paper plates on puzzel mats


paper plates on puzzle mats

what officially works for the paper plate leg exercises on puzzle mats?
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I bought an area rug to use when doing gliding-disc-type moves.

IMO, nothing works that well on puzzle mats, and the extra resistance that the puzzle mats have when trying to use discs or plates on them, while it can add some effectiveness to some moves, can also add some torque/pull to the knee.
I use the extra large furniture mover discs that I found at Walmart. They are gray with a foam cushion on the top and slippery plastic on the bottom. I bought the ones that are a large oval shape. They have worked great for me and I have completed 6 rotations of STS. Hope you find something that works for you!!!
I second the vote for area rug/carpet over puzzle mat . Mat doesn't allow smooth glide for disc or paper plate ,a rug you can leave down or move out of the way when not needed. I actually have been considering getting a larger rug to keep on the mat to help with wear and tear,lol
Great suggestions! I have always moved to the hallway (off my puzzle mats) but the idea of a throw rug is better for me. I have the plastic gliders and they still seem to stick on the mats- as already stated- that is a knee torque waiting to happen sometimes.
I use washcloths or socks on my puzzle mats and they work fine. I usually use my sons larger socks and haven't had any issues.

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