Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/24


Good Afternoon Ladies. Today is my rest day. I did a short Jane Adams Gentle Yoga for 18 minutes but nothing else. I hope that everyone is doing well and having a good day.


Good morning all. we got back last night after 11 hrs driving. had dinner, watched a bit of TV ( watching Breaking Bad from beginning to end) and crashed. this morning I went shopping. I never restocked after our power out last week. the cupboard was BARE. will do some kind of workout later today, maybe just upper body. its been ages since I did a workout with the power out, and then the trip. I count the xc skiing and hiking as definite workouts but no weights for almost two weeks.

We'd watched Breaking Bad before, as seasons were released, separated by a year. it is incredibly much better and more entertaining to watch in from start to finish. we are watching 2 episodes most evenings. right now I'm getting it mixed up with with Better Call Saul because of the interplay between both series and characters. what an incredible story and accomplishment. If you watched it like I did, in a broken up fashion, consider watching all of it now that its all available streaming. when there is a year between seasons, I forget a lot of the subtleties and spend a lot of time trying to remember who was who and what the interaction was. never got a workout in yesterday but busy running around all day.

thanks for getting us started carolyn.
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I did Party Rocking Step #1 today and then the non partner portion of Ab Circuits Med Ball Abs.

Valerie glad you made it back safely.

Carolyn yoga is always a good rest day choice. I keep telling myself I need to do that.

Boys are currently both working. First time their shifts have overlapped. Curious to see if they end up in the same area. Nick is now in charge of overseeing an area, and so there's the potential there. Fortunately, they get along really well. Not sure if the supervisors would actually have him over an area Derek is working in though.


Today I did RWH Low Impact HiiT Two for 30 minutes and 214 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate was 153.

Cathy, nice job with Party Rocking Step and STS disc 10. You are doing great with the program.

Valerie, restocking the kitchen takes some time. My husband watched all of Breaking Bad a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I didn’t watch much of it since it’s not really my kind of show. We have very different tastes in entertainment. I watched all of Bridgerton, which I loved. I read the books that are the basis of the series years ago starting with the first one in 2000.

Hello to Everyone and have a nice day.


I did stacked upper body and Abs 2. felt fine, didn't feel like I had skipped 2 weeks at all. there is a fair amount of arm/back work in xc skiing. its nothing like the faux skiing with the gliding disks!

I keep hearing about Bridgerton. on the agenda. I can't skip a new series even if only one season is available. things that are really good I go back and re watch when the whole thing is available. some things are better than you expect and others are not worth the time. its really obvious on the second run thru.
I'm surprised by how complex a lot of the characters and dialogue in BB is. the first time thru I could hardly keep the basic family straight but all the minor characters play a bigger role than I realized. I've got a limited tolerance for violence, and there is a little, but not overwhelming. Carolyn, if your DH has not seen Better Call Saul, he will love that too. I don't think all seasons are out yet but I will re-watch in the future.


Today I did Raw Cardio Crush 2, 33 minutes, heart rate 138/165, 3,399 steps. I then did Raw Upper Body Weight, 32 minutes, heart rate 89/122, 468 steps, 53 calories, I finished with Perfect 30 Flow Mobility Basics timesaver stretch, 20 minutes, heart rate 82/92, 34 steps, 19 calories. This is my favorite for stretching mix on this dvd, other than the jumping to the brief stretch in the squat position where it cuts off to the next move. Total time was 85 minutes, 260 calories, 3,901 steps. I had not done this upper body workout yet. Now I remember why as I had previewed and the moves are not real upper back and shoulder friendly. We will see how I feel later. It ended up not being a relaxing weekend. We had 3 different lookers at our house so spent quite awhile out with Gertie. We even walked through a couple of houses that we wanted to see and had open houses.
I got the new Withings Connect Blood Pressure monitor that my husband ordered for me along with the travel case. I set it up and it was easy since I already had the app for the Withings scale. I connected it to the wifi so I can use it without bluetooth and having my cell phone nearby. It is nice to have graphs and Data all in one place for this stuff.

Upper Body Weights 32 minutes(approx) 8# and 12# dumbbells used. Exercises are done for 1 minute each move is done and then repeated superset style

Triceps 8# dbs overhead extension 17 reps and 17 reps
kickbacks 29 and 33 reps

Shoulders 8# dbs lateral raise 15 reps and 17 reps
front raise alternating and some doubles 8# dbs 17 and 16 reps

Back 12# dbs step back row 16 reps and 19 reps
high pull 12# dbs 17 reps and 17 reps

Chest pullover/fly 12# dbs 10 reps and 10 reps
bench press 12# dbs 16 reps and 15 reps

abs crunch 30 reps and 30 reps
bicycle 72 reps and 72 reps

Carolyn, thanks for starting us yesterday. Nice work on RWH Low Impact. Nice work with RWH low impact today.

