Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - anyone?

You all know that book 8 is being released soon, right? I for one, cannot wait! It's title is "Written in my own Heart's Blood.". I already pte-ordered it for my Nook.

Yes! Very excited for a new book and the series at the same time. If you fb or twitter at all - the author posts Daily Lines - little snippets from the new book, as well as other novellas, pretty much every day.

I am buying these one by one for my Nook as well.
GEez, book 8? I'm falling really far behind and have a lot of years to go until retirement. Thanks for the updates about the TV series!
There are little novellas out there, too, that explain some of the backstories going on. Like this one:
DianaGabaldon.com | A Plague of Zombies
And the "Custom of the Army". Wasn't the best of hers, but it was a very quick read as an ebook.

And all the Lord John novels and novellas. And a comic book! - er, graphic novel :D And the Companion!

So much to keep up with!

I really enjoy all the Lord John books. I finished Voyager and am working my way through all the Lord John novels, novellas, etc.

Right now I'm reading Lord John and the Private Matter. Love the relationships between him, his mother, and Tom Byrd.

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