Older - Low Impact Step was so much fun


I ordered this DVD and even though I practically have all of Cathe's step DVD, this one was so much fun. It did get my heart rate up and so easy to follow. Don't let the word "beginner" in the description fool you, I'm an advanced exerciser and found this routine very nice. If you don't have it, I highly recommend it. It was a "hidden gem" for me. :)



I love "old" workouts. It always seems that there is a focus on new, new, new (and not just in the realm of workout dvds). I often take out older workouts and but them in my current rotation. It is kind of comfortable to visit familiar workouts that you've always enjoyed but can also make you think "I remember how tough this was" and now it may be a little easier or vice versa. Keep that body guessing!

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