Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 1/10

Did STS Disk 5 today. Really have to get my butt up in the morning and do 6 since I can't workout again till Sunday. At least not with weights. Drove the Prius today and it was fine. Just have to remember that the brakes are touchy and the start and stopping sequence. Figured out the cruise which wasn't something I wanted to do in the dark.

Carolyn, great job on the RWH workout!

Judy I haven't done the Core Max workouts in a long time. Great job on the X10 workout. I think in Michigan the worst is anything moving through the Detroit area of Grand Rapids. All our mail going out or coming to us has to go through Grand Rapids.

Just checked my weather app and I have locations all the way up to Marquette. Friday is 70-80% of 1-3" of snow. Ugh! A few years back going north I hit a really long white out on the highway and it was terrifying. I couldn't even get off because I couldn't see exits until I was even with them. I really don't need that again, especially in a car I'm so unfamiliar with driving. Deep breaths, deep breaths.


Cathy-I hadn't done Core Max in ages. I used to do it regularly. I need to start doing that again, maybe twice a week for awhile. I saw that Michigan was getting some snow later this week. I hope it doesn't get too bad and that you have a good drive to Marquette.


I didn’t get to work out today as I needed to go grocery shopping. I went out first thing to get that done. I’ve used Amazon Fresh the last two times so it was time to stock up a bit.

Cathy, I hope that you have a safe trip. And keep up that deep breathing!

Judy, I was thinking the same thing about Core Max—it’s been a while. I like that it’s a basic Ab workout without “new and innovative“ moves. Sometimes I just want the old stuff.

Have a wonderful day everyone and stay safe and healthy.


I got my workout in this morning. Things have been crazy the last days and virtual school is stressful when I am away from the house part of the day. I started my workout with Raw Boxing and Legs, 40 minutes as I wrote it down, 114/158 heart rate, 171 calories 2,911 steps. I did not use the egg weights. I then did Cathe Perfect 30 Low Impact Hiit, 30 minutes, heart rate 126/158,149 calories, 2,821 steps. Perfect 30 Mobility basics strength timesaver, 16 calories, 11 minutes, 88/117 heart rate, 43 steps. Total time 81 minutes, 336 calories, 5,775 steps.
Monday I had ladies game day and had to leave early to hit the store and get home as I had schooling and someone wanting to look at the house. Yesterday was my arthritis appointment which is in an adjoining city and they had me wait for doctor and then I had to get blood work done. I talked to him about my neck and shoulder blades as being the only place where I have pain most of the time. He had to go back and look at the mris and that I had physical therapy. He offered two ways of doing a steroid injection saying that would make space because inflammation would go down. I told him I would not do it unless I got to where I could not function through the pain. I am just afraid of those injections in the neck and the things that too much steroid can do to the joints over time. I don't know if I am making the best decision.
Boxing and Legs 2 Raw 35:29 minutes
uses moderate weights for legs and they use egg weights

warm up
boxing punch/hook/uppercuts adding in jacks
weights 15# dbs squats
boxing angle with hook/cross/ side lunge knee hops
weights 15# dbs side lunge adding in pulses
boxing front kick reach/reverse lunge/uppercuts
weights 15# dbs reverse lunch with a slight side turn
boxing blend of all boxing moves
weights 15# dbs blend of all leg moves squat/side to side lunge/ lunge with twist
boxing cross,cross/twist, twist(waistline), upper cut, upper cut

I am sorry I am not getting here much. Just overwhelmingly busy. I am hoping to do Cathe's newest live workout Saturday. I couldn't get too it at 8:30 my time this morning.

Valerie, I hate trying to see the end of the hood of my car when they are big. My Spark has a short front. Easy to see over.

Deb, our yard in back had a high place where water flowed back up the walk way and and left a mud hole at the end of the walkway. Also water ran down the other side and out the fence. We asked them to level the yard so this did not happen. The first time they put the sod down they didn't level it at all. I guess their guys just thought they were laying sod. So they had to come back up after we had been caring for it and pull it up. They did not level it much at all. They just lifted and took a little off. The third time they came out and said they were afraid to pull it up and they used some roller on it to try to tamp it down after wetting it and that did not help at all. So, after getting rid of the two guys that he had hired that said they had done all of this before, he sent out someone else and they removed the sod in the area and dug out and tiered the back so the water would run out the other way. Also dug down some by the walk way. He put more sod out and fixed it at his expense. All of the digging left mud flung all over the grass and every thing is wet and muddy again now. I have to wipe Gerties paws when she comes in. We also had them make our brick planter smaller and plant junipers, but they never got that right either. Couldn't seem to make the brick stones fit together right and the broke pieces off and tried to stick rocks in the cracks. I feel sort of sorry for the business owner to have lousy workers and he was short on staff anyway. He really wanted to make it right.