Cathy, it is nice that your son's work at the same place. Nice work with STS disc 10 today and Party Rockin Step #1 yesterday.

Valerie, restocking all of that stuff will be a load of stuff. Glad you made it home okay and got a weight workout in.


Quick check in as I need to shower and get my grandson on zoom before I go for my mammogram. Praying for my friend today who is getting her breast biopsy results today. Fit bit was lousy and frustrating. Made me really mad. Perfect 30 high Impact Hiit (did all as Cathe did) with the extended stretch, 41 minutes(37 actual as I was trying to get better than the 98 and 100 I kept seeing) heart rate 105/152, 131 calories, 2,676 steps. I will be back for personals.


This morning I did a RWH Back, Biceps, and Shoulders timesaver, 2 sets and no finishers, which was 33 minutes with 172 calories burned. My average heart rate was 119 and maximum heart rate was 149. Then I did Jane Adams Yoga for Beginners, Standing Poses. That was an additional 20 minutes and 25 calories.

Valerie, great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body and Abs 2. I’m not surprised that you didn’t lose strength with a two week break from the structured workouts. Your other activities obviously keep you fit. My husband does have Better Call Saul on his viewing list. Someone gave him the dvds for Christmas.

Diane Sue, nice work with Raw Cardio Crush, Raw Upper Body Weight, and Perfect Flow Mobility timesaver. Your blood pressure monitor sounds really nice. Mine is just a basic Omron model that’s several years old. That’s great that you managed to get in a workout before going for your mammogram. Good luck with that today.

Hello to Deb, Judy, Cathy, and Lori. Take care everyone.


Hi all,

Only one workout so far this week...did Live Metabolic Circuit, 47 minutes, 242 calories.

Carolyn, thanks for starting the thread this week. Nice mix of workouts so far this week. It looks like you are doing the monthly rotation.

Valerie, X-country skiing and hiking are definitely workouts! I watched all of Better Call Saul ( at least up to what was available at the time), but I agree, if I started where I left off now with whatever was next, I would not remember anything that was going on. That is a big problem where there is a year between seasons. I have not watched Breaking Bad, but also think that if all that happened in Better Call Saul was not known, there would be a lot of confusion watching Breaking Bad. Another like this is Crownies and Janet King. You miss a lot without the back story of Crownies. I also like just having them all on hand at once and watching a couple a day. I just finished 7 seasons of The Mentalist.

Cathy, nice job on Party Roc;n Step and STS disk 10. Great that your sons are working together. Agree, I don't think one should be supervising the other. Not good for either of them, or the area.

Diane Sue, it sounds like the house sale is going well. I hope your friend gets good results.

Hi to Lori & Judy,

Take care,


Today I did KCM’s Step Boxing, workout one. That was 32 minutes and 236 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Deb, good job getting in a workout this week. I look at every step as progress, no matter how small.

Waving hello to everyone. Have a nice day.


I did 30 on the elliptical yesterday after noticing that stacked upper DID get me sore. nothing major but I could tell I had not done a formal workout in 2 weeks.

somehow the (genius) writer of the series meshed the two stories so well that you can enjoy each one by itself but even better together. the back story of the characters makes it more complete. it's mainly about Saul( Jimmy Mc Gill) before he becomes Saul Goodman. it is a fascinating series all on its own, and its not done yet. I'm not sure how many seasons I've seen so far but I think 4.
Deb, we go back and re-watch at least one episode of the last season when we get a new season. the more complex it is, the more important. until we see the last of Better Call Saul, I won't know which series should be watched first. maybe it won't matter, and each can stand alone. it is an amazing accomplishment. we still subscribe to the Netflix dvd program but the mail delays have gotten much worse this year. it takes forever to return and receive a new disk. not sure how long we will keep it up as streaming options get better. I used it for movies mainly since streaming is pretty slow for new releases, but this year Hollywood et al didn't release many movies due to theaters being closed so not sure its worth it. the dvd program is good for older movies. streaming finds some of the most awful dreck!
we watched Janet King and enjoyed it but Crownies I'm not familiar with. I'll take a look.

diane sue, best of luck on the mamm. I hate that process. especially the follow up appts that so far for me have been negative. stress level is thru the roof.

I am trying to schedule a vaccination. this does not feel like an easy process. all this should have been done 6 months to a year ago by qualified people and now we have to play a bad game of catch up.


Valerie, I have been trying to schedule a vaccine appointment with no success. since January 11. It’s a crazy situation and very frustrating here. I don’t want to sit at my computer in the middle of the night or very early morning trying to get an appointment for us. I hope it gets better here in the next two weeks.
Didn't realized I never checked in yesterday. I did Live Boxing, Hiit Blasts and Core yesterday which is a pretty decent workout. A fair amount of high impact. Today was Disk 11 of STS. Only one more to go in Meso 1.

