Paleo/Primal questions


What do you put spreads like almond butter on besides apples or bananas? What can you dip into things like salsa/antipasto? Also what protein can you put in smoothies?


Carrots and celery for me! (In fact any crudite)
Lots of people make kale chips. I'm indifferent to them. Dried meats are surprisingly good with salsa type dips. (A favourite is parma ham spread with pesto and rolled up)


Almond butter is great with carrots and celery as Justine mentioned. I use guacamole instead of salad dressing. I am also a big fan of eggplant hummus (baba ghanoush). You can spread that on a slice of lunch meat (Applegate Farms Organic is my fave brand...) and roll it up. Delish! Salsa is great on home made potato wedges/chips... and you can get organic pea protein for smoothies. Or skip the powdered protein and eat a hard boiled egg :) Good Luck!

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