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Hello! I subscribe to Cathe OnDemand and have enjoyed using it a great deal. I have used the database of recorded Cathe Live workouts extensively and, up until now, have never experienced a problem. In the past, I have always been able to view all of the recorded Cathe Live workouts in chronological order by selecting "Cathe Live" under the drop-down labeled "All Series". Now, when I do that very same thing, it only shows me the most recent 5 recorded workouts. To be specific, when I log on and select "View Your OnDemand Videos Now", I do exactly the following: In the drop-downs I am leaving the Search field blank. I am leaving the All Workout Types as it shows. I am selecting "Cathe Live" in the All Series drop down. When I did this exact same thing previously in numerous occasions, ALL of the Cathe Live workouts would show up. Now, only 5 of them show up. I need to be able to see ALL of them like I have always been able to. Resetting did nothing. Can you help please? Thank you very much!



Staff member
It looks like something we will have to fix. Probably the urls we link to have changed. I would suggest in the meantime just going to Cathe Live and selecting your workouts there.

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