Carolyn great job on the workouts! Bridgerton's is one of my favorite book series and I've read them all at least a half dozen times. I just can't bring myself to watch the Netflix version. I've seen enough clips and read enough to know that not only have they changed the personalities of some characters, but really messed with storylines and in some cases those changes will become even more profound the further they get into the books.

Valerie I can see how even working your arms skiing you'd be a bit sore from a workout. I swear Cathe can find muscles that nothing else does. I'm holding off on even looking into the vaccine for awhile yet. My parents are both on the 80+ side and they haven't been able to get anything set up yet. I'm not high risk in anyway and at this point I'm only going out once a week to shop. Those of you who are in greater risk categories should get them first.

Diane Sue good job on the workouts! Sorry your FitBit is still frustrating you.


Cathy, great job with the workouts. We are in the designated 1A+ group for the vaccine in our state which includes ages 65+, but the allocation received is very low. It’s been so frustrating trying to set up appointments. The technology at the state level is from early 90’s and can’t handle the demand even when there is vaccine available. I’ll keep checking but I’m not going to stress about it anymore.


Fit BIt did terrible again. I cannot believe I was checking while doing cardio and it said 68. Then after the Hiit pyramid it was doing the same thing and after I sat down to put it in the workout manager I noticed my heart rate was 87 just sitting.
Workout was Cathe Live 101 Step and pump doing the warm up and step and blasts this time, 33 minutes, heart rate 112/156, 3,262 steps. I then did Perfect 30 bonus Hiit pyramid cardio 13 minutes, 50 calories, 2,059 steps, heart rate 97/141 ( did modify the jumps off and on the step) . I had to check my grandson and zoom and came back up and did Ice Low Impact Sweat #2 step as I wanted to see if the Fitbit would work any better after removing, wiping and putting it back on. This was 22 minutes as I skipped the warm up, 77 calories, heart rate 100/134, 77 calories,1,622 steps. I finished with Icy Core #2 15 minutes, 21 calories, heart rate 89/97, 56 steps.
Total time was 83 minutes, 298 calories, 5,999 steps.


Did a Pedal Power spin yesterday a 40 min premix. I'm trying to get conditioned to the idea of doing the full workout that is another 15 minutes. for some reason I have trouble with spin for the full amount of time. I think 40 min is way better than nothing!

Carolyn everything I am reading shows all these medical and commercial facilities set up and ready to give vaccinations, but no one knows when or how many doses they will receive so they cant schedule appts beyond what they know they have. its worse to schedule thousands of people and then have to call them back and cancel because expected materials didn't arrive. I don't think the state health dept here is exactly functioning on all cylinders either. I am not going to sit in a line of cars for 3 hours waiting. I'd rather hold off a little longer. we've been isolated for over a year now, a few more weeks is not a big deal.


This morning I did P30 Perfect Pump Lower Body and the Extended Stretch for 41 minutes and 190 calories burned. Average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate was 164. I like this workout quite a bit, but I always feel that I need the longer stretch.

Diane Sue, you had a great workout even though your Fitbit couldn’t keep up. Nice job.

Valerie, great job with 40 minutes of Pedal Power. I agree about the vaccine availability and cancellation of appointments. We will continue to stay home just as we have been doing since March.

Hello to Cathy, Deb, and Judy.


I'm looking thru my extensive pile of cathe DVDs and realize I don't use a lot of them any more and probably never will. you get first dibs. I will send them for the cost of postage. that will depend on mailing costs or UPS costs but should not be a lot unless someone wants quite a few of them. I can get a list together in the next day or two. anyone interested?
Rest day and shopping here. Second week in a row there's been a lot of empty shelves at Whole Foods. Finally ended up buying small bags of organic strawberries at the other store I go to since it was the second week they had none.

Diane Sue great that you got the workouts in around school stuff!

Valerie I have the same issue with lots of DVD's that I don't use anymore, but I don't think I could part with them. At least not yet.

Carolyn great job with the workout!

I bought a printer with the ink tanks awhile back and DH has been using it for work, and the ink supplies are fine, but they are all clogged. He finally just ordered the kit to clean them out and I've watched the video and I am not looking forward to attempting it and dealing with the mess it'll make. And I will be the one to do, he's completely hopeless when it comes to anything computer related. On a regular basis he will complain that someone disconnected the printer because it won't work, and I'll walk over and push the connection back in at the back of the computer (for the dozenth or so time) and tell him again to just check that. The director of his department did a video chat with staff today-first one in over a month and said that they will definitely not be going back to the office beginning in March. Maybe in June and possibly not till fall. While it is definitely safer for them to all be home, it will not break my heart when they go back to the office!

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