I finished w with a bit of foam roller and Jane Adam's 7 yoga practices, desk work, 27 minutes, 63 calories, 15 steps. Total time 87 minutes, 410 calories, 4,o82 steps. I also did some PT earlier.

Carolyn, thinking of you and the family today.

Valerie, nice that you got out to see some the animals again today. I hope your trip back is a good one.
Diane Sue-yes, it's a CT scan that looks for calcium in the arteries:

It was very easy, didn't take long at all. I was a little leery about getting it but now I'm glad I did. If I would have known about this test I would have asked for it when my old doctor was trying to shove statins down my throat :)

Great job with the Jessica Smith workouts! I've been enjoying doing them again.
Judy, thanks for the link. The doctor gave me a brochure, but it was just suggesting a couple of places to get it. It is 50.00 here.

I am enjoying the Jessica Smith workouts. The one I did today comes on a set of 3. One uses bands and one uses light weights. I will check those out when I am able.

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