Judy, some of the almost all of Kelly's Raw workouts have boxing of some sort. I did like the heavy bag boxing and cardio or weight workouts that she put out recently. I wish my shoulders and neck could take it though. Nothing high impact with them. Her lift and box ones are fun. I depends on the workouts really as I like some of the cardio and weight intervals and some I don't as much. The just weights are good. I Raw Your Moves, but I have done it so much.

Carolyn, nice work with RWH low impact 2 today.

Cathy, I don't think I would have too much confidence in someone driving whose comment was they had to stay awake. I had to chuckle at that one. Glad you got the Prius jumped and running. Nice work with Live Boxing Hiit Express


This morning I did RWH Legs and Bonus Abs One. My time was 48 minutes with 248 calories burned. Average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 158.

Valerie, I hope that you have power again. I know how difficult that can be.

Diane Sue, nice job getting your workout done yesterday. I can understand your hesitation with getting the steroid injections in your neck. That’s a lot to consider.

Hello to Judy, Deb, Cathy, and Lori.
Yesterday I did get up at 6:00 and got STS Disk 6 done. Then shopping and getting everything ready for the trip. Sat down last night, looked at the weather and what had looked promising during the morning and taken a really not good turn. One location about 2 hours north was showing 1-5" today. The rest would be potential rain/snow/or combo. Drove in rain until we got about 1 1/2 hours north and met up with snow. Saw a couple cars in the ditch. Drove in various levels of mess for over 2 hours before driving out of it and being able to drive the speed limit and then the roads dried up enough for cruise control. Ran into rain again part way across the UP, but with temps above freezing, I could still drive the speed limit (plus a bit.) I had built in an extra hour to our drive time. Derek's appointment for his COVID test was at 3:20 and we pulled into the parking lot at 3:15. After I got him, back in his hall, met up with Nick to swap cars. Highlight of the day, was that I opted for the same price as other rooms king bed and there is plenty of room for a workout in the morning! And I'm seriously considering shelling out the money to stay another night because I'm not sure I'm ready to drive home tomorrow. LOL In some areas, the bad weather was lasting until 11-12:00 tonight. I discovered the Prius does not like hills and there are lots of them of varying degrees once you get to the northern part of the lower peninsula. Totally tanks the gas mileage. There are things I do like about it, but I can't see out the sides, back worth a darn and it seriously felt like on hills the gas was fighting me to do what it wanted and not what I wanted. So, all in all, I was happy to get my Yaris back.

Are you still out of power Valerie? Always a pain, but especially when it's cold out.

Diane Sue wow they really messed up the yard, didn't they?

Carolyn great job on the workout!


This morning I did Cathe Live Ready Set Step 213, 205 calories, 43 minutes, heart rate 119/149, 4,294 steps.
I then did Coffey Fit Raw abs finisher, 18 minutes, 49 calories, 104/140, 421 steps. Total time was 61 minutes, 254 calories, 4,715 steps.

Valerie, I hope you got power back up. We rely on it so much.

Cathy, wow, you were cutting the covid test time close. You are braver than I am. No one could make me drive in even potential bad weather. I would stay till it was gone if I were you. Driving distances makes me so tense anyway.


Good morning. Today I did RWH Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders which was 43 minutes and 245 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 168.

Cathy, you are a brave woman! There is no way that I could have driven in weather like that. I hope that you decide to stay another day to allow for some clearing.

Diane Sue, great job with Live Ready Set Step and Raw Abs Finisher.

