over 90...hurry up!

Hi Cathe,

I was done at 1:01 and it said my payment was successful but I haven't received a confirmation email yet so how do we know if we got in or not?

I have the same problem...my payment was made successfully, but no confirmation email yet. Hopefully I'm in.
I got In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Number 12- and wouldn't you know my business phone started ringing as i was filling out the registration online. That was a call that went to voicemail! i can't wait to meet Cathe and my fellow Cathletes.
Am I in or what?

I am having the same problem. I checked with my bank and the deposit is on hold. Still haven't received confirmation number and it's been almost an hour.
Same problem here,my sister registered me (I was at work) and we were done before 1:05. I am sooooo relieved that I am not the only one.

Congratulations Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I'm so thrilled to see you all again and work out and chat together. Can't wait to meet our first timers too.

I'm so sorry that I never made it back here to put you at ease. I had an unusually busy Friday and I'm just now getting caught up. Please email customer service if you are unsure if you are in. But if you received a notice saying payment has been processed you are in. Also, check spam folder for confirmation. I'll see if I can help out some of you whose names I recognize...
I emailed support, created a case, and still don't know if I'm in. I've gotten no emails, and no response from this site.

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