Hi all,

Through reading, I have noticed that there is a lot of mention of "P90X" and I wanted to know if you could tell me more about it.

How have you used these DVDs with the Cathe DVDs or did you use them without Cathe's DVDs?

Did they work for you?

Does anyone have a plan put together that I could view?

I do not currently own these DVDs, but if they are worth buying, I want to get in on it.

I am turning 30 this year and decided to make it a celebration all year. I want this to be my best year yet, physically, spiritually and mentally. So, any advice you can offer would be appreciated!

Thank you,
Cheryl- I have these workouts and use them as adjunct workouts to Cathe. I know that there are many people here that have done the entire 90 days and then some. If you have specifics, I know that there is an actual check-in on the Check-in forum for the Xer's. I know that they are all very nice (I lurk there) and very helpful!
Great! I had heard of these before Cathe but wasn't sure if it was some thing that would really work. It's nice to hear from people who have actually tried it than the website success stories.

I'll check with the Xer's too :)


Hi Cheryl, I just got P90X so I can't answer your question but I just wanted to say this is the last year of my 20's too. I too want to start my 30's as fit as I can. I like the idea of an all year celebration. Have fun girl!:)

Celebrate it and let it go out with a bang!! I could never understand people who think they are old at 30, it just means something new is beginning, and while I'm ending my 20's, I'm starting my 30's...so, out with the old and in with the new I say :)

By the way, you already look like you're in great shape...keep up the good work and if you can, let me know how P90X goes for you...my e-mail is [email protected] :O)

Good Luck!
Hi Cheryl

I'm not a wealth of information on the subject because I have only been doing P90X for almost 4 weeks now. However, I can tell you that I have been doing Cathe for at least 2 years now, and after only doing the X for a short time, my body has changed dramatically. This after only 4 weeks!!:D I am so excited to see what my results will be like after the full 90 days.

I will never stop doing Cathe - her workouts are just too much fun;) !! However, there's NO way I will ever give up my P90X program. I just love it!! The workouts are hard and they really will pack on the muscle - I just can't get over how effective they are.

Buy it!!;) You won't regret it!!

Hi Angie- I'm supposed to get P90X soon- I still have 5 or so lbs of belly flab to get rid of- I've developed some muscle def. in my arms with the Gym stles-my question is- do you think P90X will blast that extra fat away or should I try to lose it before I do P90X?? thanks--deb
Thanks Cheryl.:) I agree 30 is not old, I certainly don't feel old. I'm on the second day of P90X so far and I like it. I have never stuck with a rotation longer than two weeks because I get bored but I'm determined to stick it out with P90X.}( I'll keep you posted. :)

Thanks Angie, I'm glad to hear that you will still keep Cathe. Are you just doing P90X now or Cathe as well?

I'm really anxious to see changes in my body, so I'll get to ordering this ASAP!

Thanks again!
I am in the last couple weeks of my first time with 90x. And it is like no other program I've ever done. It will work as hard as you do ... ie, you really have to commit to writing down your weights and increasing in either weight or reps.

So far, I've lost an inch on my waist and two inches on my hips. I dropped only three pounds, but a whole pants size. I have not done the (very sensible) eating plan that's included, but I have been eating better.

I have never, ever stuck with a rotation this long and I am not bored because, with upping the weights, it's a different workout each time.

My suggestion is to do 90x as written (there are several rotations provided in the materials) just to see what happens. It is a well thought-out program on its own.
You can easily substitute an Imax for Plyo X, and KPC or CC or KM for Kenpo X and a lower body workout for Legs and Back. You could even do S&H Chest and Back in place of P90X Chest/Back. Those are the only substitutions I would make (and I wouldn't sub for Plyo X very often).

If you do a search, you can find lots of info on P90X.

I think it's the best all-around system for home exercisers.
Hi Angie - Love reading your excitement! I'm on my 2nd round and still feel the same way.

Debfer - Personally I lost 5 lbs. I am 5 2 and went from 116 to 111 (so I did not have a huge amount to lose ) I had always been 112 but had gained weight over a few years period.

I agree with Kathryn and others don't make a lot of substitutions. Try at least for 2 months to stick with it. Your results will be amazing - I promise!
Hi all - sorry it's taken so long to reply. Again, I am no expert on this topic, but in answer to your questions......

Deb - IMO I wouldn't bother to shed any fat before starting. The program will definitely help with that. I can really see more definition in my arms both lower and upper. Sometimes I surprise myself when I rub my arms after a workout because they are so sore - they have such an incredible pump and I can't believe they are really mine. I know it sounds kind of silly:7 Unfortunately, I lost about 5 pounds in the first month which is huge for me because I have been at my current weight for years but, I have gained it all back. So, weight wise, I haven't lost any weight, but my body has changed a lot - so I'm good with that and it is to be expected.

I also don't use the diet they give. I am eating much better than I have before but there is definitely room for improvement. Maybe next round I will give it a honest try.....

Kblover - I am just doing the X without Cathe right now. I really only have time for about an hour per day to work out so the X is definitely enough for me. I think those people who can do doubles are amazing or crazy}(

Robyn - it is exciting isn't it? It's been so long since I've really seen my body change like this. It is really cool to stand in front of a mirror and flex and actually see definition. It makes me want to consider wearing a bikini this summer. Not yet, but maybe after 90 days.

One thing I did learn about myself while doing this program is that I really needed to boost my protein intake. I drink a recovery protein shake after workouts now, which I never did before. I guess I didn't know that I should. I also eat a protein bar when I get the munchies. It seems to satisfy my appetite and decrease cravings. It also makes my hair and nails grow like crazy;)

I'm off to do plyoX this afternoon. Good luck everyone and happy Xing.:) ;)

i just started p90x for the second time.... the last time we did it was in the summer of 2005 and we did it just as they suggest (the classic version)... no substitions! we are doing it the same way this time around..... it's a well thought out well put together program and most importantly... it works!!!!!!

cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!
Is there a certain rotation you would suggest to start with? I want to lose about 10lbs and build muscle.

If you have a suggestion, please let me know. I'm still saving up to buy it, but I should be able to do it soon. I'd like to start this by February :)

Hi Cheryl

I started with the classic just because I wanted to muscle up more than lose weight. But I would think if your main goal is to lose weight, then maybe the lean would be a better choice.

Like I said, I am a beginner on this program so if anyone else out there in Cathe land has more insight please chime in:)


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