Waving a big hello to everyone. Have a great day.


good morning. power came back up around noon yesterday. the outage was pretty extensive. small isolated pockets of homes. our group of homes ( 250) has our own water system. we almost were out of water. the plant has a backup generator but the pump does not. Anyway, a long one and hugely inconvenient. weather was nice otherwise so at least not an ongoing storm or piles of snow and ice. heat is not a big deal for us but like most, I am electric dependent. no idea what to do if I cant cook, clean, exercise, etc. with ongoing lock down forget a movie/ restaurant. I lost most of the food in my kitchen freezer. melted slime , dripping all over. cleaned up much of afternoon, washing the freezer. the storm brought down a section of tree in our yard at 3:30 am. loud!. only the top part of a big cedar about 60 feet long that landed 2 feet from our camper. huge branches leaning against back of camper. only damaged cheap cover we keep on in winter. thought for sure we had lost it but it was too dark to see before 7. we would have lost our truck if it had been parked out there. put it in the garage because its been so wet. so damage was minimal. took us all of wed to saw and drag the cedar out of the way.

ok be warned, car sales pitch. we drive in crummy weather a lot. we go to the mountains and drive WA to MT and back. we are going again tomorrow. Look at Subaru next time you need a car. they are great. the full time AWD is so worth it. especially for changing conditions where conditions are inconsistent. I have a 2004 forester and a 2018 forester. even the "04 is still way better in crummy weather than most new cars. you need common sense dont speed. just because a car gets you moving on slippery surfaces... does not mean if stops any better. it is WAY better than 4WD. doesn't get the gas mileage of prius but reasonable. for short people, the forester is decent. I had more issues seeing in the Outback. by the time I get the seat forward enough to reach pedals, the seat belt is too far back.

hopefully some exercise today as tomorrow is a long drive day. all kinds of things went wrong but going anyway. need a change of scenery. we ordered an elliptical for there but it wont arrive now until march. I will take dvds and we hope to ski, snowshoe and maybe hike depending on snow cover.


Today I did Cathe Live 330, legs, cardio, core, galore, 65 minutes (58 actual) heart rate 104/174, 202 calorie, 2,691 steps. I doubt I will do this one again. I forgot to start my Fitbit at the beginning and went back and redid some of the start where it is cardio. Why is it such a struggle to get the Fitbit to sync with the app? What a waste of my time. It says it synced and still does not show today! I have to clean and leave in awhile as we have someone looking at our house.

330 Legs, Cardio,Core, Galore 58 minutes weights 10,12,15 lb
stability ball, gliding discs, and mat also used
warm up
stability ball doing lower moves like lunges holding the ball overhead etc. no weights
gliding discs mountain climbers, squat thrust, plank leg out and under, jacks on discs, planks pikes, ball leg in and out
weights 10# dbs side to side walk pulses
deadlifts 15# dbs (can use 20's)
1 15# db side to side squat 24 reps
1 15# db single leg deadlift
10 and 12# db and gliding disc 10# disc to side lunge pick up tempo then 12 # same move slow all right then repeat all left
stability ball single leg lifts quads, hamstring roll ins
mermaid with gliding discs and mat
stability ball outer thigh/obliques


I realized I may have another short week of exercises as I have a dentist appointment next week to take my granddaughter to in the morning and I have one for my heart doctor. I am never going to get all of these appointments caught up. Still got to reschedule my mammogram.

Valerie, I am glad the damage was minimal from the storm. Good move on not having the truck out there. You know we still have piles of branches all over the city and they say they are going to get them by March!. It looks ridiculous. I noticed someone had put a Christmas tree in the pile of dead tree branches along the main road through the neighborhood. My husband keeps saying it is a fire hazard. There are tons lined up everywhere.

Carolyn, nice work on RWH chest, triceps and shoulders today.
I did Low Impact Cardio Hiit this morning. Planning on heading home about 8:30 tomorrow. Spent the day hanging out in my room reading, playing on the internet, watching a little TV. Ran to Meijer and picked up some snack stuff for tomorrow and got supper. Also, took Nick to get a new phone. It's been an expensive weekend.

Diane Sue great job on the workouts! I really hate driving on bad roads. Drove the boys to school for 9 years and there were times I went 25-30 the 5 miles into town. Didn't care if I was slowing anyone up! Once I'm home tomorrow, I don't have to go anywhere if the weather is bad. In good weather, I don't mind the drive up here at all. Once I get about an hour north, traffic gets pretty light and the scenery gets better the farther north you drive. And if I have one of the boys with me, we have great conversations.

Valerie sure sounds like you had a major mess on your hands. Glad the camper wasn't damaged, but lost food is a lousy thing. Would love a Subaru but wasn't in my budget when I bought my car and I do not even try to tell my husband what to buy. And now that the Prius is up here, it won't be leaving Marquette until May. Hope you got a workout in today.

Carolyn great job with the RWH workout!

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